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Invitation to Sociology (Outline)

*****An Invitation from TSS*****

These are outlines of most chapters in Peter L. Berger's classic overview of Sociology, Invitation to Sociology. As I've said elsewhere in TSS, I think this book continues to be an excellent introduction to Sociology...despite some of its shortcomings (such as Berger's writing style and some of his particular philosophical views)...and even considering its 1963 copyright date. While, yes...some material is unavoidably "dated"...the sociological insights aren't dated in the least. I've also utilized Berger's ideas (and those of C. Wright Mills) as an "evaluative standard" by which to assess the sociological ideas of other thinkers (go here to read that essay).

My purpose with these outlines is to cut through some of Berger's unnecessary verbage and present the core ideas which are the essence of the book. I've used these outlines in many Introductory Sociology classes and students have told me time and again how helpful they have been. They aren't, however, a substitute for reading the book itself...better yet, they are most useful while reading it. I hope that students, teachers, and anyone else will find them helpful.

Teachers should feel free to print them and utilize them in their own courses...each chapter is on a separate page to facilitate printing.

David H. Kessel

The Chapters outlined are:

#1 (Sociology as an Individual Pastime)

#2 (Sociology as a Form of Consciousness)

#4 (Man in Society)

#5 (Society in Man)

#6 (Society as Drama)

#8 (Sociology as a Humanistic Discipline)

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