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       Symbols and Their Meanings       

    • Wizard
      Respectfully devoted toward raising consciousness while incompassing the powers of wisdom to gain control over the universal truths.

    • Dragon
      The earth's life energy. Union of the male and female. Often a symbol of wisdom. The five toed dragon was a symbol of the Emperor. (Chinese)

    • Griffin
      Guardian of the treasures of the heaven and earth. Truth and wisdom. (Universal)

    • Phoenix
      Symbol of the Resurrection. Arabian bird which according to Greek legend burns itself to ashes and comes forth with new life.

    • Angel of Gabriel
      Messenger of good news and mercy; the guardian of humanity. (Universal)

    • Goddess
      The Mother Earth, abundunt provider for all forms of life. Three phases of the Moon represent the seasons, or stages, of a womens life: Maiden, Mother, and Crone. (Pre-Celtic)

    • Eagle
      The spirit rises upward toward the higher self; messenger of and to the gods. (Universal)

    • Hawk
      The all-seeing eye of the Horus soars above all on its flight to a higher plane. (Egyptian)

    • Owl
      A sacred, magical bird able to see through darkness, providing enlightenment, protection, and wisdom. (Greek)

    • Raven
      A messenger of prophecy, a teacher of oracles and omens. Provides useful intelligence. (Universal)

    • Dolphin
      Symbol of wisdom and happines; able to explore the depths of the emotional world remaining eternally happy with great love for humans and friend to sailors. (Greek)

    • Bear
      The "watcher" and everlasting guardian of the universe, represening super natural power, strngth, and invincible courage. (Hopi)

    • Lion
      Chosen emblem of royalty, a symbol of the sun, power, strength, and courage in times of danger. "He shall roar like a lion" and awaken the spirit. Protector of the Goddess and guardian of all. (Universal)

    • Cat
      In ancient Rome, the cat was a symbol of liberty and in Egypt, the cat was held sacred. Also the male is known in Scottland as Tom of Gib, while the female is known as Doe.

    • Tree of Life
      Union of the spirit with all life; shows the growth and flowering of the spirit. (Universal)

    • Celtic Knot
      Shows the interconnection of all things. When drawn freehand it becomes a meditation excercise of concentration and skill. (Celtic)

    • Celtic Cross
      Union of Christianity with the older earth-lore of the Druids. (Celtic)

    • Celtic Triple Knot
      The neverending cycles of life. Body, mind and spirit mirroring the triune God/Goddess. (Celtic)

    • Triple Spiral
      Carved on the chamber wall at Newgrange, Ireland; representing the Triple Goddess; life force; and the renwal for the sun at Winter Solstice. (Unibersal)

    • The Peagasus
      Symbol of truth and the flight of the spirit in pursuit of enlightenment and wisdom. (European)

    • Moon and Star
      Diana, Sister to Mother Earth, the feminine moon regulates the tides, women's cycles, and growths of plants. (Universal)