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The War On Individuality Comes Home - Littleton Shootings Predictable

The War On Individuality Comes Home - Littleton Shootings Predictable

by James Neff (

4-23-99 UPDATE

    When I was in high school... when we all were in high school... there was a sick, twisted system long ago established by which the gifted -- those who by nature do not meld with the "Borg" of normative society -- were trampled, humiliated and slowly beaten down psychologically, and often times physically, until we fit the mold or perished. Some of you reading this were the instruments of that torment, and you yourselves were guided and manipulated by peer pressures to do so. Adapt or die. And some of you reading this are still struggling with well disguised and hidden scars from those years. Adapt or die. Others...sloughed it off, burying it deep in the subconscious.

Adapt or die.

But some are not with us anymore. They dropped a load of sleeping pills to escape it; they pulled the trigger on Dad's 12 gauge in the garage seeking that perfect sleep; they wandered off in a fugue state never to be seen or heard from again. All the while the conformers, the normals, the happy-go-lucky cogs of the great Borg went on morally blind to the incredible tragedy surrounding them and in which they blindly -- or knowingly -- participated. No body count.

For me, that horrible period of life was more than 20 years ago. It was absolute hell then. It must be a sheer spiritual apocalypse on the soul of teens today, as things have distinctly gone from bad to worse. It has become hopeless and depraved, sending a veritable few over the edge to grasp hard steel and cock back shotguns to make it come to an end. An end to the system of pain, and as we've seen in Littleton, and end to themselves as well.

What we are seeing in Littleton, Colorado, and in the past 10 years in various other schools around the nation, is literally war. The geeks, the weirdos, the nerds, the outcast, the troubled-gifted, the challenged and the general "breakfast club" is no longer comfortable with crumbling into a million pieces and dissolving into the background to appease the accepted and normative jocks, 'socies' and picture perfect all-American jackasses soon to be our future political jackasses; afflicted of soul and body for the rest of their lives, the outcasts are fighting back. They have declared war on the normals and it's a real war, with real blood and real guns. Its a unique kink in the process of social evolution (or deevolution), in a sense. Just so many decades of this can go on before the free radical stops bouncing around and starts attacking and creating a cancer that eventually kills the host.

The question is, is it deserved? That is not to say did any of these young people in Littleton deserve to die, but rather: Is this war, this 'rage against the machine'deserved? I say yes. It has been a long time coming. It is much deserved. Not the deaths, not the tragedy. It's horrific that it has come to this! I have nothing but pity and sorrow for the victims and their families. But on a raw-truth level, this sort of lashing out is utterly predictable and sustained by a system even those parents participate in, regarding it as "normal" and "good." We reap what we sow. And I truly wonder how many of the people closely involved with this debacle have any clue how much they themselves feed the beast. They feed it when they hand their kid a charge card and tell them to go forth and reflect what the many varied cliques demand in clothing, in music, in style. They feed it when they buy into this disturbed system that creates a hierarchy of acceptability and conformity, and in turn demonstrate to their children that the 'way things are' is good... right... the 'way it should be' because it has always been that way.

I've heard it so many times it makes me want to puke. "Well it was good enough for me," says the parent from the previous generation, who sloughs off this issue entirely, "and I turned out okay."


                      No. Wrong. You turned out completely screwed up! If this is your perspective, you're part of the machine and have been. You were 'absorbed.' You traded your soul for a piece of the American pie, sold your birthright for a meal, chose conformity for the sake of an easy glide, and now you can't see, can't hear, can't think for yourself in the slightest. Its an easy road this way. Count the costs. And the same old excuses live on..."It's my job." "I was just following orders." "Well, I survived it." "What's wrong with the kids these days?"

What's wrong with them is YOU. It's all filtered for you and through you. Living outside of this system requires daily fortitude and spiritual upkeep. It is sacrificial. It is HARDER to live outside the system, where truth can really be truth and lies are exposed, no matter what the cost, ridicule, chastisement from the "world" at large. And most don't want to sacrifice. So they don't. They join up. It's very subtle. It's gradual. But its all consuming. And then, you're gone. The great dark-backward has had its way with you and what's left is not a rock's throw from 'Stepford,'repackaged for a new era so the seams don't show. And the beauty part is, you don't recognize it. They took your ability to recognize it ages ago. You gave it to them.

Wake up, sleeper. This is the hideous, sinking, perpetuating gearworks of the system, designed to keep the sparks of imaginative, creative, unique life-force to an absolute minimum and populate the great gorge of culture with a vast throng of media-manipulated, perfectly possessed and automatonically controlled 'bots' who guarantee the survival of THE SYSTEM into the next generation! It trashes people who are going to create new people to trash, a cyclic, patterned process. Where and when will it end?

It ended in Littleton, in a blaze of blood and bombs when two (possibly more, this story is far from over!) young boys decided "that was it... no more pain", no more being crushed and ground down to a pulp. Time for the crushing and grinding to reverse. Is anyone really shocked? Yes. The normals are stunned and shaking in their boots. They can't rationalize it because they gave up real rationalization many, many years ago.

Johnny Rotten of the Sex Pistols in my time was singing, "Anger is an energy!" and "I am an Anarchist, I am an Antichrist!" as a powerful downbeat on a podium for change, a throbbing mantra echoing out to all the disenfranchised, neglected, trampled kids. The gleam in his eyes across that broken, tormented face was intense, hypnotic and resonating.

Generation X now has the blood of Nirvana's Kurt Kobain for a psychic ritual baptism, and the rites of passage are piercings, scarifications and tattoos declaring their divorce from the system. Hurt yourself before THEY hurt you.. and it won't hurt anymore. Control the hurt. Control pain. This is the solution when you're out numbered and know you cannot control the system. Sadly, they simply joined the 'other' well-crafted, perfectly controlled and manipulated hand of a multi-armed cultural deity. They have escaped nothing. When the wiles of youth wear off, the scars and holes and markings will be there to forever remind them of what happened. A stigmata of the machine. We have yet to see the end result of this particular schism in society. Brace yourselves for this one to explode.

In Littleton, that control took another course, however. It didn't parcel itself into thrashing guitars and strobes and acid house and now well established alternative-scene self-therapy (I hope everyone reading this realizes that that is precisely what we're seeing in the X generation and the music world now... ad-hoc, self-generated therapy for dealing with the madness of this culture and society. When you look at it, realize this fact. They are having to do it themselves, because no one else is going to do it for them. No one gives a damn. And it beats killing people, no?). It broke out with gritted teeth; with Network's prophetic "I'm mad as hell, and I'm not going to take it anymore!" into the hard reality we now hardly make contact with today, thanks to the glitz and glimmer of cathode-ray visions and videodrome-like fantasy worlds which we've adopted into our lifestyles without any thought to its power over us. For the mature and rational, these things are not a danger. They can be simple entertainment. For the rest of the populace...they are simply elements of mind control. The New World Order is succeeding in its design to twist us and shape us as it sees fit. And if that sounds like paranoid madness to you, then you're already dead. Another one for the pile.

They don't train police officers and airline pilots using simulators for nothing! The idea is to wrap that virtual reality around the subjects' skull until he or she is perfectly programmed to respond to the situation given. Taking the abnormal situation and making it normative, as though fully experienced and logged to the memory; this is the very design. These kids in Littleton have grown up with their sensory mechanism entirely dominated by a programmable emotional matrix. From the music to the movies to the video games, they have been slowly "implanted" with very powerful, ultra-realistic impulse driven scenarios. Substitute jocks and socies for zombies and enemy space craft. Plastic reality. Plastic morality. Bang bang.. zap... kill 'em all and let God sort 'em out. Training ground for the mentally ill.

And heightening this mind control is a diet of absolute trash, speeding up the system with Jolt and Surge cola caffeine bombs, maltodextrins and complex sugars and God only knows what else, from habit forming molecular stimulants like excitotoxins to appetite triggers and flavor enhancers as well-crafted in the laboratory as any pharmaceutical dispensed by a physician. A multi-million dollar industry thrives on the casual addictions of our mouths.. our ears... our minds. A society completely drugged, bugged and programmed.

It's going to happen again, folks. Again and again. The blood is going to flow as high as a horses bridle eventually. Are we going to wake up from this catatonic nightmare and put a stop to it? Or will we simply nod, fold our hands and submit to the NWO and everything it has designed for us? Its not just the kids in school, this effects EVERYTHING. Will we keep believing that NATO is stepping in to stop 'ethnic cleansing' like a knight on a white horse, while it bombs the hell out of northern Serbia, and Belgrade, all the while the REAL battle is 150 miles south where the KLA is desperately trying to fend off Milsovic's Serbian-nazi forces? Not a single bomb has been dropped to aid the rebels. Not one. Will we continue to listen to psychotics in government, backed by billionaires and corporations, propping up one cloned leader after another?

Recently a massively popular hit song was spawned from a newspaper columnists' "good" advice, beginning with sunscreen and roaming through a dozen other categories. It's the first thing I've seen in alternative culture media that had any merit whatsoever. But it didn't go far enough.

Well, in light of recent events, I have my own:

                      Trust me on this... Homeschool your kids. It's worth making less money for one of you to stay home and deal with it. Sacrifice the commercialized lifestyle you think you should be living for honor and dignity and truth. That's really living. You don't need that new DVD system, you need to spend time with your kid and show them that you love them. Teach them. Discipline them. He or she doesn't need to see what's on the DVD disc anyway. Throw it away. Stop eating crap. Stop eating it with your eyes, your ears, your mouth and your soul. Stop listening to the system, from either side... it's all lies and deceit. Read 1984 again. It's time. Pay attention to the lyrics of the songs your kids are listening to. Watch the movies they watch. Turn off. Tune out. Drop In. Get Real. Stop lying to yourself that you went through it too and it's just a phase. It's not a phase, it's a phaser, and it is set to stun first and kill second. Don't believe everything you read, but read more. Read what THEY tell you not to read. Instead of TV, watch reality. It might surprise you what goes on out there. Watch your kids. Closely. But most of all, trust me on this... homeschool your children. Don't give them over to the machine. They're too precious.