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Philip Zimbardo: A psychologistís experience with deviance

Crime and Victims Statistics

Courtroom Dramas
from AMG

Prison Films
from AMG

The Police Complaint Center

The Nurture Assumption Homepage
Very controversial book and thesis

Strange Laws---Not sure if all true

International Offices of the LEONARD PELTIER Defense Committee

ZimNet: Phil Zimbardo's Webpage

Waring R. Fincke--Serious Criminal Defense Litigation

Wrongful Murder Convictions

Federal Bureau of Prisons Library


Bureau of Justice Statistics

National Archive of Criminal Justice Data

Criminology/Criminal Justice Links

Corporate Crime Reporter

The Red Feather Journal of Postmodern Criminology

Criminological Paradigms
Overview of Law/Crime and Development of Criminological Paradigms

Justice in Capitalist Society

Criminology Questions & Topics
by David H. Kessel

The Critical Criminology Division (American Society of Criminology)

Peacemaking & Crime

FSU School of Criminology/Criminal Justice
One of the most comprehensive sites on the Internet...take a look.

Juvenile Justice Links

List of Juvenile Delinquency Movies

The Prevention of Juvenile Delinquency: A Review of the Research

Use of Ombudsman Programs in Juvenile Corrections

12 Rules for Raising Delinquent Children

Juvenile Info Network

Justice Information Center

Child Welfare League of America (CWLA)


Caged Bird

Making Sense of Juvenile Homicides in America

City Kids

National Youth Gang Center

Betraying the Young

Gottfredson Associates, Inc.

Center for the Study and Prevention of Violence

Boot Camps for Juvenile Offenders: An Implementation Evaluation of Three Demonstrations

Boot Camps for Juvenile Offenders

Breaking the Cycle of Drug Use Among Juvenile Offenders

Youth Outlook

National Institute on the Education of At-Risk Students

Idaho Youth Ranch

National Training and Technical Assistance Center

Juvenile Delinquency: A Brief History

Juvenile Justice Trainer's Association

COMPASS (Community Providers of Adolescent Services, Inc.)

The Prevention Researcher Online

The Young Offenders Act

Oregon Youth Authority

Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention

Citizens for Juvenile Justice

Juvenile Boot Camps: Lessons Learned

Juvenile Justice Articles from Criminal Justice Magazine

Juvenile Justice Home Page

Juvenile Justice Magazine

Prison/Corrections Links

Welcome to Jail: Some Dramaturgical Notes on Admission to a Total Institution
By David Asma

Interpersonal Dynamics in a Simulated Haney, Banks, and Zimbardo
Research Results of Stanford Prison Experiment

Pathology of Imprisonment
by Philip Zimbardo...original article about the Stanford Prison Experiment

Stanford Prison Experiment: Still Powerful after all these Years

Slideshow of Stanford Prison Experiment

Private Prisons: Profits of Crime

Backfire: When Incarceration Increases Crime

Review (by Arnold Erickson) of Prison Writing in 20th Century America by H. Bruce Franklin

The American Prison in the Culture Wars
by H. Bruce Franklin

The Seventh Step Foundation of Oregon
A Transition Program run by inmates of Oregon State Penitentiary

Prisons: A Social Crime and Emma Goldman (circa 1911)

A Prisoner's Dictionary

Oregon Department of Corrections

Prison Activist Resource Center

Penal Reform International (PRI)

Humanists Against Reform Delusions (H.A.R.D.)

National Institute of Corrections

The Corrections Connection Homepage

Women in U.S. Prisons

Misconceptions About Prison Life

The Prisoners Wifes HandBook

Correctional Education Links

The Impact of College in a Maximum Security Prison

Correctional Education Association

Juvenile Delinquency Movies

This is a short list of "juvenile delinquency" movies. Some apply directly and a few could be generalized to this topic. Many, if not most, contain potentially offensive content and are therefore "iffy"...if this type of content is undesired. Some are recent, but many are older productions. Also, a number of them utilized non-actors (i.e. kids who actually live like this). Finally, only a couple deal with some type of "corrections" setting...most portray "life on the street."

CAUTION: I am NOT suggesting you view them yourself or show them to a class...that would be up to you. In other words, I'm not necessarily recommending them...just that they represent an array of movies (representing a variety of world locations) about youth and the conditions they live in and what happens to them. So, beware of the content.

You can find a review and synopsis of each of them at All Movie Guide. Just enter the title in the search box at the top of their page.

The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner

Clockwork Orange

Dead End

The River's Edge

Rebel Without a Cause

The Wild One

Blackboard Jungle


West Side Story

First Time Felon




Scum (All Movie Guide Synopsis here)

A Review & Discussion of 'Scum'
by David H. Kessel

Salaam Bombay

Boyz 'N the Hood

Lord of the Flies

The Shawshank Redemption

Lost Angels

Goodbye Charlie Bright

Bad Boys

Prison for Children

The Glass House

Green Street Hooligans