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This Room is not intended to be the "definitive" site about Marx...just a place where some interesting (and hopefully useful) sites about Marx are located. If you have any suggestions for Marx links to be put in here, please send me the url. Thank-you.


Imaginary Interview with Karl Marx
October, 2003

Interview with Karl Marx
New York World, July 18, 1871

Marx and Theory
Series of articles

"Bad Subjects" Search Results: Articles about Marx

Religion as Opium of the People: Karl Marx, Religion, and Economics

Marx-Engels News Media Interviews

Marxist Media Theory

Marxism Made Simple

1844 EP Manuscripts

Confessions of Marx

How the Marxist Buried Marx

Karl Marx was Buried

Labor and Alienated Labor Outline

Marx and Engels Writings

Marx Biographical Sketch

Marx's New York World Interview

Marx on Religion

Marx, Religion, and Sociology of Religion

Marxist Class Structure

Marxist Internet Archive

Marx 's Humanist Radicalism

Notes: Karl Marx Revisited

On Love

The Communist Manifesto After 150 Years

The Early Development of Marx's Thought

The Holy Family---Chapter 6

The Two Marxisms

Why Marx is Man of the Moment

World Socialist Website

News & Letters