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Democracy for the Few

One of the most critical and straightforward books you'll ever read on the Government and Political Economy. Although this is a college level textbook for critically-oriented American Government classes, its a very readable book for most anyone. Here's the first paragraph of the Preface:

The study of politics is itself a political act, containing little that is neutral. True, we can all agree on certain neutral facts about the structure of government and the like. However, the book that does not venture much beyond these minimal descriptions will offend few readers but also will interest few. Any determined pursuit of how and why things happen draws us into highly controversial areas. Most textbooks pretend to a neutrality they do not really possess. While claiming to be objective, they are merely conventional. They depict the status quo in implicitly accepting terms, propogating fairly orthodox notions about American politics.


ZNet is a mega web site maintained by Z Magazine. It features public forums with Noam Chomsky, Howard Zinn, Barbara Ehrenreich, Aldredo Lopez, and Michael Albert hosting, plus web sections such as Foreign Policy Watch, Third Party Watch, Alternative Media Watch, Anarchism Watch, Web Watch, Ideas Watch, and Activism Watch, all updated weekly. ZNet has self tabulating online polls, a Pen Pals system with nearly a thousand participants, links to ZNeters personal web sites, Live Chat facilities, and of course lots of regularly updated links, web guidance, etc. Z Magazine issues are online (lagged a few months) and a searchable archive of over 675 Z articles is featured within the site, as well as the extensive Chomsky Archive. ZNet also sponsors an online school, Learning On Line University, accessible via the site. Plus Quotes of the Day and Links of the Day, new forum posts all the time from the noted participants and from ZNeters at large, a forum archive of past messages from noted participants, and news and analysis sections often updated. It isn't surprising, given all this, that ZNet is attracting over 1,400 unique visitors daily. Join them, this is a hell of a site.

Bad Subjects Magazine

(Written by staff of Bad Subjects Magazine)

Bad Subjects is a collective that publishes a magazine (Bad Subjects: Political Education for Everyday Life), discusses current issues on a large and vital Internet mailing list, and provides access to both via a public-access web site. In 1998, Bad Subjects founded a small educational nonprofit corporation, also called Bad Subjects, which promotes the progressive use of new media and print publications. Donations to the nonprofit go toward funding printed copies of the magazine Bad Subjects (distributed for free), and other related projects, such as Bad Subjects books. Bad Subjects seeks to revitalize progressive politics in retreat. We think too many people on the left have taken their convictions for granted. So we challenge progressive dogma by encouraging readers to think about the political dimension to all aspects of everyday life. We also seek to broaden the audience for leftist and progressive writing, through a commitment to accessibility and contemporary relevance.