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The Hayward/Wilbur/Schoch/Roe Family Page

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Wellington Arthur HAYWARD married Carrie ROE ca. 1880 in Michigan.

Vern Earl HAYWARD was born July 13,1883 in Eaton Rapids, Michigan to Wellington Arthur HAYWARD and Carrie ROE. He married Mildred WILBUR on June 18, 1904. They had 5 children: Glen, Clarence, Ila, Christabel and Bonnie. The family lived in Shelton, Washington area, Hayward,California and Medford,Oregon. Vern worked as a logger and also opened a couple mills in the Shelton, Washington area.

Clarence Joel HAYWARD was born July 14,1924 to Vern E. HAYWARD and Mildred WILBUR,in Hayward,California. He served in WWII as a medic in the Army. He married Betty LaJeane CADY on September 4,1949 in Medford, Oregon. They had 3 children: Lonnie LaVern HAYWARD, Joel Rodney HAYWARD and Toni LaJeane HAYWARD. Clarence and Betty live in Central Pont, Oregon where they have a greenhouse business and are active in their church.

Lonnie LaVern HAYWARD b. April 17,1952 in Medford, Oregon to Clarence and Betty HAYWARD. He graduated from Crater High School in Central Point,Oregon and worked many years as a logger before going to work as a heavy equipment mechanic. Lonnie has 3 children by his first wife: Josh, Jared and Jennifer. He married his second wife, Marcy Irene UGSTAD on Jan.9, 1992 in Reno, NV. Lonnie and Marcy have 2 children: Kimberly Diane HAYWARD b.Feb.11,1989 in Medford, Oregon; and Kelsey Lynn HAYWARD b.April 6,1991 in Redmond,Oregon.


Mathias SCHOCH b.December 16,1738 in Alsace-Lorraine, Switzerland. (Unknown if French or German ruled then). He immigrated to America, arriving in Philadelphia, PA on September 2,1749. He married twice, his second wife was Catherine Lips GRUBER. She was b.1754. They had many children, at least 11. Mathias died in Snyder County, PA on May 10,1812. Catherine died March 5,1832.

George SCHOCH b.June 15,1789 to Mathias and Catherine SCHOCH. He married Margaret SIEBERT (b.Sept 29,1791) on June 30,1811. They had 9 children: George, Michael, Susannah, Elizabeth, William, Benjamin, Charles, Margaret, and Anna Catherine. George SCHOCH died July 9,1848 and Margaret died Dec.31,1866.

Benjamin SCHOCH b.February 21,1821 to George and Margaret SCHOCH. He married Mary MULL(MOLL?)on Sept.8,1844. They had 5 children: Lucina, Henry, George, Catherine, and Reuben...Benjamin died Jan 23,1854.

George SCHOCH b.September 28,1850 to Benjamin and Mary SCHOCH. George married Myrtilla STACKHOUSE (b.January 29,1852) on April 4,1871. They had 5 children: Jennie Estrella, Mirriam, Orpha, Harry, and Clarence M...George died July 31,1889 and Myrtilla died March 12,1916.

Jennie Estrella SCHOCH b.March 31,1871 to George and Myrtilla SCHOCH. Jennie married John WILBUR (b.Dec 9,1866) on June 11, 1889. They had one child: Mildred.

Mildred WILBUR b.June 7,1871 to Jennie (SCHOCH) and John Wilbur. Mildred married Vern Earl HAYWARD on June 18,1904. They had several children...

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