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Welcome to Cascade Ranch!

Raising Miniature Goats for Milk and Show

Here at the Ranch, we have all kinds of goats—

Dwarf Alpine
Dwarf LaMancha
Grade LaMancha
Nigerian Dwarf
Dwarf Nubian
The Kids

    We breed mainly Nigerian Dwarves, Dwarf Nubians, and Dwarf La- Manchas, though we have several of the other breeds (see above for info).  The major qualities we strive for are:

 Good Conformation
 Dairy Character

    Our first goat was Inavale Chiquita, a white & gold purebred Nigerian Dwarf female.  She gave us our first set of kids, Just-Us-Kids Colton's Patch ("Patches"), and RJCh Just-Us-Kids Misty's Twilight ("Misty").  We later sold Misty to the breeder of her dam, and she won Reserve Junior Champion doe at the 1995 Benton Co. Fair!

    More goats followed—Comet, Rush, Stormy, Little Swan, Toby.  We were still living in Springfield, Oregon at the time (with all the rain!).  In Feb. '97, when we moved to a five-acre ranch outside of Redmond, Oregon, in sunny High Desert area, we only had one goat.
    After the move, we quickly began building up our herd again.  Friends of the family gave us Grades Cookie and Oreo.  We purchased 5 wk. old bottle baby Nubians, Annie and AllieTwister (a pygmy doe), Hobo (Twister's wether sibling), and Meg (an Alpine bottle baby) were also aquired.
    Months later, we got more Nigerians Dwarves, including RCh Enchanted Hill Linus, and Chiquita's first daughter, Misty!

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Dwarf Nubians
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