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Here at Liongate Farm we used to a small flock of Cashmere Goats. We have recently sold all but Tink to make way for our new blue faced leicester sheep! Our original foundation breeding stock originated out of the original Capricorn Cashmere herd (visit their link below). We use our Goats for fiber production as well as meat. Karen uses the fiber in her craft production-which you can see by visiting the Liongate Designs link on our homepage. We comb our fiber rather than shear so that we have less guard hair to remove. If you are interested in our fiber we have a variety of raw fleeces available-visit the fiber link below. Cashmere Goats are also very good at clearing the hard to reach spots of poison oak and brush. We average between 6 and 20 goat kids a year most of which we sell. We chose Cashmere goats as our fiber goats because they are smaller than the average meat goat, their fiber is wonderful, they are easy kidders and seemingly resistant to hoof rot and parasites. Visit the 2007 goat kid link below to see what we have available this year. We use Livestock guardian dogs to naturally protect our heard from the local predators. Here in southern Oregon we have a large population of cougar, coyote and bears. Click on the Cougar link below to see what happens when one decides to make your flock a buffet. Follow the link to our livestock guardian dogs if you are interested in natural predator protection. You may hear that goats are easy to keep-and they are once you conquer the learning curve on their care, proper nutrition and fencing-It gets easier for us every year and we are really enjoying our herd. Pictured below are some of the goats that we started with. Some of the goats pictured no longer reside at Liongate and some do-the size and number of or flock is constantly changing based on need and production.

Our Oldest Buck OATMEAL

Ash and Bug-eyes

Bungee and Stitches

Lovey on the left and Bree with the Goats on the right

Boris with the babies and basic goat wrangling

Alex joins the wrangling and Ash is waiting patiently for her babies to arrive

2007 kids

Cashmere Fiber

Goat vs. Cougar saved by a LGD

My Favorite Cashmere Goat Links

Capricorn Cashmere-great source of goat information



Our younger buck MALTO