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Stephen Geoffreys

Stephen Geoffreys

"And to what do I owe this dubious pleasure?"

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...rumbles that...that voice....
Stephen Geoffreys's most famous role was the spirited friend from the hit movie, Fright Night (1985). Remember Charlie's humorous friend that laughed all the time? Written & directed by Tom Holland, this was one of the best-made contemporary horror & vampire movies. Geoffreys spiked his sidekick role with fun enthusiasm and tragic pathos. Many say that Roddy McDowall stole the show. That's fair with his co-lead role, but Geoffreys' distinct performance remains memorable.

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Here is a recent interview:


2009 news: New Terminal Hotel

check out the trailer:
New Terminal Trailer Click on the teaser. Be aware that the trailer shows some violence. I'm not sure about the film's release at this point...?

In Stephen's new film, "New Terminal Hotel", directed by BC Furtney, he plays Don Malek, a morose, avenge-seeking screenwriter. The movie takes place in a seedy Dowtown L.A. Hotel. He takes a room at the title dwelling, and begins to draw his agent (Tiffany Shepis) and others into a vortex of madness and violence. Ezra (HILLS HAVE EYES) Buzzington, Corey (LOST BOYS) Haim, James Grabowski and Laura Leigh co-star.

New Terminal Hotel - Trailer from Scalped Productions on Vimeo.

New Terminal Hotel is now available on click here
New Terminal Hotel at

Stephen was at a Fright Night screening in Los Angeles @ Nuart Theatre Sept 19th 2008:

Included were: writer/director Tom Holland in person with the film's stars Chris Sarandon, William Ragsdale and Jonathan Stark; plus composer Brad Fiedel and special effects artist Randall Cook.

Stephen Geoffreys, Chris Sarandon, Amanda Bearse

With a sweet fan at a convention:


A recent Stephen Geoffreys interview at

A while ago I rented Fright Night for the heck of it. I remember that I hadn't seen it for so long, and that I liked the end where that young woman's mouth got incredibly huge. Huge! Much like the poster <-- I couldn't ever figure out how they did that.... Then I saw Stephen Geoffreys (!) and thought, "YES, that guy's great! Didn't he do that 976-Evil something movie that Freddy Krueger (Robert Englund) made... I caught it on cable a few nights ago... or...?"
So I rented the 976-Evil movie (made in 1988). True, this movie was slow, but I thought Englund allowed for some interesting character development in Geoffreys. And it was better than the stylish Fright Night II, which was offered to Geoffreys at the same time.... Ironically, there was a scene near the beginning of 976 that locked me into liking this actor (similar to Sheryl Lee). Most people may dismiss it, and I can understand; it's quick. Stephen played a propeller-headed, science-loving high school kid. He had no father, and a hysterical mother (wildly played by Sandy Dennis) that bullied him. Still, he was meek and friendly, but sadly alone with no friends. 976-Evil Laughing and finally having some innocent fun at the pizza parlor with Suzie.

Bullies pound on him at school and at the pizza parlor (picture), but revenge is inevitable.

His character's name is Hoax (?). & What's so weird is that he's basically a nice person, but he get's beat on for no reason...much like the film Carrie.

Anyway, early he has this crush on his beautiful, Latin, High School principal, Ms. Martinas, who's one of the few people nice to him. He knocks on her door, nervously enters her office, gripping the doorknob to steady himself. His voice shaking, he tells her the filing's done and asks if he can do anything else for her. She kindly says, "no,"....but he just stands there, eyes locked on her, catching his breath...scared ...lost... silently wishing she'd save him from his sad life. Nnnnope. That funky little scene did it for me; I've liked him ever since. (Similar to Sheryl Lee weeping in a scene from Twin Peaks: FWWM; a haulting scene...)

Fans long to see Stephen Geoffreys in another lead or strong supporting role in major motion pictures.


Stephen Geoffreys was born in Cincinnati, Ohio in the early sixties as Stephen Geoffrey Miller (I think). At the age of 8 he's said knew he wanted to be an actor, At one time he played Freddie Eynsford-Hill in a school production of Pygmalion. Geoffreys's parents divorced, and when his mother re-married, the new stepfather and Stephen clashed. Stephen ran away from home.

Acting Background:

Geoffreys is a graduate of Cincinnati's School for Creative and Performing Arts. While there, he studied acting under Kay King at the College Conservatory of Music's Prep Training Department. Interestingly, Mr. Geoffreys resurrected the role of Giton in "Satyricon" at the Actors and Directors Theatre. Then attended some graduate school in acting at NYU.

The name "Stephen Miller" was already taken in the Screen Actor's Guild. So "Stephen Geoffreys" was the hopeful marquee. After College graduation, Stephen Geoffreys landed a role in the off-Broadway Opera musical in 1984: The Human Comedy, playing Homer Macauley. Stephen performed with Rex Smith, and Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio. Asked if his first love is the stage in 1995, Geoffreys replies, "Oh, by far--and, more specifically, musical theater. Yeah, I really have more fun doing musical theater than anything." The Human Comedy received such a good response that it later went to Broadway!

(above) Fright Night "The whole pathos of the role
comes to a head...when I'm raising up my hand
to be saved...."

* Geoffreys was nominated for a 1984 Tony for his performance in
The Human Comedy:

"Outstanding Performance by a Featured Actor in a Musical."

* Geoffreys won the prestigious 1984 Theater World Award which is given out to 12 promising newcomers each year and has been bestowed since 1944. Before they were famous, winners included: Marlon Brando, Carol Burnett, Robert Redford, Paul Newman, Jane Fonda and Warren Beatty....).

* "Stephen Geoffreys is particularly enjoyable..."
(~TV Gen of Fright Night)

* "Geoffreys is a promising newcomer, and his appearance here is the best thing..."
(~TV Gen of Fraterity Vacation)

Geoffreys' performance in The Human Comedy charmed producer and director of his first (1985) film, Heaven Help Us.

Geoffreys: "The producer and director of Heaven Help Us saw me on stage and cast me in the film... That's actually my favorite of all I've done. It's a great script, and we had wonderful people... I did about three or four movies right in a row, and that was right out of college.

It happened real fast." Geoffreys also went on to do more theater, episodes in TV, and a few more movies up to 1991, then there are some extremely rare, independent [legit] films most haven't seen. Some have reported that Geoffreys has directed a film in the Southwest of the country around the year 2000.

In the early Nineties, Stephen slowed down as he took a break from Hollywood. In a recent interview with Scarlet Street magazine (issue #26), Geoffreys called his departure a "hiatus." "I was just collecting myself. I did TV and a lot of plays, and it happened so fast that I needed to step back and look at what was going on. I looked, I saw, and here I am, ready to do it again....

SG has worked with successful and talented film makers, producers, and actors. He has a great reputation with people behind the scenes, and public as well. He's a nice man.

See what one fan (1998) says: "I met him at Chiller Theatre a few years back, and he was one of the most congenial and cool people I've met from the film industry. I met him the first day of the convention and saw him as I was walking out the door the third day, and he remembered myself and my girlfriend, stopping us to say good bye. I hope he gets back to Horror films, too. He had an interesting presence." -T. Hawkins

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