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From My Perspective

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Previous "Commentaries"

7-31-01 From my perspective... it was time to rename and change the Commentary Room...its now "From My Perspective." The change is reflective of my desire to broaden what I've been doing with the Commentary Room. I want to say and analyze many things and writing a "commentary" was constraining. It seemed like I had to come up with an "event" to comment on...and that wasn't always so easy. So, from now on I'll be discussing anything and everything I can think of...very small comments to much longer ones, all....from my perspective. The change is, of course, only attitudinal in effect...but it will allow me a sense of liberty to say some things I want to say. It will also permit me to explain my overall perspective as a sociological myself if nobody else, even if unrelated to anything specific.

If truth be known, I've wanted to write a "perspective" column of this sort for a very long time. I've always thought of it as an attempt to be open, honest, and as self-reflexive as I could be. Perspective is a synergistic that emerges as expousure to and learning about our realities occurs...rather than simply "is." It's the "conclusion-in -flux", so to speak...a never-ending process with plateaus along the way. So, I"ll give it a try for once a week... starting this Sunday, August 5th...and hopefully every Sunday (or Monday) thereafter.

I'd like to make this room interactive in the sense of posting other's perspectives about anything they want, via email. I'd also like to do this annonymously...maybe assign a letter to each participants' posts. If the internet can be critiqued as being and spawning more annonimity, then that quality of the internet, annonymous interaction, can also be used to allow us a freer and more honest interaction. No masks, no titles, no ranks, freer to say what's on one's mind straightforwardly....offered...for consideration, not not forced...competitively. So, I'd like to engage with others in this way...if there ARE any others who understand what I mean.

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