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John STROM was born in 1852 near Agunnaryd,Sweden. He married Ingrid FALK who was also born near Agunnaryd. John was a Boilermaker and Ingrid was a Midwife. They had 3 children: Carl, William and Peter. They immigrated to America through Ellis Island in the late 1800's and settled in Illinois.

Carl STROM was born on May 20,1883 in Ljungby County,Sweden to John and Ingrid STROM. After immigrating to the U.S, Carl met and married Angnis Victoria RYLANDER. They were married on November 2,1908 in Illinois. They later moved out to Oregon, where they lived in the Portland area. Carl worked as a Streetcar Conductor and also as a photographer during WW1. They had 3 children: Carl,Jr; Nina, and Steven. Carl and Angnis eventually moved to Newport, Oregon where Carl worked as an electrician. Carl died in Feb.1975 in Eugene, Oregon. Angnis died on Sept.24,1977 in Newport.

Nina Irene STROM was born on Sept.5,1911 in Kewanee, Illinois to Carl and Angnis STROM. She had 2 brothers: Carl and Steven. Nina married Marvin C. UGSTAD on Nov.15,1941 in Vancouver,WA. They adopted 2 children: Douglas Clark Ugstad, and Marcy Irene Ugstad. Marvin worked for the Southern Pacific Railroad in Portland, Grants Pass and Eugene, Oregon. He retired in 1974 and he and Nina started spending winters in Yuma, Arizona. Nina worked through the years as a Preschool Teacher, salesperson and waitress. Nina and Marvin ran the "Jack and Jill Nursery School" in Grants Pass in the 1950's and early 1960's. Nina and Marvin also loved dancing and belonged to the "Danebo Circle-8" square dance club in Eugene, Oregon. Nina loved people and was always volunteering her time to help others. She was a Girl Scout Leader and Home Extention Leader for many years in Eugene. After moving to Yuma, Arizona, Nina and Marvin volunteered for the Meals-On-Wheels program where they worked for over 15 years! Nina also enjoyed crocheting, crafts, reading mysteries, playing cards - especially Bridge, and watching old television shows- especially Perry Mason. Nina was always involved in social events within their senior mobile home community (Friendly Acres). Nina died on May 2,1994 and is greatly missed by all who knew her.


..Charles RYLANDER was born in 1852 in Sweden. He married "Marie" who was born in 1855 in Sweden. They immigrated to America where they settled in Illinois. It's believed that more family members may have come over to America with Charles and Marie. Maybe Rufus? Charles and Marie had 4 children: Angnis, Hildur, Alma and Arthur. Charles and Marie both died in Illinois.

..Angnis Victoria RYLANDER was born July 24,1888 in Illinois. She married Carl Strom on Nov.2,1908 in Illinois. They had 3 children: Nina, Carl,Jr. and Steven. Carl and Angnis lived in Corbett, Portland and Newport, Oregon. Angnis enjoyed the beach and getting together with friends and relatives. She died Sept.24,1977 in Newport, Oregon. She had a HUGE owl collection that was donated to the Lincoln County Historical Museum.

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