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Have you ever noticed the unique terms that soapfans online use? Of course you have! They are used so often that a visitor might not understand what or who they are reading about, even if it's their favorite show being discussed. There is no question that soapfans are creative.... and not always completely nice. Take a look at just a few of the online "Nick Names" I've come across.

Edward: Eddy, The old man, Mr. Q.

Ned: Dimples

AJ: Junior, The Mad Arsonist, Frankie

Carly: Snarly

Jason: Sonny Jr., The Borg, Jason Moron, The Rock

Felicia: Filly

Luke: The MAN

Laura: Lasha, Waterworks

Stefan: Count Vlad, Stuffy, The bat

Brenda: Midget Model, Brend-uh, Brender

Hannah: The Clone, Brendalily, Blenda, "I can't believe it's not Brenda," Brenda the 2nd

Katherine: Kat, Kit-Kat, Cradle-Robber

Lucky: Blue-eyes, Luke Jr., Little-Luke, Cowboy

Nikolas: Nik, the Un-prince, Bat Jr., the spawn, Lucky's Bro.

Helena: The black widow

Tammy: The therapist

Audrey: Gram

Faison: The Greasy Gremlin

Luke and Laura: L&L Sr., L&L1, THE Supercouple

Lucky and Elizabeth: L&L Jr., L&L2, The Teenage Suicide Pact (I guess they were wrong about that)

Luke and Felicia: Fluke

Ned and Alexis: Nexis, The Gate-Keepers

Jax and Chloe: Chloax, Barbie and Ken

Stefan & Laura: SNL

Carly and A.J.: Alan&Monica reborn

Port Charles: Port Chuck, Port Chucky, PC

SNAIL: "Stefan, Nick And Insipid Lasha"

TPTB: "The Powers That Be"

TIIC: "The Idiots In Charge"

Michael's custody story: The Opie Opus. The Baby Booey Vortex.

Guza: Luza

I'm sure there are many others that I didn't mention, and even more that you all will come up with this week alone. I can't wait to see what they will be!

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