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This site was made to educating people about Aliens, U.F.O.'s, Area 51, The Government, MIB, Big Foot and the myths and facts on all of these subjects. On this page I will have quotes and facts from authors, doctors, scientist, NASA personnel and people with good points. Some of the info on this site will be related from the radio show Coast to Coast with Art Bell. I hope you find what you are looking for. If you have any suggestions, story's, pictures, or questions E-Mail me at... I will post anything you give me related to these subjects


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5/3/98 - MSNBC has just relesed a story on the face on Mars and Art's JPL person "Kent."

4/28/98 - NEW pictures from Cydonia and there much better that the first pictures. These pictures are amazing. They show detailed shots of the face on Mars and the pyramids.

4/23/98 - Richard Hoagland and David John Oates find evidence that Kent is lying and is really a dis-information agent. The third batch of Mars pictures will be comming in on friday morning.

4/19/98 - A recently fired JPL Employee contacts,2, Art regarding his discovery of high-resolution Mars photos.

4/8/98 - Art Bell has open lines tonight and has an intrusting show. Art talked about the 9 mile hole where scientist recorded audio of screaming souls, the red eyed monster at the foot of my bed, and the NASA pictures.

4/7/98 - NASA takes crappy pictures of Cydonia from Mars Surveyor

3/15/98 - NASA miscalculated the astroid headed for Earth and it is a good thing.

3/4/98 - C. L. Turnage talkes about her books and gets hammerd by Art's callers!

2/27/98 - Peter Davenport and Michael Reagan talked about the Colorado Spings fire ball

2/21/98 - David M. Jacobs talked about his book "The Threat" on the Art Bell show


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Original Caption Released with Image:
NASA's Viking 1 Orbiter spacecraft photographed this region in the northern latitudes of Mars on July 25, 1976 while searching for a landing site for the Viking 2 Lander. The speckled appearance of the image is due to missing data, called bit errors, caused by problems in transmission of the photographic data from Mars to Earth. Bit errors comprise part of one of the 'eyes' and 'nostrils' on the eroded rock that resembles a human face near the center of the image. Shadows in the rock formation give the illusion of a nose and mouth. Planetary geologists attribute the origin of the formation to purely natural processes. The feature is 1.5 kilometers (one mile) across, with the sun angle at approximately 20 degrees. The picture was taken from a range of 1,873 kilometers (1,162 miles).

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The Truth is out There!!!
News Facts

5/3/98 -Full story on MSNBC

By: Art Levine
AFTER MARS Global Surveyor sent back new images of the “Face on Mars” in early April, Art Bell’s late-night radio program served as Conspiracy Central for the view that NASA was somehow still covering up the existence of an ancient civilization in the planet’s Cydonia region.
The Cydonia advocates — including science writer Richard Hoagland, author of “The Monuments of Mars” — hinted that NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory and its contractors were purposely fudging their data to conceal civilized artifacts. Where most scientists saw only naturally eroded geological features, Hoagland could point out seeming castles, pyramids and the ruins of a Martian “Levittown.”
On Bell’s April 17-18 show, the apparent “smoking gun” of the NASA conspiracy emerged: A telephone caller claimed that he was a low-level JPL employee, fired only days before. The caller, known by the pseudonym “Kent Smith,” told how he stumbled upon crystal-clear photos of the “Face on Mars” and ruined buildings, all hidden from the American public — including the 10 million or more listeners who tune into Bell’s show. Kent, it seemed, confirmed everything Hoagland and Bell’s other Cydonia-watching guests had been saying for years.

As Kent first told it in a fax to Bell and on the air, he was an ex-Army man who landed a low-level “gofer” job at JPL about 10 months ago. On April 14, he was waiting in a break room for Federal Express to pick up nine photos sandwiched between cardboard. Kent set the photo package on a table, but they were accidentally scattered onto the floor. Kent was intrigued by what he saw.
“It was a full aerial shot of face,” Kent said of one photo, as clear as if “you put a mask on a sandbox and took a picture of it.” Other pictures included pyramids and a “building minus a roof and with one of the walls knocked out.” Later that day he was fired by a “Mr. Schyler” for poor job performance. But he learned something more important was at stake: “One of the bigwigs there said, ‘We don’t need the American public looking at these pictures.’ ”

After his firing, Kent saw signs that his apartment was broken into, so he fled California for the secrecy of a Ohio motel room, then placed calls from phone booths in New England.
This was a conspiracy-monger’s dream come true, as well as ratings-boosting radio. Bell and Hoagland swung into action to try to confirm his story. Kent sounded increasingly panicked in his phone calls to Hoagland and Bell, and they were inclined to believe him. They still wanted more proof — pay stubs, W-2 forms, anything — and they urged Kent to make his true identity known. But, Bell noted then, “It’s hard to talk someone who is scared out of his wits into becoming public.”

QUESTIONS ARISE Hoagland’s suspicions grew as an investigator friend and a few reporters chased down tantalizing leads, only to come up empty. There was no “Mr. Schyler” at JPL (unless, of course, Schyler’s records were erased), but there was a JPL scientist named Arders Skalare who seemed mystified when this reporter contacted him. “This is totally unrelated to me,” he said.
Kent still hadn’t sent any supporting documents, either, so Hoagland felt some “red flags” going up.
Neither Hoagland or Bell, of course, gave much credence to the denials of Kent’s story by a JPL spokesman. Frank O’Donnell told MSNBC, “It’s pure fiction.…Why would he remain anonymous? If he really existed, we’d know him anyway.”
Early last week, even as Kent was telling them he was scared of getting killed, Hoagland and Bell were readying a secret investigative weapon: a “reverse speech” analysis of his radio interview, conducted by San Diego-based speech researcher David John Oates. Oates’ notion is that short, clear phrases are embedded amid the gibberish of speech played backwards, and that those often cryptic and metaphorical phrases reflect the subconscious mind. “It can be used as the ultimate truth detector,” Oates contends. Although the technique is used by about 30 therapists, it has never been proven scientifically and flies in the face of all linguistic theories. But no matter. To Hoagland, Oates’ earlier speech reversals of NASA officials confirmed what Hoagland claims were “remarkable cult religious references among various members of the NASA team.” There is, he believes, “a rogue group at NASA who have a secret agenda”: to fulfill Masonic tradition by carrying out “Egyptian ritual philosophy” through space exploration.
To help make his case, Hoagland points to such backward NASA speech segments as “Her ship will get the dust,” a reference to the goddess Isis, and “Did you accept the Goddess.” Plus, he observes, some of NASA’s pioneering executives and astronauts, including moonwalker Buzz Aldrin, were Masons! Hoagland, in fact, was so convinced that Masonic-Egyptian cult rituals were governing the space program he initially proclaimed last year that the July 4 landing of the Mars Pathfinder was probably faked, because they needed to delay the landing to July 20, a day purportedly linked to mystic celestial patterns. (That notion was so nutty that even Art Bell dismissed it.) Undeterred, Hoagland later claimed on his Web site that NASA had altered Pathfinder photos to remove images of a “howitzer on Mars.”
So when Oates told Hoagland on April 22 that Kent’s speech reversals were sinister-sounding phrases that proved he was lying, it only confirmed Hoagland’s worst fears about NASA. “These statements indicated that he wasn’t a victim but he was somehow part of a conspiracy,” Hoagland said, noting their resemblance to earlier speech reversals of NASA officials. Kent’s initial interview, Oates reported, contained such embedded phrases as “Mission in the sand/We deal with the snide bigot.” (The “snide bigot” was considered a reference to Art Bell.)

‘THIS IS A SCAM’ Armed with what he saw as telltale proof, Hoagland confronted Kent that evening on the phone. “This is a scam,” Hoagland finally told him, “and it’s either part of a plot to discredit me or Bell, or to extort money.”
There was a long pause, Hoagland recalled. Then Kent said, “How did you know?” “We reversed your speech,” Hoagland said. As Hoagland told it, Kent uttered an expletive. Then he “admitted” that he was part of a disinformation squad of the Defense Intelligence Agency. At the end of the week, he even called in to the Art Bell program for a final time to admit he’d been lying and was working for a government agency to discredit them, but then added ominously, “You can’t handle the truth.”
So the mystery of Kent is just as murky as when it began. Neither Bell nor Hoagland believe that any DIA agent would really confess on radio. And Oates has released yet another analysis of Kent’s “confession” that contains the “reverse” phrase, “Seen a lie, your salaries. NASA killed that.” The space agency, Oates contends, paid for the Kent stunt and has now pulled the plug on it.
But in this hall of mirrors there are no sure answers: Hoagland even speculates that the entire episode might have been a government plot to enhance the credibility of Bell and himself. “These guys love to play games,” he insists, as he pursues the Masonic connection and new “evidence” of monuments on Mars. As for Bell, he’s unconcerned that his usual policy of airing unverified claims makes him an easy target of hoaxers. “It’s such an open forum, if it’s a hoax, it gets outed,” he says. But he’s certain of one thing in the Kent mystery: “It sure as hell makes for great radio.”
NASA spokesmen continue to deny there’s any conspiracy, Masonic or otherwise, to withhold information on Cydonia. And Arden Albee, project scientist for the Global Surveyor mission, chuckled when he was asked if he was a Mason.
“No,” he said. “Aren’t they some sort of fraternal organization?”

4/28/98 -
"To Seek out New Life and New Civilizations..."

-- Gene Roddenberry, 1966
Now it looks like we have found life on Mars. There has been a debate on these recent pictures about if its natural and is apart of the surface of Mars or if the objects were built by an organism. I think that the objects have been made by something, I don't know what it is, but I am sure it is not natrual. Its to weird to be natural. Go to Richard C. Hoagland's WEB site to see the new pictures in a bigger foarm.

4/23/98 - As David Oates does the reverse speech on the Kent interview he finds something very weird. When in reverse he always seems to have a secret agenda. He is thinking one thing but saying another. Linda Howe spends two hours interviewing Kent and gets knowere. But Richard Hoagland cracked down on the story. He found all these facts agents him and he found he lied to Art about everything. Even his name. He workes for the government and he is a dis-information agent. They thought this would ruin Art when he announced the story to everybody. But Art would put anything on the air, it does not mean it is true or he believes it. The government just made an ass of its self and we were there to laugh. All we want is the truth.

4/19/98 - A man calls Art and says he is a supposed go get it boy for JPL. He was given pictures to put in a fedex box, but they were out of the containers. So goes in the back room to weight until the secretary comes back with the containers. When a JPL member walkes in and bumps the pictures on the ground. Kent has to pick them up and he sees pictures of the face on Mars and Mars pictures know one knows about. When in the process of looking at the pictures another JPL member walks in, takes the pictures and reports Kent to the boss. A few miniuts later he is fired and know he is telling his story on the Art Bell show. Richard Hoagland, Linda Howe and David John Oates have teamed up to find out if this is true and if it is not, why would a man tell a story like that.

4/7/98 - As of March 7, 1998, the Mars Global Surveyor spacecraft has completed 163 orbits of Mars, during which it has reduced its orbital period from 45 to 13¾ hrs. The local time at the equator of the orbit is now roughly 11 AM. The spacecraft remains healthy and operating normally. Following the Mars Surveyor Operations Project's Delta-Critical Design Review the first week of March, the Project is now preparing to complete the first phase of aerobraking, raising the periapsis out of the atmosphere to suspend aerobraking until early September 1998. The planned orbital period (11.6 hr) should be reached around the end of March. At that time, the spacecraft will be placed in what is called the Science Phasing Orbit (or SPO), and enter a period that consists of three phases:

For more information about the spacecraft and mission, visit the Mars Global Surveyor Project Web Site.

Camera Update

The Mars Orbiter Camera was turned off in mid-February, when the orbital period of the MGS spacecraft became too short to support both the playback of science data and the engineering activities associated with aerobraking. Although there is a low probability of any harm coming to the instrument while we are not receiving data from it, we felt it prudent to turn the camera off when not using it. This allowed us to turn on the heaters used to protect the instrument from getting too cold. Typical average temperatures within the camera rose from very near their coldest limits to as much as 20°C (36°F) warmer...what we call "nice and toasty." Preparations to resume imaging in early April are now underway.

3/15/98 - Asteroid 1997 XF 11, which it had been thought might pass very close to the Earth, will probably not come closer than 600,000 miles, according to calculations by scientists at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory. The new calculations put the risk of collision with Earth at zero, said scientists Don Yeomans and Paul Chodas.

The new estimate was made after scientists looked again at images made in 1990 at the Palomar Observatory, before the asteroid was discovered. The images will be posted to the Near-Earth Asteroid Tracking Web site. NASA's Ames Research Center provides a general discussion of the issues on its "Asteroid and Comet Impact Hazards" Web site.

3/4/98 - C. L. Turnage talks about her books and does not have many facts to back up her story. She has written many books such as... "Sex with E.T's", "War in Heaven", "E.T.'s on the Moon" and "Holy Bible is E.T. Transmission" Her husband, helping her with the research for the books claims to have water created when live was created. He say's he has taken out radio waves in the water and it a pure clean water. If he has such water, this could stop polluted water and would not have to recycle water. When listening to this Art Bell show I felt the callers were a little rough. She commented that you could not see stars in space. But we all know you can. We are human, we all make mistakes. But I think these books are a must read. She has pictures of vegetation on the moon in one of her books. Click on the links of her books to get a review provided by


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