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Sociology Careers Flyer

"Fair Use"

As any teacher of Sociology knows, if they've ever been asked what one can do with a sociology degree (except "teach"), its a very difficult question to answer. I've struggled with it many times...just recently, too. However, this most recent time reminded me of a flyer I acquired a few years back when I taught at Ohio State University. I finally found it in my files and decided to post it for others to use. It was provided by Scott, Foresman and Company, I believe. The realistic thing about it is that all the jobs listed on it are actual employers of graduates of OSU Sociology.

I've scanned two larger for easier reading online and a second smaller one which is more suitable for printing.

If you have your own website or academic webpage, please feel free to link to this page.

I hope you find it useful

David H. Kessel

Sociology Careers Flyer
Larger one...easier to read online...not printable as a whole

Sociology Careers Flyer
Smaller and printable version

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