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Definition of Sociology

**Invitation to Sociology---Outlines for 6 chapters of Berger's classic**

Sociological Snippets
by Dan Brook...with David H. Kessel
Great insights and useful references...with LINKS <

Sociological Concepts
by David H. Kessel

C. Wright Mills Room

Peter L. Berger Room

George Ritzer Room

Marx Room

Course Objectives for Introductory Sociology
by David H. Kessel

Milgram's Obedience Experiment...with Commentary and Links

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A Sociological Tour of Cyberspace

A Sociology Timeline from 1600

Agency and Structure in the Marxist, Durkheimian and Weberian Theoretical Traditions
Course links, but good references



An Introduction to Deviance
by Erich Goode

Austin's Sociology Corner

Books of the Century
from International Sociological Association

Broad Historical Trends in Western Images of Deviance and Control

BUBL LINK/5:15 --- Social Sciences
Truly amazing site...a "Catalogue of Internet Resources"...check out all of it

Capitalism: From Three Perspectives

Census 2000 Workshop
Lecture by Dr. Marc Miringoff

Income Disparities At Record Levels
Tuesday, September 24, 2002


Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

Class Matters: Special Section from the New York Times

Collateral theoretical readings: Sociology and social theory
Nice Bibliography of readings

The Common Features of the Scientific Enterprise
by Neal Riemer
A chapter from a Political Science text which is applicable to any Social Science

Content Analysis

Computer Applications in Sociology: Course Projects

Conexicones de Sociologia 1 (Artemio Baigorri)
In Spanish...General Sociological Links

Conexicones de Sociologia 2 (Artemio Baigorri)
In Spanish...Rural, Urban, Ecological, World Systems links


Critical Theory for Research

CyberBrook’s ThinkLinks
Compiled by sociologist Dan Brook

Dead Sociologists Index

Dear Habermas
This is the Site Index to a integrated postmodern site

Domination, Subordination, Social Control, and Privledge
Study Questions on Basic Concepts

"Domination and Subordination" by Jean Baker Miller
An excellent discussion of hierarchial social relations and inequality

Dueling Paradigms: Postmodernist vs. Modernist Thought

Durkheim Biographical Sketch

Early Development of Marx's Thought, The
Written in 1935 by John Macmurray

Elwell's Glossary of Sociology

Equality does NOT EQUAL Sameness

Feminism and Classical Sociology

Fromm, Mills, Berger and Sociology
An Essay by David H. Kessel


Globalization Website, The: Globalization Theories

Good Sites for Sociologists on the Internet
from The Association for the Teaching of the Social Sciences (ATSS)

Herbert Marcuse Archive

"History and Biography: The Legacy of C. Wright Mills" Lauren Langman

If the World were a Village of 1000 People

"Internal Validity of the Kuhn-McPartland TST,"
Proceedings of the American Statistical Association (Social Statistics Section), Washington: ASA (1972), pp. 190-193

Internet Moving Images Archive: Movie Collection

Interview with Anthony Giddens

Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research

Islamic Terrorism
Article by Lauren Langman and Douglas Morris

Ism Book, The

Julian Dierkes' SocioLog
(formerly "Julian Dierkes' Sociology Links at Princeton")

Killology: The Psychological Cost of Learning to Kill


Marxism Made Simple
What is there to say?

Marxist Media Theory
by Daniel Chandler

MAX WEBER: Basic Terms (The Fundamental Concepts of Sociology)

Meaning and Significance of Stereotypes in Popular Culture

Media Studies
from Voice of the Shuttle...many good links


----Medicine and Society
by Carl Milofsky at Bucknell
Great "Classnotes" outlines

---- Social Inequalities and Emerging Infectious Diseases
by Paul Farmer

----"Health as a Virtue" by Ivan Illich

----"The Psychology of Normalcy" by Erich Fromm

----Medicalization and Social Control: A Short Bibliography

---- Sickness as Deviance and the Issue of Social Control

---Being Sane in Insane Places---Original writing by Rosenhan

----The Medicalization of Old Age

----Death with Dignity National Center

Medicine and Madison Avenue

Merchants of Cool, The
A Report on the Creators & Marketers of Popular Culture for Teenagers (PBS: Frontline)

Movies for Sociological Review
A very partial list...Plus Genres from All Movie Guide

National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty

No Contest: A Case Against Competition

Not Your Typical Sociologist
At the moment, a one-way Blog by John Glass, Sociologist

The "Number One" Obsession

Oligopolies, The
Compiled by George Draffan of Endgame

On Intelllectual Craftsmanship
Appendix to THE SOCIOLOGICAL C. Wright Mills

100% Ralph Linton
Very famous cultural diffusion and relativization piece

An excellent (and short) excerpt from POWERS OF MIND by Adam Smith

Peter Kaufman's Webpage at SUNY at New Paltz


Philosophy in Cyberspace
Not a sociology site, but still very interesting and useful

Political Economy Research Institute

Politics of Sociology, The
by William Du Bois and R. Dean Wright (2003)

The Postmodernism Genarator

Power and the Plague
by Sheryl C. Stanley

Qualitative Methods Workbook
by C. George Boeree

The Qualitative Report
An Online Journal of Qualitative Research and Critical Inquiry

Qualitative Social Science Research Methodology

Qualitative Tools for Multimethod Research
With extensive Annotated Bibliography

Red Feather Dictionary of Critical Social Science: Short Version

Red Feather Institute: Progressive Sociology

Religion Online
Although a religious site...very very informative and helpful...great links and articles

Resources for Methods in Evaluation & Social Research
Qualitative and Quantitative Methods

Research Methods: Activities we Already Do
Use in Intro. courses or upper division courses

Scholarly Societies - Sociology

ScreenSite emerged from a desire to provide access to film and television resources through the World Wide Web. Its primary purpose is to facilitate the study of film/TV. As opposed to some Web sites that take more of a fan's approach to the media, ScreenSite stresses the teaching and research of film and television and is designed for educators and students.

Small World Project

Social, Economic and Political Change
Includes Summaries of Theories of Social Change

Social Change Theories Compared
A Table of Comparison


---- Ironies of Social Control
by Gary T. Marx

---- The Engineering of Social Control: The Search for the Silver Bullet
by Gary T. Marx

---- Some Aspects of Negotiated Order, Loose Couplings & Mesostructures in Maximum Security Prisons

----Prisons & Social Control (about Women in Prison)

----A Social Control Policy for Marihuana

----The Poverty of Social Control: Explaining Power in the Historical Sociology of the Welfare State

----Social Control Through Law: about Roscoe Pound

Social Institutions
Excerpt from Eitzen and Baca-Zinn's In Conflict and Order, 9th Edition

Social Psychology Links of Interest
from Social Psychology Net

Social Science Information Gateway -SOSIG

Sociological Jeopardy

Sociological Perspective, The

Sociologist at Large
A "for fee" site

Sociological Theories of Deviance
Course Syllabus with links

Sociological Theories of Deviance: ALEXANDER LIAZOS

Sociology at Hewett...

Sociology Careers Flyer

Sociology Central

Sociology: Chapter by Chapter
Excellent links on pages created by students

Sociology Databases and Archives

Sociology Glossary

Sociology FAQ's

Sociology Internet Resources
from Western Connecticut State University's Department of Social Sciences

Sociology in Switzerland

Sociology Links
from Dept. of Sociology at Brandeis University

Sociology of Religion---Online Articles

Sociology Online

Sociology Spanish Glossary


One of the most comprehensive sociology sites anywhere!!!

SocioSite LINKS TO THE SOCIOSITE (Worldwide)



Socio-Political Themes in The Smurfs
by J. Marc Schmidt

Association for Applied and Clinical Sociology

Statistical Abstract of the United States 2001

Structuration Theory
The Constitution of Society by Anthony Giddens

Teaching and Pedagogy Resources (TEACHING SOCIOLOGY)

Tearoom Trade: Impersonal Sex in Public Places
Summary article by Laud Humphreys about his controversial Participant Observation research

Laud Humphreys and the Tearoom Sex Study

Theoretical Self-Consciousness
Article about Sociology of Knowledge...written in 1973 by William E. Connolly, a Political Scientist

Theory Library

Thinking Clearly About Science

The Times of Our Lives: Investigations into Socio-chronology

Top 20 Sociology
No, I'm not on the list...but still useful and interesting"
Get your Sociological "Trading Cards" here...for free

TRAMSS (Teaching Resources & Materials for Social Scientists

Thorstein Veblen: The Psychology, Life, and Relevance of
(pdf file)

Transgression as Identity
by Lauren Langman and Katie Cangemi

Ubiquity, Functions, And Contexts Of Bullshitting, The

Unrecognized charisma? A study of four charismatic leaders

Useful Sociological Sites

Using the Internet for Quantitative Survey Research
James H. Watt, Ph.D.

Voice of the Shuttle
Focused on the Humanities, but very sociologically relevant...tremendous number of links

Weber Biographical Sketch

When Fiction is Reality: Critical Thinking and Popular Culture
by Sheryl C. Stanley

"Wolf's Sociology Resources"
-----from Rowan Wolf
-----Replaces "Rowan Wolf's Recommended Web Resources"

Work, Automation, and Alienation

WWW Virtual Library: Sociology

Definition of Sociology

It never ceases to amaze me how many people don't have the faintest idea what Sociology is all about. That says alot about our society. Initially, we can say that Sociology is the study of together. While this definition isn't much, its alot better than saying its the "scientific study of society." What's that actually tell us? Nothing more than saying Medicine is the study of health and illness (It also gets wet when it rains!!). So, by giving a fuller definition of it I hope to entice people to investigate it on their own.

The definition of Sociology used in my courses:

Sociology is the study of the issues, concepts, investigations, and results of individuals living together. While Sociology's focus is on groups, this focus should not exclude an emphasis on individuals. Afterall, individuals constitute groups and groups produce individuals. How can we study and fully understand one without the other? Nor can we study them as if they were merely in competition with each other. Rather, as a study of people...Sociology is a personal encounter with the Social Forces which shape our lives, especially those that affect our awareness (and ignorance) of how we create, maintain, and change those very Social Forces.

Milgram's Obedience to Authority Experiment

Although there have been many experiments of a diverse nature, Stanley Milgram's Obedience to Authority Experiment is one of the most important...if not just plain shocking. Another such one is Philip Zimbardo's Stanford Prison Experiment (which you can find links to in the Criminology Room). However, it is Milgram's experiment which hits us where it "hurts," so to speak. Although there is disagreement over its "ethics" and the generalizability of its results, there can be no disagreement about the results itself. People really DID "inflict" electrical voltage on others who couldn't or wouldn't answer the questions posed to them (i.e. couldn't or wouldn't do as they were told by an "authority."). People doing the "inflicting" really DID obey their "authority" when told to shock the others...or when they were told to continue after they had objected. This alone has given pause to many who have wondered what the limits are to obedience...if any. It has offended many who like to believe that they would NEVER do such a thing and then, self-righteously hold others to their own "standard," as if it were some type of absolute guide to go by. I'm sure there's many a military-type out there who wonders what the big fuss is about...after all, orders are orders...aren't they? Well, it makes me wonder, sociologically, just what conditions would lead me to do as I was told...even if the "what" was clearly in violation of what I think should be done. How about you?

Although Stanley Milgram was clearly a pyschologist, at least by profession, his work transcends that discipline quite clearly. Call it social psychology or sociology...what does it matter? This experiment clearly involves "social relations" between people...generated by the social conditions of the situation...and that's enough for THIS sociologist...:))

Below you will find a number of links to sites dealing with this controversial experiment. Some deal with Milgram and others with the experiment itself. The "ethics" of experiments like this is woven into all of them. Take a careful look...for there but by the grace of...go you/I?

Milgram Links

Stanley Milgram (1933-1984)

Obedience...Milgram's Experiment

Fromm on Milgram's Experiment