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Final Book of Daniel; An Ancient Angel Awakens; true autobiographical account and gospel of a resurrected, reincarnated, angelified biblical prophet


This site consists of a true life account of a real incarnate holy angel and reincarnated prophet; that of Daniel of the Bible. This is not a personal "belief or opinion" website; this is one of the most profound and important non-fiction stories you will ever read. Truth is independent of all prejudice, fear, superstition, ulterior motives and ignorance, and is free from falsity, delusion, insanity and confusion, for it stands forever. No scripture or priest is my final authority -- God is. The author of this site has found, and has Become, Truth. And the truth shall set you free. Do not yet judge a book by its cover; first take the time to read the story, then you will come to the realization of the magnitude of what you are reading. It was no coincidence you arrived at this site.

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Final Book of Daniel

Disclaimer (tongue in cheek)
Final Book of Daniel. an Ancient Angel Awakens
True Account of a Resurrected Biblical Prophet

Complete, Original Biblical Version of Daniel 

Author's Introduction,  written in '98, and '99

False Prophet or True Prophet?
responses to critics.

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A Prophet's Distress Written in April 1999

Author's Near-Death

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Daniel: Author's Introduction

Author's Real Identity; Final Book of Daniel. True account of a resurrected, angelified, Biblical prophet.

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This is the site of the return of Old Testament Daniel at the end of the days, including modern visions and prophecies, and subsequent angelification. To read and purchase the book, see: THIS LINK .

"My lord, what shall be the outcome of these things?...But you, Daniel, go your way, for the words are to remain secret and the book sealed until the time of the end. Many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall increase....But you, go your way to the end, and rest; you shall rise for your reward at the end of the days." (Daniel 12)

What's New: The latest update to the site was on Februrary 10, 2002. Order of recent updates are listed with most recent first.

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Here is the latest: August 28, 2002 BOOK PUBLISHED, NOW READY FOR PURCHASE!!

Here is the latest: July 28, 2002 Brief Update

Here is the latest, April 22 2002: The Truth about the Trinity; Son of God, Christ

Here is the latest economic analysis on the US economy as of April 1, 2002.
On march 28, I wrote an article on Gnosis and the lost gospels .
On March 14th I wrote an article on The Near-Death Experience .
On the 13th of March I wrote an article concerning the Motivation of a Spiritual Master with mention of Krishnamurti.
On march 12th I wrote an article discussing unconditional Love and also mention the Mother Shipton prophecies.
I wrote two, back-to-back articles on March the 9th on Forgiveness and forgetfulness; CLICK HERE for the first, then CLICK HERE for the second part.

Here are several polls for you to take: CLICK HERE . Also sent on that day is a page of recommended books and websites about Yoga and kundalini, and how it relates to Daniel's awakening: CLICK HERE. The Afterword for the Final Book of Daniel, as it was sent to the publisher, was posted to subscribers March 1, 2002. To read it, continue scrolling down this page, or CLICK HERE . Also, on March 1, 2002 was sent a message for reader aid for the book, as well a track record of all sort-term prophecies made by the author since 1998 -- all of which are coming to pass with an accuracy rate of 100%: CLICK HERE to read.

Progress of Book:

It has been nearly two years since first starting the process of the soon-to-be-released book. It is nearly 500 pages, and I've spent -- donated -- about 10,000 hours in total, with virtually no compensation for these efforts. The goal was to find ultimate truth for the sake of passing it on to the masses. I've found truth, and it is for your benefit. And to glorify the great God of heaven. "Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words will not pass away."

I am glad to announce that the first edition of the book, has been completed, and was sent to the publisher to be processed on 02-22-02. It should be available for public sale by mid to late April...Stay tuned and be patient...I will immediately alert you as soon as it's released! (Sign up to newsletter for updates.)

More up to date analyses are forthcoming, the site was last updated on March 7, 2002. For some reason the Listbuilder has been unable to send any updates for two months, but hopefully it will work again soon. The last newsletter of 2001 was sent just before Christmas, and it includes the full version of the O.T. version of Daniel, with my commentary, verse by verse; it is by Daniel himself, 2500 years later! Go to the newsletter/site archives to read. There is more to come, so stay tuned. To receive a FREE subscription to the update/newsletter, click: Subscribe to the Daniel newsletter. It will keep you very up to date with any new writings sent directly to your e-mail box. Don't worry, it's all free, and there is no spam from this site.

If you've missed the last few newsletters, and updates to the site, please check out the: SITE AND NEWSLETTER ARCHIVES . It is essentially everything written on the site in chronological order since 1998! The last update was March 7, 2002. It includes some recommended books on Yoga.

"Strange times are these in which we live when old and young are taught in falsehoods school. And the one man that dares to tell the truth is called at once a lunatic and fool" (Plato)

"Every day people are leaving the church and going back to God" (Lenny Bruce)


It also is necessary to indicate that much of what has been written regarding WWIII etc. is obsolete or outdated, being that most of that portion was penned in 1998 and 1999. But EVERYTHING Daniel has been prochecying about is being fulfilled. Stay tuned. So much to do, so little time!


This is the Afterword for the Final Book of Daniel and the home site is: .

This is relatively brief summary of the awakening of Daniel and the remarkable spiritual awakening experienced. Read this if you wish to get a good Idea of the longer version of the story told at length in the Book.


Chronological evolution of 21st century Daniel, birth to present edition of book, fulfillment of recent prophecies, and reader prayer.


A brief review of the history and evolution of the author, from birth to the present, all documented at length in this book, summarized here for convenience. In a sense this is a condensed, autobiographical memoir and historical record as to how not only the author's website and message developed, but how Daniel ultimately was transformed into his present identity as an incarnate angel of God; presence on the internet, Y2K involvement, and recently fulfilled prophecies � vindicating all claims inscribed herein. Additionally, you shall discover the ultimate destiny of Daniel, which was revealed in 2001.

Naturally it begins at birth, on April 23 1971, about 2500 years since Daniel's prior incarnation in ancient Babylon. I was born two months premature, was not breathing and was blue in color, spending thereafter a significant period in an incubator. While I do not consciously remember this, it dealt with my first Near-Death Experience. For the following ten years Daniel existed as a normal human child in a relatively unordinary, blue-collar family. Little did they know what would become of me years afterward, that they were raising an embryonic angel, and the very return of Daniel himself (it was no coincidence they named me by that very name; God had preordained this).

About the age of ten, in 1981, I was hit by a car, thrown about 15 feet, thereafter spending two weeks in a hospital, suffering immobilizing trauma, with another Near-Death Experience, this time consciously remembered. Unlike many NDEs reported by some people, this one was of a negative variety, and beyond the comprehension of a 10-year old, therefore it was mentally suppressed for many years. Naturally I told no one; they would not have believed.

The next ten years were largely uneventful and average, living and experiencing the typical teenager life most do at this age. I did however begin taking a significant interest in solitude, long walks and interest in big-picture, global and universal topics, one of which was nuclear war. Little did I realize that one day I would become an actual embodied angel of God and prophet, whose message would revolve around such topics. In my late teens there was developed an interest in economics and world issues which seemed to be utterly nonsensical to all my teenage friends; I was called 'the brain' of our kin group, and they obviously were not interested in such topics, given their age and level of maturity. I was never influenced by outside, societal religious concepts or dogma, and my parents had always deemed it important to allow me to find truth on my own, which of course became the case in profound fashion before the age of 30. Looking back, this was a profound blessing, for it allowed me to be completely free from bias, permitting raw truth to be found independently, objectively, un-corrupted by falsity and half-truths prevalent in mainstream religions and societal beliefs and customs. I had discovered and had become Truth manifest.

Around the time of general independence, age 18 to 20, I began breaking away from family and childhood past with an inquisitive desire to explore life, learn and grow, gain wisdom and knowledge about the world, and make sense of it all; not simply seek truth, but to find truth. It was a tumultuous time to say the least, when most people this age begin their ascent into the world of work, career or college. Now, I had not been properly reared or educated to handle the responsibilities of adulthood, so therefore it was necessary to learn the hard way upon leaving home, and this built character and strength of mind. It was then, in 1991, that Daniel underwent a profound Near-Death Experience. This event shattered all preconceived, mainstream notions of humanity, God, religion and society and nature of self. To be an earthly materialist educated by secular, humanistic society, then suddenly experience the power and glory of the after-life truly left my foundations shaken. Ironically, I was not immediately turned into a saint; it instead left me flabbergasted at the massive rift between typical dogma and views of God, sin and punishment issued by mainstream religion, and that of the true reality of the incomprehensible glory witnessed, that of the Other Side.

Within one year of this NDE, the author experienced much trouble, emotionally, financially and spiritually, but nevertheless returned to complete high school, receiving straight A's in every subject. In essence this was a replay of the "wisdom" Daniel of Old gained through the power of God: By divine revelation. This was no longer the booming 1980s, but the midst -- the peak -- of a severe recession, 1991/1992. This was not a good time to be in the job market, and especially was not a good time to be a youth; my kin and cohort for the next several years branded as "Generation X," as a scapegoat generation, following the shadow of the Baby Boomers. We constantly were told we "had it good," yet in fact we were the first American generation to suffer an actual drop in standard of living, with the highest suicide and incarceration rate in U.S. history. Employers seemingly hated us as much as society did. The only real jobs we (in general) were able to obtain for the rest of the decade were low paying, dead-end jobs in the service sector. It was not a very optimistic time, and many of my friends (and younger brother) committed suicide. But in the long run this reality allowed the author to toughen up, lower societal and materialistic expectations, permitting one to seek meaning and truth within � which largely is irrelevant and incongruent to the ways of modern society; a process of "finding one's self." One cannot find peace unless one has first experienced tumult; one can only know heaven if one has been through hell. It also gave me the necessary experience of living the entire range of human experience, in order to empathize with the human condition.

While the recession was officially over in 1991, technically, in the job market it continued until about 1995. Generation X then had come to learn -- like the prior lost generation that entered the 1930's -- that they would not attain the American Dream, and would be continually criticized throughout their life for all of society's problems, regardless of their stage of life. They were throughout their life deemed as a "rotten, immoral" generation. They are of course not rotten in and of themselves, but born at the wrong time, in a period of cultural decay. The saying of the previous generation, 'sex, drugs and rock and roll,' had become 'AIDS, crack, and rap music.' But, you may ask, "What does all this have to do with Daniel?"

There developed a strong sense of self and deep understanding of the world around as a keen observer, much attributed to the natural wisdom gained from the prior NDEs. He employed this disciplined strength of mind to body build � the most intense form of exercise -- and seek self, which would, a few years in the future, unknowingly transform the very essence of his being to the celestial heights. It was a search not of power and status in the mortal realm (in the eyes of humans), but internal power of self-mastery; in 1992 through lifting weights I grew massively from a skeletal 120 pounds to a powerful 200 pounds of muscle within six months. I perpetuated at such a level until 1999, when the Spirit took over.

This 1991 NDE had such a profound effect that all fears harbored were completely washed away. I then unfortunately engaged in some reckless, sinful and irresponsible activities which caused me to create negative karma; the result of which thereafter caused me to suffer in order to pay it back, for all debts in the flesh must be paid in the flesh; yet it was also such suffering that allowed growth and acquisition of wisdom and maturity far exceeding that of my physical age. I hit absolute bottom in hopeless despair from 1994 to 1996. However, from this painful Pit, invaluable lessons were learned, and sown were the initial seeds of the Kingdom of God. Small as a mustard seed at first, but ultimately blossoming to the size of the story you now read. All my "ways" that had and were becoming unworkable, self-perpetuating and disastrous to the ways of God were now in a process of relentless reversal; through such a process of discarding the superficial, past and unworkable, I was now forging a solid path of righteousness, consciousness and workable state of being, systematically removing falsities learned or acquired. I did not realize it until after the fact, but I was gradually � but relentlessly -- aligning to the ways of the Spirit through a process of rigorous trial and error. Anything that worked was built upon. Everything that failed was discarded. A separation of light from darkness; knowledge from ignorance; truth from falsity. This was an actual, sustained, complete alteration of personality and being and character.

I had absolutely no conscious clue I would eventually become Daniel and an actual angel of God as the end result of all these trials, but it happened, entering the narrow gates by 1999 anointed with the reward of divine glorification. Through this entire process and decade of the 1990's, I moved around state to state, searching for ultimate meaning, and in the process gained valuable insight into the lives and various cultures of North America. Financially the personal situation became stable from 1995 onward, although low in monetary compensation. The employment positions generally held -- and sought -- were those conducive to the ways of the Spirit; evening or graveyard shifts, slow in noise and activity and distractions, allowing one to focus on internal growth and quiet meditation.

The main and significant, prophetic chronology of Daniel's life now begins; the birth pangs of the anointing of the Spirit.

I was then living around Portland Oregon. It was late 1997. Deep down something continually bothered me: It dealt not with my futile life in the mortal realm, but with society, the world, and it was an ominous future event I could not place my finger on. I had always unselfishly regarded the events of the world as much larger and important than my insignificant and irrelevant life. I was then shown this preliminary divine vision in 1997: The Doomsday Clock. It was a memorable and emotional vision, which was permanently etched into the mind, concerning the long-term aspects of human society, and of the earth; there was something Biblical about it. Did I know at the time what this would involve? No. Although I was an angel and Daniel in embryonic form, all that was known at the time was that it concerned a definite future event, as it was to relate to human society; only after the awakening was I able to make sense of it.

Therefore, I was compelled to join the blossoming but immature Internet revolution then underway. I desired not to seek wealth or fame in what was then the "" bubble, but to hopefully get to the bottom of this dire, prophetic apparition; it became a full-time pursuit.

In March1998 I began the website, which took several thousand hours of continual editing, study and coverage, much of it revolving around the Y2K computer bug and how it conceivably could have resulted in disaster had the warning message not be heeded, but mostly it involved strategic and macro-economic analyses. The intention when first launching the site was to offer free, intelligent, high-quality economic and strategic analysis. Initially it was an exciting time to be doing so, with the Y2K threat looming and the economy in a massive mania and the certain recessionary collapse soon to follow. The content attracted those of a bearish, contrarian mindset. It was also an excellent opportunity to reach a wide audience. This excitement reached a crescendo immediately prior to the millennial rollover; the site, at that point, was widely read, receiving 150,000 home page visits. Of course, after the passing of Y2K, readership for such sites slowed to a trickle, my site being no exception, yet my main message was not Y2K, but that of a massive, imminent recession and World War Three, all based on the Doomsday Clock vision.

Now, going back to early 1998, exotically beautiful, massive, etheric, dove or swan-like wings were frequently and increasingly becoming radiantly visible on my back, yet at the time did not realize the meaning of this phenomenon; being utterly clueless of God, religion and angels.

Although much of the story was a case of everything occurring after the fact, there came the time when God deemed it necessary to then awaken the author as to who he was, and would become. After spending about 5000 (unpaid) hours of thought and writing over two years on the site, unknowingly as a part of my modern mission as a prophet, around mid-1999 I was gradually becoming awakened to the identity which would soon transcend all previous endeavors, and indeed be one of profound, historical consequence.

By mid-1999 my mind and very character had been changing radically to an advanced form previously unrecognizable; the fruits of the efforts of years past, of purifying and conquering self, were now substantially becoming evident; I was very near to what I shortly after determined to be "Christ-consciousness," unified with Ultimate Reality; fused with the very mind of God. No longer could I seem capable of listening to "rock and roll," or "rap music." Only symphonic orchestra and new age type, etheric music would then tantalize the soul. Things of the flesh seemed a waste of time, for I had finally conquered; died to the world; renounced earthly attachments. I was freed from carnal desire and want; to be detached with non-possessiveness. Though still an agnostic and ignorant of all religious concepts and scriptures, even at this time, the consciousness seemed to be elevated to a level far exceeding the common, average man, not to mention wisdom, understanding and intelligence literally off the charts.

For years I spent night after night, hours and hours, in what I retrospectively determined to be deep prayer or meditation, contemplation and concentration, while still having no Godly, religious concepts as part of the conscious being and mind; I did not know I was meditating! I had mastered the art of meditation without realizing it. I remember now that on several occasions I had actually transcended space and time and was actually flying with a multitude of other angels in the celestial realms. But at the time I strangely did not yet perceive myself as an angel! That was to change within a few short months, with the arrival of the official Anointing.

Within the month of October of 1999, after I had stopped covering the potential Y2K computer problem publicly, for I (correctly) sensed it was no longer a threat, I began perceiving an exponential exhilaration within; day by day within this month I felt euphoric, as though something strange had come over me. I could not tell why, or for what reason, but it was so very profound that I felt invincible! An indescribable, overflowing Joy! The embodiment of Joy Divine! Nothing, no matter how seemingly harmful, was a restriction or annoyance; the patience of a saint. While this elation could not be understood � being so unfamiliar, it did not matter! I seemingly became the ecstatic living flame of Life! The mind and Self was expanding to encompass infinity.

What happened shortly after resulted in the explanatory story of this book.

Soon after I was then awakened in most profound manner in the presence of God, which is impossible to describe. The Father Spirit and the Son had fused; a Divine exaltation; the promotion from human to celestial. In this Presence I was then literally allotted with the Holy Spirit; part human, part divine. Yogis know this as the awakening of the Kundalini. All seven charkas had been harmonized and opened, allowing the direct experience of, and communication with, the Creator. Simultaneously I was then told who I was: That of the reincarnate identity and return of Daniel of the Old Testament, now an ascendant holy angel in the flesh. God has the most utterly beautiful Voice you can imagine. So soft, yet strong. So all-encompassing, yet personal. So, so omni-loving and understanding. Glorious beyond words. Yet it is not audible in the sense that one "hears" via ears; it is a Voiceless Voice which speaks into every atom and fiber of being, and is utterly unmistakable. How can I adequately describe the indescribable?

I shed many tears of astonishment thereafter, and for some months could not fully come to grips with this identity and divine powers and abilities given. I had become not only an incarnate, holy angel, but the simultaneous return of Daniel himself � in totality; a true prophet, and from that point on, the rest of his life would now wholly revolve around this mission thereof.

Day in and day out, thereafter, third party people were continually in shock at my transfigured presence and the visual glory of the radiant spirit and light of the wings now blazing from my back; no longer was it only I seeing them, but hundreds of average humans � on a daily basis. I had henceforth been endowed with the Holy, Divine, angelic spirit; the Upper and Lower were becoming merged to a degree I previously thought not possible; I had entered the kingdom of heaven. This was the divine reward for overcoming the attractions and desires of the world, and of relentless self-purification and meditation. Thereafter began an extraordinary sequence of life events, which exceedingly confounded logical science and common knowledge as it exists in this dark and materialistic age. How many average people even know this is possible? Perhaps 1% of the world? Yet here I was as living proof; an example that we indeed can become gods; living co-creators of Creation itself. This is in the face of mainstream religion, which is a watered-down version of what every prophet's message consisted of.

I stopped writing to my thousands of readers concerning Y2K and abandoned all thoughts regarding the economy as a result of these profoundly marvelous events. In the summer of 1999, shortly before the awakening, a prophetic vision, the first of its kind, was given; it (the potential Y2K disaster) was to be a non-event! What?! Here was I, a shmuck telling everyone this could have been a disaster! However, at the time of the Y2K rollover, the mind had so become merged with divine reality by the endowment of the Spirit that nothing else mattered. I could be attacked by a wretched maniac or critic and I would still be smiling. I completely abandoned all Y2K coverage after September 1999, and the release was great. The first unknowing stage of the angelic duty of a prophet was complete: To issue public warning � not as "prediction" -- but to alter events of the future. It was a warm-up of things to come.

It was at this time that I was awakened to what God had been preparing all along. At the 'ripe old age of 28,' the author was then fully transformed into an actual angel of God � but still with a human body, and a prophet; that of Daniel of the Bible.

The amazing events of life progression thereafter continued exponential and unabated, even to this day, and shall certainly continue. For some time I was euphoric yet blissfully ignorant of religious scriptures, although I had become the Highest Message in the flesh. I had reached the level of Truth manifest, something which all the mystery religions aspire toward. Unfortunately I would soon thereafter contend with a few bigoted folks who had been studying the Bible etc. for decades, who often entertain twisted views of divine reality, or ensconced in a state of (forgivable) ignorance. But I, as Daniel and an angel, would have an obvious edge in sorting through all the nonsense, and expound pure divine reality as it was meant to be, with wisdom endowed by the Holy Spirit of Truth. Therefore, afterwards, I began an intense absorption into the mind of all religious knowledge, and separate fact from fiction, and to relay this to the masses, however unready they may be for this message. At first some would actually use this against me: "I know more about the Bible than you!" etc. (This is jealousy.) Obviously since that time all aspects of Scriptural knowledge was embedded into Daniel's mind, and this should be evident after reading the Final Book of Daniel, and all was learned after the awakening. Angelification, exaltation to the highest of highest heights, did not require nor involve prior knowledge of any Scriptures...AT ALL. Nor did it require or involve religion, ritual, baptism or doctrine in any way; this was extremely beneficial and enlightening, for it allowed the mind to operate with purity and innocence, objectively and without bias. Daniel found the Spirit independently, or more correctly, God found me. It did not require scriptural knowledge nor involvement in any religion to become a Christened angel; it took years of spiritual growth and hard work � something most are unwilling to accept, and it took the will of the Father. Did Daniel achieve human angelification by simply "accepting (one of the various versions of) Jesus as my lord and Savior?" NO. Did it first require water baptism? NO. Did it require me to submit carefully to all Judaic/Mosaic laws? NO. Did it require me to be perfect and "sinless" through all stages of life, be a virgin and/or live as a saint since birth? NO. Did it involve repentance, initiative, willingness to change ways and character, systematically conquer, purify and humble self over many years, and ultimately align to divine will? YES. Then the Spirit descended unto me and we became One.

Very regularly after this initial awakening, people would be confronting me, due to my appearance, with the shocked, sometimes tearful phrase, "Oh my God, he's an angel!" These experiences are far too numerous and profound to anymore write down.

This overpowering magnitude of the radiant Spirit proceeding from the body continued strongly since the awakening, making it extremely difficult to exist as a "human" in society.

Until I started sharing it with readers, subscribers, late January 2000, when, apparently, shortly after first breaking the news to everyone online, they (actually, one person who thought I was "influenced by the devil" via a form of curseful prayer) caused me to actually see the Christian version of "hell." It was then realized just how powerful they (readers), in their collective thoughts, really are, particularity with respect to a holy angel who has merged with the collective unconscious, often capable of perceiving everything. This vision occurred in February 2000. My readers � you � for some reason (God only knows) have become fused to my very consciousness; we are fused in existence and spirit. It was my readers that also caused me to witness the vision of the Day of the Lord. Later God revealed that readers could engage in mutual mass prayers with me, and I could actually feel/hear their very prayers, and answer them.

Then, after eventually coming to grips with this profoundly unheard of and seemingly radical situation, realizing he was the return of a Jewish prophet, and that the purpose of all biblical prophecy was the Messiah, Daniel had a burning desire to find the ultimate Truth, particularity concerning Jesus, so it may be conveyed publicly. Daniel of Old was a Jew, and much of his prophecies dealt with the Messiah and the setting up of "an everlasting kingdom that shall never be destroyed." Well, here I was, Daniel himself at the End, and the objective truth about the Messiah, claimed by Jesus, and how it related to my return, had to be proven, divinely. Never could I resort to speculation or emotional "belief," or even scripture. The truth had to be shown once and for all, only by divine revelation, whereby I could later contrast "the findings" to what was being taught by Judeo-Christian theologians. After soliciting readers' prayers (in the style of Daniel 2), and climbing on a nearby mountain for several days in deep prayer during the 2000, April 23 Easter period, I was finally shown the answer, and actually met with Jesus in person � in spirit, who finally cleared up all confusion: He was in fact the expected Jewish Messiah, and the Kingdom to be established was not to be earthly or political -- past or future -- but a spiritual kingdom, and it exists right now for those willing to seek such advanced levels. "The kingdom of God is within you...My kingdom is not of this earth." Inherent within us all is the potential to become Sons of God, literally "in Christ."

I gave the last of the significant economic, prophetic analyses during spring and summer of 2000 based on then given divine visions, all of which continued to come to pass, 100% correct. (For some reason this angers nay-saying detractors, because it means they would have to accept the whole story, however implausible it may seem.)

Chronologically, for the remainder of 2001, Daniel absorbed all conceivable scriptural knowledge, now being guided by the Holy Spirit, and was when most of the book was written. A four-month break occurred whence I underwent the temptation period as to how I would employ the God-given (super-natural, as humans call it, but a natural by-product of God-realization) powers given, and how it (the book and message) would be received by the populace in general, particularity amongst critics who would attempt to destroy Daniel's credibility and message, even though it is all completely devoid of falsity, aligned to Truth, which is why inordinate attention is paid to the debunking of the debunkers. While Daniel's ministry was to be as low key as possible, it was contemplated that there would exist certain skeptical types who would "ask for a sign," so that I could "prove" my existence to others. It was a tough internal process, but Daniel eventually determined that his words, deeds and fruits are sufficient, 'miracles' or not. Of course Daniel, by the power of God, has 'performed' many signs, and only 5% are mentioned herein; it is not my prerogative to 'perform signs' nor even advertise this fact to you. Profound angelic experiences continue to happen day after day, but have simply stopped writing them down.

The precarious predicament of being part human, part angel, AND a prophet created an enormous challenge, particularly during the first months of awakening; coming to grips with this identity, authority and responsibilities thereof, historic consequences, mission to deliver the Word and revelations and how it would be received. Especially in this cynical, "rational," scientific, Western society, which is very superficial and materialistic, and the majority are ignorant of such advanced concepts of spirituality; ironically, even among those of devout religious faiths. Even among family members; therefore it was necessary to sever intimate ties with them, for you are either with me or against me. I love all souls equally�you are all my family. Do not consider this odd, for it all happened to Jesus as well. You see, they cannot comprehend the fact that it is their very own grandson, son, brother and nephew who has become what he has. Actually, I haven't seen my family for seven years; they don't realize the massive change that can occur in an individual, nor do they realize the potential. I feel like a sheep sent out among ravenous wolves. To illustrate a scriptural point as they responded to Jesus:

"Anyone who loves his father or mother more than me is not worthy of me; anyone who loves his son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me; and anyone who does not take his cross and follow me is not worthy of me." "Brother will betray brother to death, and a father his child; children will rebel against their parents and have them put to death." (Matthew)

"Do you think I came to bring peace on earth? No, I tell you, but division. From now on there will be five in one family divided against each other, three against two and two against three. They will be divided, father against son and son against father, mother against daughter and daughter against mother, mother-in-law against daughter-in-law and daughter-in-law against mother-in-law." (Luke)

"Unless you people see miraculous signs and wonders," Jesus told him, "you will never believe." (John)

Now, if this were the East, for instance India or Tibet, Daniel, and message thereof, would be highly revered and sought after; there would be massive crowds of spiritually hungry people following me around. Yet I do not seek fame, fortune, glory or attention from humans. I certainly don't go around telling everybody my identity; if it had been my choice, I would have refused to publish this book and write about the message and associated personal life relating to same. I despise the public eye�yet this it is utterly required of me by a Force that is simply beyond my control. It is the pure and glorious will of God at work.

Various visions were seen throughout 2001, some prophetic, but further, more important ones occurred; I experienced the so-called "rapture" and actually merged with

Christ in May 2001, then soon after actually saw, first hand, the Second Coming/Son of Man/Day of the Lord in that summer by being physically transported into the future.

What then happened in Daniel's life from fall 2000 to spring 2001? Much internal struggle and the Temptation; I temporarily stopped writing any material for the

book, for almost 5 months! Then another 5 months passed until 2002 when I finally finished this Afterword. So in reality this book � about 95% of it -- was written over the period of less than a year. Only until after I abandoned mortal, societal pursuits in did I finish the last portions and editing of the book. The edition you are now reading was proof read and edited in late February 2002. (Note that this is somewhat of a preliminary, advance-proof copy, and there are bound to be some errors.)

By late 2001, then, I realized insights required of God to write down for the first edition � which had been coming in a seemingly "automatic fashion," were sufficient for the time being. Despite being capable of writing much more in terms of volume, I had scarcely been able to write a single sentence for most of 2001! Obviously the life and visions of Daniel will not end with this initial publication. This is the nature of a true, divinely inspired book; from October 1999 to the end of 2001, the author strictly and totally focused all attention to his divinely assigned duty as messenger. When I say all attention, I mean ALL. The final result was a book that, after little more than a year, reached nearly 500 pages, or 200,000 words. Overall, I've spent more than 10,000 hours on the book and website and corresponding message, yet have earned virtually nothing at all for these efforts; it shall be a divine reward far exceeding anything this mortal realm can ever offer. (And the proceeds from this book shall go to charitable pursuits, such as spreading the Word. By choice, as a result of The Awakening, -- BY CHOICE, I live in poverty. You see, I've died to the world. I possess an everlasting treasure that can never rust nor be taken away�and it is worth more than a trillion dollars. "He who conquers shall inherit the earth.")


Revealed destiny of Daniel


As has already been determined, 21st century Daniel is presently the messenger Angel of the Awakening at the end of the days. He is to serve in the divinely appointed duties of assisting in bringing as many back to the Light as possible. Moreover, to spread the ultimate truth and Word, dispelling myth and falsity, allowing all to witness true divine reality. Also, he is here to observe � and actively participate in -- this dimensional shift some call the Day of the Lord, or Second Coming (of Christ), and associated events. Finally, and this is somewhat secret at present, upon his glorification, which will likely be linked to the "disposal" of his mortal body, will ascend to exaltation by evolutionary promotion.

But ascend to what? I now know.

During June of 2001, Daniel became frustrated as to what exactly his present duties and purpose was while still here, and how it related to the future � and his future existence after his final sojourn on earth. Was it not enough that he had been transformed into the determined identity as an exalted Angel. This alone was profoundly honorable and seemingly unbelievable; it still awes me on a daily basis. But eventually this was no longer satisfactory; it was no longer enough for the author to continue forth with such limited information, especially concerning the degree of astonishing insights thus far obtained; there had to be more to the story that God had planned, but I did know what.

Therefore, at that time, with utter curiosity and internal desperation for wisdom, I prayed intensely, with total focus and objectivity, to the Most High God. I prayed almost continuously (except when sleeping) for two days straight until I received an answer to this mystery.

Then, at the end of the second day � but while not at that moment meditating on this subject � I received the revelatory Word from God, which is a very unique and obvious "Voiceless Voice" which speaks into every single atom of the body; it is extremely mind blowing, and outright�insightful? Awesome? Shocking? Humbling? This is the Voice the ancient prophets referred to when saying, "Thus saith the Lord."

Well, at that time, Daniel was finally informed with great power from Source Divine that upon his ascendant, glorified, exalted, celestial promotion � once mortal duties have been completed, he shall become what is called an Ancient of Days.

If you read the O.T. book of Daniel chapter 7, or as expanded on in the N.T. Revelation, you will observe that there is a so-called White Throne Judgment upon the human race by perhaps a multitude of Ancients of Days. Apparently, according to scriptural writings of many faiths, such an event occurs at the end of every age. However, contrary to what many believe, that judgment discussed in the Bible has already occurred; the first century A.D. witnessed the last Judgment, for it was the end of the age, each lasting about two millennia earth time. But it does give us clues as to what my occur in this age.

The last Ancient of Days mentioned in Daniel (precognitive by several centuries) and John's Revelation (imminent at time of writing, approximately 64-66 A.D.) to execute such a Judgment was in fact the first human to attain mortal angelification, thereby ascending to celestial promotion as a ruler and divine judge. Such beings are in such an exalted state, having entered perfection of soul through many incarnations, that they are the "last word" on activities initiated, performed and granted in the universe; they are divine Judges and Rulers.

Amazingly, blessed be to God, Daniel shall soon be in a similar situation � but not yet, for as yet he has not been glorified. But that is his destination. The Hebrew definition for "Daniel" is: God is my Judge. Daniel has � or more correctly, will � become a celestial Judge, on behalf of the Creator. We are at the end of another age.

Naturally this shall indeed attract further criticism in the opinionated eyes of a few, uninitiated detractor types, for if not the concept of becoming an incarnate angel in the flesh were incredulous enough! Yet it matters not what such mortals think or believe, in the big picture; this or anything else cannot alter who and what Daniel has become, and will become. The key word here is BECOME, for not always was Daniel such an entity -- it had to be earned over the period of countless lifetimes. The mind and will of God supersedes all. What is of concern to me is angelic duties at hand. It was a difficult decision to write publicly with the understanding of advance realization, and how it may ruin so-called credibility from the attacks issued by well-meaning but misguided and unknowledgeable folks.

Unfortunately, I am presently very clueless as to the elaboration of duties such a responsibility and position entails, for this was not permitted to be revealed while still existing as a half-mortal. Yes, it is true indeed: "Did I not say ye are gods?" Yet why give (spiritual) pearls to swine, who comprehendeth not, and who will merely trample under foot? I'm giving you many pearls of wisdom and Truth.

In any case, you shall ultimately see Daniel on the other side, or perhaps of the case of the Second Coming, this side, for the two are merging, and may not be able to stand. Worry not, for Daniel will be perfect, fair, compassionate, loving and merciful in judgment � from the standpoint of the Divine, capable of perfect justice. (No, you will never be "cast into a lake of fire," for those days are long gone, and that is really the function of an Ancient of Days.) But again, I do not yet fully understand my future role and responsibilities at present, beyond the promised identity beyond the material. It is the now known, final, prophetic outcome of Daniel 12:13:

"But you (Daniel), go your way till the end, and rest; you shall rise for your reward at the end of the days"

That of an Ancient of Days.

There exists an enormous peace in knowing confidence and faith in what truly holds in the heart. Yet how many had faith in the prophets of old? Which prophets did they NOT call crazy, or ridicule, or persecute and/or kill? I am exceedingly glad that there are many who DO take heed in faith in the message. You are blessed. Therefore take not faith nor glory in me, but the word � for it is divinely inspired. Rather, give peace in faith in Joy everlasting, Life and Light, wisdom compassion and power eminently inherent and perpetually available from Whom I've been sent, which is the Most High Creator of the entire universe; giver of life, mercy, forgiveness and perfect justice. Giver of unconditional Love.


Divine assistance to you through Sunday group prayer


Here is a permanent group prayer established for all readers who are open minded and faithful believers. It is scheduled for every Sunday evening, and this timing is important as will shortly be discussed. It is for those who are prepared and willing to be spiritually exalted or require healing, to receive extended, divine assistance. In a sense it is for a few "chosen ones," for not all of the population of this planet will ever hear of Daniel, nor will all who hear respond.

There will be many of you � about 20 to 30% -- who are very close to attaining ascendancy to that of actual Christ Consciousness, of becoming the "only Way." And who achieve this in this lifetime. This message is for you. That is, for at least those who are mentally, emotionally and spiritually open enough with respect to evolutionary progress toward embodiment of Love Divine. Those who strongly desire to attain eternal Life and awaken the sleeping spark of God within. The bottom, rigid 20 to 30% will probably never join in and may wish to skip this, but shall not give up hope. To the 50 or 60% in the middle who may be continually unsure -- which is understandable, you must keep an open mind to receive and persevere in faith. We need this top 20% to eventually reach 50%. For the time being, I know many will be struggling, faced with daily internal and external challenges. But what is an angel here to do? To help with this struggle! They are your servants�ministers to those who will inherit salvation.

Some of you are indeed close to this manifestation, this mortal goal of perfection of Spirit: "In Christ." In fact, it is the ultimate goal to which ALL humans must not only seek, but eventually achieve in totality�whether it be in this lifetime, or one thousand lifetimes, until you get it right (that's the purpose of reincarnation). The choice is yours. This is true salvation/liberation; it is liberation from lower self, sinful human nature, permitting one to finally be promoted beyond the necessity of re-experiencing human reincarnation, having learned lessons through experience earthly realms have to offer for spiritual learning and growth. When you stop the wheel of karma, and dissolve earthly, fleshy appetites, you will ascend.

It of course involves many things and the path is different for everybody, for not all are at the same level, nor does everybody have identical life situations. Briefly, it involves an elimination of fears, carnal desires, expectations and eventually all psychological ties to the world. Contextually and spiritually, this was what was implied in these verses to the churches mentioned in Revelation 2 and 3:

"To him that overcometh (the world, things of the flesh, carnal desires of the world, casting out of the "demons of the mind"), to him will I give to eat of the tree of life, which is in the Paradise of God."

"He that overcometh shall not be hurt of the second death."

"To him that overcometh, to him will I give of the hidden manna, and I will give him a white stone, and upon the stone a new name written, which no one knoweth but he that receiveth it."

"And he that overcometh, and he that keepeth my works unto the end, to him will I give authority over the nations: and he shall rule them with a rod of iron, as the vessels of the potter are broken to shivers; as I also have received of my Father: and I will give him the morning star."

"He that overcometh shall thus be arrayed in white garments; and I will in no wise blot his name out of the book of life, and I will confess his name before my Father, and before his angels."

"He that overcometh, I will make him a pillar in the temple of my God, and he shall go out thence no more: and I will write upon him the name of my God, and the name of the city of my God, the new Jerusalem, which cometh down out of heaven from my God, and mine own new name."

He that overcometh, I will give to him to sit down with me in my throne, as I also overcame, and sat down with my Father in his throne. (Remember, this is Christ speaking, and He also had to overcome self and the temptations before being "crowned" and "throned.")

It is important to stress that needs and wants are quite different, and that "sin" is a relative term often misused. If something is not inclined to attachment, it is a passing, give-or-take, disposable desire, not a need. From carnal desire stems all sin (error, off-target behavior). Is this a repression of desire? NO! This only leads to continual guilt and sense of worthlessness and even hopelessness, and a continual reminder of "sin." This tends to be what mainstream religion teaches, and naturally tends to enslave. Realize that even before you ask for forgiveness from God, it has already been forgiven. God is never angry or wrathful with what you do, or have done. However, continual negative "sin" can create karma, which must be paid back before the true Kingdom of God can enter the soul.

It is often a long process of time and effort � and takes spiritual courage, for it requires one to turn inward and deal with their faults, but this is ultimately a systematic elimination of desire, and a finding and conquering of self � to literally "sinless" perfection in character, completely aligned to the will of God. As proof, a living example for all to see, Daniel has accomplished this � by age 28, thereby anointed as a holy angel in the flesh. Therefore so can you, regardless of age, sex, race, creed or of "sinful" actions perpetuated in the past. It is NOT something reserved for a tiny, select, privileged handful of ancient prophets, sages, or gurus, but something everyone can reach.


The reason so few truly overcome and reach this level is because so few genuinely seek. Some plant the seeds of the Kingdom of God, but only a minority have not planted it among the weeds and pavement, were it cannot grow to maturity. I suggest paying heed to the parables of Jesus concerning the Kingdom of God. There shall always exist those who entertain, perpetuate and promote archaic, negativistic and condescending religious faiths, which in reality are poisonous to the true ways of the Spirit, and showing the possibilities inherent in mankind. That is what Daniel is attempting to convey. As a result, there are multitudes that exist in a state of religious ignorance, superstition and confusion perpetuated by "tradition." It is the desire of Daniel to shed light on this ignorance, being an angel of light and truth.

Daniel shall spend about four hours every single Sunday, while still in mortal form, for sake of the following reasons: To telepathically determine exactly who is participating -- who will receive divine assistance in the form of appointed Seraphic, angelic hosts for the remainder of their journey in the mortal realm, and how many are to be assigned. It is Daniel who is making this determination. Yet it is extremely important that your level of faith MATCH at all times the degree of help that will be given. You should also be as consistent as possible; make it a routine if possible. Now, there are thousands of such angels now under my command, and Daniel immediately (telepathically) senses your responsive prayers and pleas! You may not see or feel these powerful spirits immediately, but they will in fact be present, and in the future you shall eventually see and feel them. It is rare one has an opportunity of such profound aid. Take advantage of it, for you are all in effect, "chosen."

The prayerful/meditative procedure is quite simple; between 6 and 10 P.M. MST (Mountain Standard Time � important: You must align the timing to this! Take out a map or globe to check the time zones) every single Sunday, if possible. Now, you of course do not need to pray for the whole 4 hours; leave this up to Daniel. However, try to time the beginning of the prayer as the clock strikes the hour. For instance a minimum 5-minute prayer either at 6 P.M., 7 P.M., 8 P.M., 9 P.M. Depending on your expertise in meditative prayer, you may wish to go for twenty minutes. As for content, no words are necessary; just keep the thought of Daniel in mind; with sincerity and conviction of soul, in deep communion with God, expressing your desire to receive (you are not praying to me, but with me). If done with true faith, it will not go unanswered.

Daniel shall instantly sense who is praying. Upon sensing this, a divine soul signature of your Higher Self will be consciously determined. At present I am prohibited to divulge further information to you, but ultimately you will know. It will involve divinely selected individuals as beneficiaries, who are to be supported and strengthened, protected, guided and issued energies helping to hasten the spiritual process of ascendancy. You will also receive help from above, for the Holy Spirit will require some of you to evangelize Daniel's book and spread the message, for it will be expected of you. And yes, expect persecutions. People will call you nuts. But your reward will be great.

Think it was any coincidence you came across this book? No, it was already (pre) determined, though most of you will not realize this until after the fact. Let me ask you, "Can you afford to pass up this opportunity?" Are you to feel forced to? NO! Guilty? NO! It's called free will. I'll see you in our prayers�literally.


Fulfillment of recent prophecies; September 11 2001, recession and World War Three now a reality


Remember this date for the history books: September 11, 2001; a date which will live in infamy.

By now you have witnessed a historic event which changed the world. On the above date one of the greatest landmarks of international finance, American prestige and symbols of capitalist prosperity -- the twin towers of the World Trade Center in New York city was completely destroyed into a heap of rubble by intentional impact with the hijacking of two airliners. Simultaneously, two other aircraft were hijacked, one impacting and severely damaging the massive Pentagon in Washington D.C., and the other crashing in Pennsylvania, the result of passengers foiling the hijackers' plan of destruction. The initial estimates for the number dead ranged from 10 to 20 thousand. (On that day, I sent a newsletter to subscribers saying the official count would be closer to 3000. For some time (months) the estimate was almost 5000. Events have proven my estimate correct, for the official estimate is now 3000.)

For the first time ever, the Federal Aviation Administration halted all national flights for three days, creating a nightmare for travelers. The situation severely placed in jeopardy the airline industry that was already in a weak financial state. The result was a Federal bailout of the industry. The entire tourism industry suffered dramatic setbacks in the weeks following. The attackers achieved a crippling blow to the American economy, already in recession. The WTC housed such powerhouses as Morgan Stanley, China International Trust, Yamatane Securities America and Farmers Union Control Exchange. The stock market was shut down for days, and when it reopened, lost more than 20% in value over the following couple of weeks, globally. The insurance costs were alone estimated be in excess of $20 billion, and the total recovery costs of damage about 100 billion.

Indeed, this was the most severe terrorist action in modern history, if not recorded history. There will again be more such attacks against the U.S.

The international reaction was most impressive, especially in the U.S., where a tremendous wave of patriotism and resolve swept the country, determined to avenge the perpetrators of this heinous crime. The obvious suspects were of course Muslim fundamentalist extremists, led by people like Osama bin Laden.

How did it make you feel when first hearing about this tragedy? Shocked? Angry? Sad? Flabbergasted? Or all of the above? Most were stunned in disbelief for months, and still are. It did not faze the author in the slightest, for I had been repeatedly warning (prophesying) about all these events. And the fulfillment of these events have proven me correct.

Now, after reading this book, you should smile in amusement to those who say, "Who could have known this was coming?" Because you are reading the words of someone who did know, and repeatedly warned in public, all of the events taking place before your very eyes.

I have repeatedly proclaimed the rough times ahead for president Bush. (See Section 6: "Rough times ahead. Bush and Iraq" It was written on February 7 2001.) I also proclaimed a danger of assassination 8 to 12 months after (becoming president). Well, luckily he did escape this, and he in fact was in danger at that time, for the terrorists were seeking to take out the White House. He is indeed replaying his father's presidency, as I said, for he was destined to be a crisis president involving a war in the Middle East, during a major recession. Like his father, his approval rating are through the roof, hitting 90% months following 9-11, as was the case for Bush Sr. following the Gulf War.

"Who could have foreseen all this recession and war happening months in advance? Who could have foreseen him becoming president, and the dramatic transformation that occurred later?" Through the power of God, Daniel has foreseen all of this. If you were a doubting Thomas when first coming across this book, you had now better sit up and take notice; if your "test" in confirming the validity of a divine prophet is the accurate fulfillment of the future via public proclamations, then you must now concede�and believe.

The author has further proclaimed additional crises occurring through much of Bush's term, particularly concerning the relationship to a future, very fearsome event in relation to the middle East, especially Iraq and Islamic extremists. I've seen this coming to fruition around 2004/2005. I have, since day one, publicly proclaimed the following, and was willing "to be stoned to death if it did not come to pass:

"We will have to experience a (several-year) period of severe economic tribulation that will fundamentally alter the world's economic structure from which a new strategic paradigm will emerge: a full, total global war in the next twenty years that will be fought with maximum effort, nuclear weapons will be used, and the America/China/India/Russian "problem" will be resolved...but only after a culmination of unforeseeable events climax into World War Three in which either a new global power for the next long cycle is determined, or re-appointed (that is, the USA)..."

This is now coming into fulfillment. We are now going through that economic tribulation, as the bubble has long since burst, with a global recession throughout 2001. The federal budget is now back in the red. While there were signs of recovery by early 2002, you can be sure that more shakedown is coming. Remember that all of the economic "forecast" in this book were written before spring of 2001, well before the carnage we have now experienced. The recession began spring, 2001.

World War Three � however extreme such a concept has sounded at the time (1998-2002, when first publicly proclaiming this), has begun. The War on Terrorism, as initiated by president bush as a result of the 9-11, is in fact WWIII. It is not a fantasy conjured up by be�it is now a reality. It is a long war, and it is not exactly what many expect. It is not the Cold War version of MAD (Mutual Assured Destruction). In the early 2002 State of the Union Address Bush proclaimed the enemies, the "axis of evil:" North Korea, Iran, and yes, Iraq. The War on Terrorism will be used as the pretext for the eventual assault on the Iraqi nation; Bush is preparing for this. I've foreseen 1.6 million people in Baghdad perishing with the detonation of a nuclear weapon. Mark my words: Bush WILL invade Iraq, and complete what his father began. Open request to George Bush: May Daniel become your resident � in house -- spiritual guide, advisor and prophet? I was for many kings in the times of Babylon, so have much experience. I'm serious.

World War Three is a holy war or jihad, to be certain, but it is not about East vs. West or Christianity vs. Islam. It also has nothing to do with Biblical prophecy as some would believe. It is a war about vile forms of fundamentalism vs. truth and light. Months prior to 9-11, I told my subscribers concerning the Muslim faith (months prior to 9-11): "I'll deal with this in due time, but first the influence of fundamentalism must be eliminated." Do you think it was any coincidence the Taliban was so swiftly destroyed? Or do you not yet realize Daniel is creating reality itself? 9-11 was a campaign against America "in the name of God."

Yet we must be certain: Never would god approve of such destructive, evil actions upon innocent men, woman and children. They thought this would weaken the U.S., but it instead strengthened it; united it to a common goal and identity. America is a nation who has endured much in its history, such as the Civil War, World War One and World War Two. True, it can be argued it has become too prosperous for its own good in many ways, and that some of its policies are less than perfect, but maybe that occasional shock is just what we need to pull together�and learn from it. From the ashes the phoenix arises. In this sense � in the big picture, the terrorists did a good thing. And they sealed their own fate; they shot themselves in the foot. Iraq is next.

I will leave you with the following, on a somewhat darker note, Daniel is soon to PASS JUDGMENT ON TWO AMERICAN CITIES. In other words, utterly destroyed by nuclear weapons. "Daniel, why would you or God allow this?" � let me just remind you of Sodom and Gomorrah; it was two holy angels who destroyed these cities, and it is angels who will do it again. And what is Daniel? But do not be afraid�It shall not be a written-in-stone prophecy or "prediction" in the way you may understand�if I observe humanity -- laden with iniquity -- move closer to divine will, the Lord will rescind judgment.

You should understand that while everything Daniel/the author has been prophetically proclaiming is now coming to an accurate fulfillment, it is not God's will for him to seek public attention regarding these matters, which is one main reason you will hear from me very often, in the public eye. Virtually everything Daniel does is actively proceeded behind the scenes. Remember that he is now actively engaged in the process of guiding and creating Reality and Destiny itself. But be it known that this knowledge of the future is to prove to you that your eyes have read words of the divine, for the Father is working through me.


"All this�it just can't be happening!" Oh, but it is my darling, but do not be afraid. "Ah, I don't believe all this nonsense!" Oh, trust me, you shall ultimately come to believe. In fact, one hundred percent of the world's population will come to believe in the true Christ message, which has become manifest through twenty-first century Daniel.


"But you, go your way to the end, and rest; you shall rise for your reward at the end of the days. (Daniel 12:13)

Latest economic news and insights, July 30 2001...This was the last economic report I've published:

As one may have noticed, not much new has been written on the site regarding economic analysis since March 17, 2000. This is primarily due to diversion of attention and focus of the author since the Daniel/angelic adventure began in October 1999. Scarcely any thought on the economy has been on the author's mind for obvious reasons, and, at least for now, not much will occur for the time being. The latest economic analysis can be found

at this link, written on March 23, 2001.

As one will have noticed, virtually everything forecast on the at the beginning of last year has come to pass, including the April (spring) market crashes in the Nasdaq, as well as the half-point rise in interest rates which came in a precognitive dream in early March.

This forecast, made on March 17, is now removed from the main homepage and is available untouched, for the record at this location:

Some vindication should be in order. It is critical to point out that prophecy is far more than simply "making predictions, then hoping they come true." Prophecy is about issuing a warning of what could happen if the message is not heeded, with the intent of offering a solution to change the outcome. That's what y2k was about. Prophecy is never written in stone. The future can be altered. Very soon I will send out a lengthy discorse on Biblical prophecy, and how it relates to my return, etc.

Although the content of the dream came to pass, it did not ensue in the exact chronology expected (the rate rise came after the crashes), it came true nevertheless. So, also projected was a sideways and/or rising market through this fall, at which time there is an extremely high possibility of further declines before election time. That has been true.

In mid-July 2000, I had another vivid dream which I regard as precognitive which will be mentioned. This vision was too phenomenal to be 'just another dream.' And it came true. Here is what I wrote to subscribers at the time:

"In this vision I was actually out-of-body, behind the scenes, present with them inside the Federal Reserve, in the same room with Alan Greenspan and his colleagues, and witnessed their distress and conversations with respect to the economy and upcoming interest rate rises and their relationship and intentions. Greenspan was leaning on a table discussing with colleagues in an informal manner with his face distorted."

"The 'distress' of their conversation conflicted what the board has been saying to the public as of late. It concerned the public view of their intentions to orchestrate a 'soft landing' which indicated they were (PRIVATELY) actually attempting to do more than this by continuing even further rate rises, almost deliberately (?) plunging the economy into recession next year! So despite the public overtures of knowing control in keeping the economy prosperous indefinitely, the behind-the-scene situation differs markedly to that of agony and conspiracy, at least that's what I saw while in this vision."

"As this letter is written, the economy is showing some tangible signs of slowing, even though the latest figures showed Gdp expanding at an annual rate of 5.8% in the second quarter. The author has maintained for some time now that this is just the beginning of something far more dire. Obviously this view is not very popular considering the prevailing attitude amongst many (or most) economists and public who have grown accustomed to the long boom which the U.S. has experienced for so many years now. It is so easy to be deceived into the belief that "this time it's different" in such an environment of popular opinion."

"Although nothing earth-shattering is likely to occur in terms of world altering events until roughly late 2004, a general economic shake-up is certain. It will revolve around the 'New Economy' paradigm of the computer/internet economic revolution/bubble/boom."

"This shake-up will involve mass consolidation of the thousands and thousands of internet start-up businesses we've witnessed blossom of late. The vast majority (80%) will go belly-up and therefore consolidate over the short period of a couple years, which shall involve an ultra nasty recession with the stock prices of these tech-companies with the indexes thereof (i.e. Nasdaq) plunging to unheard-of lows before recovering."

"This, by the way, is a necessary component of such consolidation: it cannot occur on a mass scale until share prices are sufficiently low enough to make such large scale buy-outs economically feasible."

"However, despite all of this economic shake-down and corresponding pain thereof, the technology boom and spread of the internet will not only continue well into the years ahead, but will ultimately become standard and indispensable for businesses to EVEN SURVIVE beyond the times ahead. Therefore businesses and organizations MUST aggressively expand with great ingenuity into this new medium if they even expect to stay in business; even if it means no profit and losses for some time to come. Competition is fierce indeed."

"It is not the strong that survive...but those most adaptable to change. This is true of life in general. Don't be afraid of change and therefore growth. Don't go with the flow...swim faster than the flow."


The Recession That Wasn't�But Will Be

( APRIL 1, 2002 )

For over one year the author has not followed the economy for reasons due to the awakening; there have been far more significant issues which exceedingly overshadowed such trivialities as "the economy." However, I will give a brief update as to the state of economic conditions of the United States as of April 1, 2002.

We are going to have 20 years of uninterrupted growth averaging 5% per year�APRIL FOOLS!

It has long been my position that the extraordinary boom of the late 1990's would ultimately lead to an equally extraordinary bust. This is only a logical conclusion based on how capitalist economies function: Grow then contract in varying cycles; the business cycle will never die. Yet these cycles do not always follow predictable or historically precedented models, either in magnitude or length, and there are many, many different interrelated causes for each boom and bust, but it's all about oversupply then correction. If you drink too much, you have a good time while it lasts, but the inevitable hangover arrives; the more you drink, the more you suffer. (Economics 101, college style.)

Anyone interested in charts would see that the stock market run-up of the 1990's almost matched exactly the run-up of 1920's United States market, but also the Japanese boom of the eighties. It would be overly simplistic to presume a 1930's-style depression would naturally follow the boom we experienced only a short time ago. It may also be too simplistic to suggest a decade of stagnation, Japanese-style.

As of this writing, the economy is slowly emerging from a recession; a recession so mild it had only minimal impact; one of the softest in recent history. The US GDP grew at an annual rate of 1.7% in the last quarter of 2001 after shrinking mildly in the third quarter. Certainly, it did stagnate throughout all of 2001, with unemployment skyrocketing (jobless claims reaching 500,000 � a rate last seen in the early 1990's) and consumer confidence dropping precipitously; but also nothing close to a bust as one may expect, considering the prolonged bubble of the previous decade. Stock levels are not that far off from peak (with the exception of the tech sector, of course), and the unemployment rate, while high and climbing, is historically quite low, and not nearly as severe as earlier recessions. Moreover, it is not impacting in a uniform, national fashion. For instance, the area in which the author lives (Boise, Idaho) is still growing somewhat strongly, and the unemployment rate is 4%; hardly a recessionary environment, let alone collapse or depression.

There are several reasons why the house-of-cards economy did not collapse, but the main reason is historically unprecedented money growth being supplied by the Federal Reserve and increased government spending; from late 2001 to late 2002, the Fed repeatedly lowered interest rates from 6.5%, until reaching 1.75% shortly after the September 11 terrorist attacks. Growth in money supply is still a whopping 10 to 15%. Consumers continue to borrow like it was going out of style, far beyond their means. This is astounding policy manipulation of the aggregate. And there shall be a price to pay.

The recession was nowhere severe enough to consolidate excesses of the prior boom, and they eventually will be purged. So this leaves us the question of, "what happens next?" There are several possible outcomes. We could soon experience a double-dip recession, with the next contraction occurring in 2002 or 2003, in a manner similar to that which occurred in 1980, and the 1982 recession that followed. (But of course economic conditions of that time nowhere coincides with current conditions.) Or, frighteningly, a full-blown depression -- of which we are seeing only the beginning stages. Or, the most likely scenario, several years of miserable stagnation, with little or no growth, and frequent declines, followed by anemic, pseudo recoveries. This is based on the 1990's situation of Japan. If one remembers, Japan dramatically lowered interest rates to near zero, for much of the decade; this may be a similar situation the Fed will face, considering there is now very little room to maneuver should the economy continue into another fast descent. This would mean long-term stagnation. Japan also had to borrow MASSIVELY in a seemingly futile attempt to stimulate its economy. It ran huge budget deficits and its national debt is now 160% of GDP. This far exceeds that of the US, which until recently was enjoying surpluses, at around 50%. Remember the consensus by politicians of never-ending surpluses until 2010? How na�ve.

There is another possible outcome for the near-term performance of the economy; this is the "status quo" view among "professional" economists and other "mainstream" pundits: That we are going to rebound sharply and enter another long boom period like the late 1990's. To this scenario the author says: Bull pucky. The odds of this are so low it's not even worth discussing. But is it "possible?" Of course, BUT if this did occur, this would make me fret even more, but it would be a dangerous postponement of the Reckoning in the long-run, and would guarantee a far greater, future collapse. The bigger they are, the harder they fall. This "happy days are here again" outcome would become the "my God, how could we have allowed this economic calamity to befall us?" outcome.

But we have another factor to consider: the election year of 2004. President Bush is obviously riding high in the popularity polls, but is this destined to last continuously? It sure did not with his father after the Gulf War. It's the economy, stupid! Now, the elite would prefer to have a prosperous economy during an election year, and if it is poor, the president always takes the blame (wrongly so, since incumbent presidents usually exhibit little real influence economic influences). But even if the economy remains prosperous at that time, Bush would almost certainly be presiding over a failing economy in his second term. Long before he was elected, this author has not only repeatedly said Bush would become Commander in Chief, but also during a time of great crisis and economic stagnation. Recent events have proven this correct. By the way, the September 11, 2001 initiated War on Terrorism is merely another code name for: World War Three. It is global in scope, and will be persistently long. You have only seen the very beginning.

Therefore it seems certain that further economic pain lies ahead, the only speculative variable being the degree of severity. Decade-long Japan-style stagnation? Very likely. Double-dip or multiple recessions at least until 2005? Very likely. Never-ending propagation of hubristic, New Economy 1990's? NOT!

If we don't swallow the bullet and "get more recession" soon, we shall surely will be condemned to exist in the history books as a very dismal first decade of the 21st century.


The following is a remnant from the update made in February, shortly after the awakening, 2000 for the rest of the year, but still generally holds...

Contemporary New Age/Economy/Era economist:

"We are living in an age of increasing prosperity and consequent increasing earning power of corporations and individuals. This is due in large measure to mass production and inventions such as the world never before has witnessed. The rapidity with which worthwhile inventions are brought out is the result of the tremendous research laboratories of our great [technology companies]. Applications of these inventions to business means greatly enhanced earning power. This is a new and tremendously powerful factor in the [business] world and one which never before existed."

Just before that paragraph, the gentleman said,

"Stock prices are not too high and Wall Street will not experience anything in the nature of a crash. There may be a decline in stock prices, but not anything in the nature of a crash."

Who is this economist? The gentleman who spoke the words quoted above was Professor Irving Fisher of Yale University, dated September 5,1929, acknowledged at the time as being a stock market expert.

The fact that the Dow was down 47% in less than ten weeks from the date that quote was published is scary indeed. History doesn't repeat; only the names and faces have been changed...

Based on the Fed's own valuation model the market is presently (as of Feb. 2000) 60% overvalued ! Very recently it approached 70%! If the Dow is this much overvalued at the current 11,000, this means a crash of 60% would place it at around 6,800. This would simply be normal valuation . To the public, investors and the economy this would be a total calamity. The Nasdaq is the worst: valuations are completely indefensible by all measures. Earnings, based on unrealistically high expectations, will not grow forever.

No sane investor would dare look at present valuations and conclude that this is a healthy market to buy into...unless they are a speculator or into shorts and options. Market capitalization historically averages 50% of GDP. Shortly before the crash of 1929, an era of extreme speculation, it was a whopping 87%. What should make any investor paranoid is the fact that it is now 125% of GDP in the U.S.! To bring it down to a sane level by this measure means (approx.) Dow 3,300. But in a crash/depression situation it would temporarily drop to (say) 25% of GDP which would mean a Dow of 1,500. If a depression occurs where GDP drops 20-30% then the Dow, correcting for these numbers, would approach 1,000 or less at the trough.

Price to earnings levels are at a range never before seen. P/E ratios in a normal market typically range from 8-15-to-one. When it hits 21 or 22-to-one, one of two things usually happen: The price of the market must decline or the earnings must be raised. The insanity of the current mania is the fact that it reached a never-before-seen 35-to-one! (in the S&P) This is only the broad average, of course, and many individual stocks are in the triple digit range. Many, having no earnings, are at infinity.

It's only a short matter of time before the bubble bursts, and a tremendous amount of wealth will be lost.

General outlook for the year:

The market at this stage is inherently unstable. At some point something -- no one can ever know when or quite what -- will trigger a decision by some to get out. Once the purely speculative component has been built into the structure, the eventual result is, to repeat, inevitable: a crash. There should be major declines over the next two months, in March and April, possibly delayed to May, when a panic crash will most likely occur. It should definitely close below Dow 10,000 and in a worst-case to a 7,500 level before rebounding back to 10,000-ish, Summer should be side-ways and/or rising, but not to new highs. As was the case last year, and the year before... AND the year before; declining in August and September then posibly crashing before or during the elections, probably in October. Bush (or, most likely Mc Cain) elected president, and like his father, and/or political party, becomes scapegoat for major global recession occurring most of his term. The underlying economy should remain strong for most of this year. Though some caution should be used, and this chart indicates the real portion of the coming collapse should well into 2001 and into 2002, possibly 2003. The short-term bear market of this spring shall come to pass if the Fed decides to dish out the medicine of higher interest rates in the first half of the year to avoid doing so during the elections. Chart:


When the market declines significantly, expect consumer sentiment, confidence and spending to shift, taking an alarming nose-dive. The economy has been too dependent on massive consumer borrowing and spending also fueled by the "wealth effect" of sky-high market valuations. We are soon to pay the price for it too. In order to bring this mania back from insanity, it can be expected for the Dow to eventually plummet to at least 2400 , and that may be optimistic; it may very well dip below 1,000. The Nasdaq will be hit the hardest and will lose 60% at least and ultimately 90% (peak to trough) in the coming years.

Following this mania will be a constant, agonizing decline throughout the times ahead, until roughly late 2004. The U.S. will join the rest of the world in recession/deflation in due time--no bubble lasts forever, nor do they slowly deflate, as we saw in 1929 . Watch for continually higher interest rates. Make no mistake about it; the bull is nearly dead and the overall trend will be down.

There is a mistaken sentiment that double digit gains will always be made. Historical data show that over the VERY long term (generations) stocks do in fact earn better returns than other instruments However, they tend to go through 16-20 year periods when it's either bullish OR stagnant, as in the case of 1929 to 1950. For instance, from 1966-1982, the Dow barely moved. In real inflation adjusted purchasing power, long term "buy and hold" stock investors LOST money. In fact, long term, dividend re-invested, inflation and tax adjusted S&P 500 annual returns are NO MORE THAN 4% !! Since 1871 it averages only 1.46% ! ( chart )

The present long-term secular bull-market that began in 1982 is nearly 20 years old, and about to die. How long will this one last, in order to purge and recoup? Oh, 16-20 years.

The coming bust will in part be determined by policy actions or inactions of the Fed and government officials, as well what degree consumers retrench and panic. It will certainly be a recession, and it will certainly be global, severe and prolonged, and may very well be identified as a genuine depression.

In the paper Global Economic Instability the case is made that the vastly increased global trade and world economy that has emerged in the 1990's is, contrary to popular belief; that being of a New Era of global trade and co-operation, is actually a highly unstable precursor for a global economic collapse in world trade similar to 1929-1930, of which we got a taste of with the Asian crisis of 1997-1998. As said by legendary Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volker:

"The fate of the world economy is now totally dependent on the growth of the U.S. economy, which is dependent on the stock market, whose growth is dependent on about 50 stocks, half of which have never reported any earnings."

Foriegners currently own 40% of all US debt, up from 10% only 10 years ago. There should be a massive pull-out of US markets which is currently viewed as a haven of foreign investors, thereby inducing a dramatic drop in the dollar. This, combined with the astronomical money growth of recent years, may very well produce an inflationary depression, or stagflation with a drop in standard of living. In this scenario interest rates would sky rocket.

On the other hand, there are strong underlying deflationary forces at work, such as the technological, productivity revolution innovating the economy, over supply and intense competitive forces. The sharp reduction in demand on the part of consumers, consisting of two-thirds of all domestic spending, who have been spending far beyond their means, would further exasterbate this deflationary spiral. A reversal from borrow-and-spend to retrenchment and the resulting reduction in demand--most importantly of over-seas products--bringing the currently non-existent savings rate back to historical levels will also be deflationary.

Investor and public sentiment took a dangerous turn to complacency and over-confidence in the immediate post-y2k time frame. Since then, anyone with bearish thought has been scoffed at; ridiculed and met with sour hostility, even from many former bears now converted into perma-bulls. This is a strong contrary indicator.

One of the only fear investors seem to have at present is of missing out on triple digit gains in the Nasdaq. Ed Yardeni has gone back his bullish New Economy/Dow 15,000 by 2005 mantra, and 99% of the public is content with a booming economy and tight labor market. It's wine and roses forever--forever and ever. Or so they surmise. The US economy grew at a 5.8% annual rate the last quarter of 1999! The federal budget deficits rebuked; never-ending surpluses until 2010, or so says Clinton. ( the actual debt is still over $5 trillion) Minimal inflation! Unemployment rate 4.1%!

This, of course, is about to change. Enjoy it while you can, but don't let all this good news fool you. There's a beginning and end to everything. We are quickly approaching the last hurrah of our current bubble economy ; and the tail end of the record 9 year-old booming business cycle and now awaiting the soon-to-arrive U.S. and global recession-come-depression.

Indeed, it is almost amusing to watch this mass delusion of extreme froth of over-optimism, and how it is extrapolated into the future. 1999 and early 2000 will be remembered as one of hubristic euphoria; the ultimate calm before the storm. Or, taken in the contex of the 1997/98 global meltdown; the eye of the storm. Sit back and take a wide-angled picture of this current environment and save it for future reference, as it shall contrast wildly with what is in store for the near and long-term future.

Recognizing this "sheeple" phenomenon of mass delusion and sentiment, and the cyclical swing to and from pessimism or optimism is a fascinating pursuit. Throughout history the mood of any given population repeatedly shifts in unison, often with abrupt turning points. It is the reward of social historians and futurists to first capture and identify this sentiment after objective observation, then through worldly events and other forces, cycles or evidence, determine when the next shift in mood will occur.

The general resurgence and boom/bull market that America has witnessed for nearly two decades will soon be consolidated into a period of crisis and upheaval where the nation's current mindset of superficial well-being led by greed and blazing economy is swept away and imbalances and structural weaknesses are exposed.

The limitations of such long-term projections is determining, with any degree of accuracy, the precise year, month or day such a turning point really begins. Fortunately there are shorter cycles that can be found within the larger saeculum.

Using recent history as an example, we observed a brief period from 1983 to 1985 where the national mood of America shifted from one of deep pessimism (Remember down-beat 1980 when the consensus forecasters expected oil to run out and inflation to skyrocket? Disinflation and cheap petrol became the reality.) to that of a pseudo re-birth coinciding with President Reagan's "Morning in America." The prevailing mood for the remainder of the eighties was that of a hollow optimism with an underlying sense of a foreboding future as the nation's fundamentals worsened (fiscal, trade deficits, relative social/economic decline...the unraveling)

The last hurrah of this epoch (in a sense it is not over yet, merely interrupted) was the 1991 gulf war and the burst of patriotism it produced. The following prolonged economic decline and recession plunged the national mood into another period of general despair that lasted until roughly 1994/1995. Economists and forecasters at the time were making all sorts of dire predictions, such as $500 billion budget deficits and government bankruptcy by 1996 etc. It turned out, of course, that these extrapolations--based on the status quo consensus of the time--were once again dead wrong. Remember how Japan was supposed to take over the world? It is now near collapse and is running government deficits equal to 10% of GDP!

1994 marked another short-term turning point in public sentiment--though few recognized it at the time. Since then the domestic US economy has grown at a brisk pace, the stock market tripled and deficits became surpluses. The previous consensus forecasts were wrong. These conditions have accelerated to that of hubris, which we are now in. There have been short-lived times within this period when bursts of pessimism reigned. The Asian crisis began in the fall of 1997 whence the Dow crashed 500 points and confidence (temporarily) receded. While the crisis continued to worsen overseas, the US economy continued to advance when yet another short-lived grim mood took hold in the fall of 1998 and stocks dropped 19%. The concerns of 1998 have been all but forgotten--but will eventually resume; the bubble wasn't ready to burst yet; there was still more momentum to carry through 1999 when it rebounded sharply to its recent January 11,722 high. Mark this number down, it may be referred to historians as the final top.

As in previous eras, the mainstream is extrapolating present conditions--that of a top--linerally into the future which, as time will tell to prove not only wrong, but recklessly way off base.

These projections and the status quo consensus; such nonsense as "Dow 36,000" even Dow 100,000 and multi-trillion dollar federal budget surpluses will surely prove wrong, and assume the current boom and business cycle ( halready unprecedented ) will continue with absolutely no set-backs such as a recession! This much touted, so-called New Economy of rapid technological and productivity revolution is, to be sure, a very real phenomenon, yet co-existing and super-imposed with the most extremely overblown bubble the world has seen. The Old Economy, with its familiar and time-tested fundamentals of booms and busts governing a capitalist system is very much alive and well. The situation is eerie and frighteningly reminiscent of 1929. History does in fact repeat. In fact, almost a carbon copy as this oft-quoted professor declared just days before The Crash:

"Stock prices have reached what looks like a permanent high plateau... I expect to see the stock market a good deal higher than it is today within a few months" Irving Fisher, Professor of Economics, Yale University, Oct 15, 1929

"The markets generally are now in a healthy condition... values have a sound basis in the general prosperity of our country" Charles E. Mitchell, president of the National City Bank, October 15, 1929

About 40 years after a key technology begins to permeate society, an historic depression takes place.

1920's: Declared "New Era" with technological revolution, innovation and mania in newly-emerged telephone , radio and automobiles. RCA radio mania and 2,000 auto manufactures, then consolidated into a tiny handful by the end of the 1930's. Number of passenger cars on the road increased from 7 million to 23 million Automobile technology, which evolved in the 1890's, hit 40 and the mid-technology depression of the 29-33 resulted.

1990's: Declared "New Economy" with technological revolution, innovation and mania in newly-emerged internet and tech-heavy Nasdaq sector. Microsoft, Yahoo! AOL a nd the thousands of upstart technology and internet business, to be consolidated into handful by late 2000's. The computer revolution that essentially began in the mid-1960's points to the early 2000's.

1920's : "... it was an age of consolidation, ..." "...the mergers of this period brought together not firms in competition with each other but firms doing the same thing. . . " (TGC pg. 44)
1990's: Mobil/Exxon, Sprint/Worldcom, etc., etc., etc. (not to mention AOL/TW.)

1920's: Newly emerged fad investment vehicles called Trusts.
1990's: Newly emerged fad investment vehicles called mutual funds, among a myriad of others.

1920's: President Calvin Coolidge prosperity; declares "The chief business of the American people is business." Hoover becomes scapegoat for following depression.
1990's: President Clinton prosperity; declarations of prosperity in final state of the union address. Bush (or Mc Cain) and Greenspan made scapegoat for coming depression.

1920's: Moralistic crusade against vices. Lost generation; prohibition; gangsters; rum-runners; flappers.
1990's: Moralistic crusade against vices. Generation X ; war on drugs/cigarettes; gangsters/rappers; drug dealers; grunge.

1920's: Sky-rocketing personal debt; over-leverage in financial markets. Margin purchases as measured by Broker Loan Account totals grew from $1-1.5B in the early 1920s to about $6 B in 1929 or between 400-500%. There was also a lot of call money injected by businesses as well as individuals.
1990's: Sky-rocketing personal debt; over-leverage in financial markets; savings rate effectively zero; record bankruptcies despite boom. Leverage margin requirements have remained at 50%, public now borrowing against their portfolios at alarming rate; $ 230 billion in borrowed debt in 1999, exploding from $115 billion in 1998, and from $62 billion in November 1994!

1920's: Breadth on the NYSE began to deteriorate in May 1928, long before the Great Crash.
1990's: Since mid-1998 until present market breadth has made its greatest divergence in stock market history.

1920's: Dollar trading volume shortly before the 1929 crash in stocks approached 130% of GDP, which normally, historically averaged 25% in normal times.
1990's: Dollar trading sky-rocketed and has now reached 200%!

1920's: The saying of the late 1920's: "When the average Joe Public starts entering the market en mass, then a crash is imminent.."
1990's: Baby boomers and the public plow their savings into the market for retirement or speculation and internet traders take part in the boom. Percentage of public who owned stocks in the mid-eighties was 18%. It has now reached 50% !

1920's: Historically, market capitalizations are about 50% of GDP. Before the 1929 crash it rose to 87%.
1990's: It is now over 125% of GDP!

1920's: Historically extremely-priced stock bubble. Immediately prior to the Crash of 1929 the P.E. stood at only 16 Times, Dividend Yields cruised at about 2.9%, and Market Price was topping at 2 Times Book. Dow index appreciated more than 275% from 1924 to 1929.
1990's: Historically extremely-priced stock bubble. Aggregate index of S&P 500 plus Nasdaq plus Dow almost identical in scope and run-up. In fact, exceeding it. P.E. ratio reached 35 to 1 in the S&P 500. Dividend Yields were a very miserly 1.3%. Market Price to Book an astronomical 6 TIMES. Dow index increased in value of nearly 230% recently during an equal time period

1920's: During 1929 the FED used its open market mechanisms to attempt to stem the boom. The Treasury's inventories got very low at that time.
1990's: The FED is using its open market mechanisms to attempt to stem the boom. Treasury's inventory of securities are right now very low.

1920's: Germany lost World War One, suffered massive hyper-inflation and depression throughout decade, resulting in dictator, ultimately leading to World War Two.
1990's: Russia lost Cold War in dissolution of Soviet Union, followed by hyper-inflation and depression throughout decade. Will ultimately lead to dictator (Putin?) who will lead us to World War Three .

As a result of these hardships a new strategic paradigm will emerge, which actually began in 1999 during the Kosovo crisis where a Global Realignment took place , as a precursor for this war to come.

We're facing a few rough years ahead, but it won't be the end of the world. There will always be nations and human civilizations to inhabit the Earth. Despite temporary hardships, we will once again climb out of the rubble and start over. Like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, soaring to ever greater heights. However, as history demonstrates, the price paid for social and economic progress are periods of severe wars, chaos and human suffering. This tends to repeatedly occur once every fourth generation, in a Fourth Turning Crisis . Since the last major era of crises and conflicts ended in 1945, we are now soon due for another.

To the casual observer--particularly the average American who has never experienced the trauma of depression or global war--such dark visions are difficult to comprehend or emotionally accept. Even more so when taken in the context of our current era of prosperity and general optimism. Unfortunately, we are now passed the point of no return; the journey is about to begin.

One can take consolance in the potential return of stability after the up-coming times of trauma consolidates into resolution beyond 2010 or 2015... Such evolution from birth, maturity, decay , death then rebirth of humans, societies and nations is not only natural and (in a sense) desirable, but unavoidable. How we emerge from these crises ultimately depends on how we prepared for and reacted to its consequences within the larger framework of human destiny.

However, given the vision of the Second Coming of Christ the author witnessed, to occur in his lifetime, the end may not be so bad after all; this is hope.

To see who I really am, see Power By God: Final Book of Daniel


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