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Peter L. Berger Room

Love him or hate him...Berger has influenced many people...including myself. This room is dedicated to him and his work, especially Invitation to Sociology and also The Social Construction of Reality (written with Thomas Luckmann). I hope you find the material interesting and useful.

"Little Dictionary" for Invitation to Sociology

What Happened to Sociology?

Remembering Ivan Illich

God in a World of Gods


The Similarity Between Hegel and Berger
Chapter 5 of Master's Thesis by William Jamison (1978)

Three Moments of Dialectical Process of Society

Chapter 1 of Invitation to Sociology ONLINE...pdf file

Sociology: A Disinvitation?
Article by Berger in 1992 reassessing his "invitation" and the state of Sociology

Review of The Homeless Mind

Interview with Peter L. Berger

Invitation to Sociology (Amazon)

Invitation to Sociology---Chapter Outlines
by David H. Kessel

Why Study Sociology?
Based on Chapter 1...very good introduction...great as source for Analysis Paper

Sociological Consciousness
Short outline of Chapter 2 of Invitation to Sociology

Defining Terms from Chapter 2 of Invitation to Sociology
The entire website is very useful...Academic Grammar

Berger's Motifs of Sociological Consciousness
Short introduction by David H. Kessel

Invitation to Sociology---Chapter 6
Complete Chapter online

Fromm, Mills, Berger and Sociology
An Essay by David H. Kessel

The Stability of Cuba’s Political System
by B. E. Aguirre
Application of Berger theories in The Sacred Canopy

Explanation by David H. Kessel

Berger's Mechanisms of Social Control
from David H. Kessel

Summary of The Social Construction of Reality
...and summaries of other books...scroll either way.

Society as a Human Peter L. Berger and Thomas Luckmann
Chapter of The Social Construction of Reality

Protestantism and the Quest for Certainty
by Peter L. Berger

Reflections of an Ecclesiastical Expatriate
by Peter L. Berger

The Forest and the Trees...Allan G.Johnson...Book Description
Interesting looking book in spirit of Berger and MIlls

The Homeless Mind Thesis

Homelessness of the Mind

THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN SOCIOLOGY OF KNOWLEDGE AND THE SOCIOLOGY OF RELIGION (a la Peter Berger as interpreted by Mike Leming)---Michael R. Leming, Ph.D.

The Sacred Canopy...Discussion Questions for Chapter 1

The Sacred Canopy...Important Points of Chapter 2

The Sacred Canopy...Discussion Questions for Chapter 2

The Sacred Canopy...Important Points and Discussion Questions for Chapters 3 & 4

The Sacred Canopy...Discussion Questions for Chapters 5, 6, & 7

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