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The Erich Fromm Room

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This room is dedicated to Erich of the most honest and insightful thinkers of the 20th century.

...knowing begins with the awareness of the deceptiveness of our commonsense perceptions, in the sense that our picture of physical reality does not correspond to what is "really real" and, mainly, in the sense that most people are half-awake, half-dreaming, and are unaware that most of what they hold to be true and self-evident is illlusion produced by the suggestive influence of the social world in which they live
from To Have or To Be

Featured Sites

Erich Fromm Papers, 1929-1980 Part 3

A Letter From Adorno to Erich Fromm

Thomas Merton's Correspondence with: Fromm, Erich, 1900-1980

Erich Fromm Papers, 1967-1984
Auburn University-Montgomery Library

Socially Conditioned Filter

Erich Fromm: freedom and alienation, and loving and being, in education

Fromm: Review of Literature
Annotations of Writings by Fromm and Secondary Works on Fromm

Written in 1949, this essay discusses the nature of man and woman as well as "equality."

Erich Fromm, Judaism, and the Frankfurt School
By Douglas Kellner

The International Erich Fromm Society
THE authorative site on Fromm (no pun intended)

The Revolutionary Character
Delivered as Speech in 1961, published in 1963...still timely today

The Psychology of Normalcy
A terrific short article by Erich Fromm

Fromm on Milgram's Obedience Experiment
Fromm's critique of Milgram and psychological excerpt of Fromm's writing

Excerpt by Fromm on Stanford Prison Experiment
Fromm was very critical of it...he didn't like it at all

The "Carnival Character" of the Present Lauren Langman

A Concordance of Fromm's Sociological Concepts

Fromm, Mills, Berger and Sociology...An Essay by David H. Kessel

The Psychology of Erich Fromm
An Outline of a Recorded David H. Kessel (Psychotherapy Site) : Fromm as Mentor

The Two Voices of Erich Fromm

Fromm's Introduction to Illich Book

Erich Fromm, Feminism, and the Frankfurt School by Douglas Kellner

Character and the Social Process

Inventory of the Erich Fromm Papers, 1929-1980

Erich Fromm: Biography by Douglas Kellner

The Self in Transition by Michael Maccoby

A Prophetic Analyst (Synopsis & Review)

Meaning of Life Thesis by Tracy Marks

Origin Myths in the Social Sciences: Fromm, the Frankfurt School, and the Emergence of Critical Theory

The Art Of Loving (from

The Legacy of Fromm (Review & Essay)

Lecture Notes about Fromm

Fromm...on Hunting and Sadism

India's Escape From Freedom (Sunil Mukhi) 1993