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Rumsfeld and Saddam in happier days

A Statement about my own Political Outlook

What is BUSHIT?
You can't leave home without it bumping into it...its everywhere

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Anarchism...Variations of

Anarchism: What it Really Stands Emma Goldman
A definitive statement from the early 20th Century

Anarchy Archives
Very comprehensive site of original writings

Collected Works of Emma Goldman
There's never been anyone like at your own risk...she's blunt and honestly

Bibliography of Emma Goldman
Complete listing with links

Interview with Emma Goldman in 1897
She was one of the first to emphasize equal rights for women

The Unjust Treatment of Homosexuals (1900-1923) Emma Goldman
Compilation of various things Emma said about this subject

Living Emma Goldman's Life
An Academic Seminar's Syllabus...with readings...for Freshman, no less!!

Four Reasons to Advocate Anarchism
From a Humanist Psychological Perspective

Books and Book Reviews

Seeking and Speaking the Truth
A Review of William Blum's Rogue Dan Brook

Unraveling the Mystery of History
A Review of Michael Parenti's History as Dan Brook

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Jeepers, creepers, it's the freepers!!!

The Rush Limbaugh Show Website
If he had a real brain...he'd really be dangerous...check out his bushit just for fun

National Review Online
How could I NOT post this one...the "?venerable?" conservative mouthpiece of William F. Buckley, Jr.?
Over 60 Conservative Columnists...if you want them

FrontPage Magazine
The "home" of David Horowitz...leftist turned rightwinger

Speech by Clarence Thomas defending his "judicial honor""
Supreme Court Justice on the right ... defends himself

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Liberal to Progressive news source

The Oral Majority
Its slogan is "No More Bushit"

The American Prospect
Liberal to Progressive News Magazine

Jay's Leftist and Progressive Internet Directory
The name kinda says it all...

Democratic/Progressive Talk Radio
Beginning list of Leftist/Progressive talk shows around the country

Common Dreams Newscenter
Breaking News and Views for the Progressive Community

Independent News and Information...liberal to progressive slant

Democratic Underground
Politics, Information and Humor...what a combination!!!

Flag of the Corporate States of America...the real meaning of July 4th!!!

Political/Historical Documents

The National Security Archive
Real documents/memos obtained through the Freedom of Information Act...really amazing!!

JFK and Castro
The documents which tell of the attempt to accommodate Castro by JFK in the early 60's

Documents Library
From Thomas R. Dye...Political Scientist

The Federalist Papers
Read the original thoughts and words of Madison and Hamilton on a variety of subjects

The Federalist Paper #10
Arguably one of the most important and revealing documents in U.S. James Madison...ALSO...see the next link for commentary on it, as indicated in the margins of the document.

Commentary on Madison's Federalist Paper #10

Political Articles/Writings

Politics and Property: An Introduction
by Creel Froman

Politics and the English Language
by George Orwell, 1946

Irreverent Observations
Written and compiled by William Blum

Politics and "The System"
Excerpt from Parenti's Democracy for the Few, 5th Edition

Pre-Political and Political Thought
Notes on these concepts...with relation to Logic David H. Kessel

Details from Dye on "Who's Running America?"

Interview with Thomas R. Dye...10/24/96
Explanation about the 1996 Edition of Who's Running America? The Clinton Years

Outline of answers to "Who Governs" David H. Kessel

Outline of lecture "The Psychology of Nationalism" by Erich David H. Kessel

Political Humor

Modern Humorist
What can I say...its clever and funny...and not a republican site!!

The Bush Countdown Clock
Political Humor from

The Flummery Digest
A little bit of, politics, name it!!

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Political Research

Right Wing 101
A multi-article introductory course for persons wishing a basic understanding of the main US right wing social movements

The Public Eye
Website of Political Research Associates (source for Right Wing 101)

Political Science

Internet Resources for Political Science...comprehensive site...very useful

Presidential Line of Succession
Fairly relevant information these days (Re: Cheney's Heart Condition)

Roll Call Online
Covering Capitol Hill since 1955...very informative

Lew Rockwell.Com
"the anti-state, anti-war, pro-market news webstie" (i.e. a Libertarian Perspective)


What a great word...two words in one! It encapsalizing Bush's entire efforts, past and current. I wish I could claim credit for coining it, but I can't. I discovered on a website called...The Oral Majority...a very political site. It represents, to me and others, all that is wrong with what's happened since this imposter took over. It has instantly become one of my all-time favorite words. There are so many dimensions to Bushit it boggles the mind. Dubya is certainly full of it...and so is the country at the, the world is full of it too. So, spread the word the manure it is...put bumper stickers on your car...tell everyone you're tired of the Bushit already. Speak it proudly, we cannot let anyone forget that this man is NOT our president.

My Political Outlook

I'd like to be very explicit about my own political ongoing development which has entailed many twists and turns and changes over the years. While most of the sites on this page will be consistent with and reflective of my own outlook, I also want to include a variety of sites, well as sites dealing with political philosophy. However, I can't and won't try to get around the fact that I am a progressive and critical who long ago gave up the illusions that this country is a democratic one or that the american political system is little more than a merely formal system of governing...corrupt to the core and having little to do with who actually "governs" this country.

We live in a capitalist nation with a political effect, a plutocracy. A plutocracy is a system of governing...with a formal system and a substantive system...for and by the rich and richer still. Thus, it is axiomatic to me that most of what constitutes "governing" in america takes place outside of the formal halls of "government." To the extent that even that formal system is "democratic," I wholeheartedly agree with Michael Parenti...a critical political scientist...that it is a "democracy for the few," at best. Thus, I am neither a Democrat nor Republican, although I once was each. I wouldn't call myself an "independent" either because that term largely refers to people still "in the system" but unaffiliated with either or any, for that matter, party. Rather, I stand intellectually, emotionally, and pragmatically outside america's political system...and even though I do vote now and then, I have little to no confidence that voting really matters nor that anything done within this system will ultimately or realistically change a thing.

As far as the outdated, worn-out, and essentially empty terms of "liberal" and "conservative" go...neither term describes me...nor does "leftist" or "left-winger." As labels all these terms are virtually least to me. I realize that others would designate me as liberal or a leftist, but I don't have to accept their labels and...I don't. I may not be able to stop others from using them about me, but I don't have to internalize them. The terms liberal and conservative, in particular, are "in-system" labels...reflective of the "poles" of the political consensus of america. My views are "about" the system...not "part of" the system. While I'm certainly very critical of the so-called conservatives of this political system, I'm also very critical of the so-called fact, probably more so for a variety of reasons...starting with, they should know better.

So, that's a thumbnail sketch of where I'm at time goes on I'll write further about the details of my position and also the path I've taken to get to this point.

David H. Kessel