Psycho Tangerine


Posting Name: Psycho Tangerine (formerly alt. Confused, Tangerine Ranger)
Real Name: Eileen
AIM Name: N/A
ICQ Name: N/A
Yahoo Name: fairyofthelocket (but I only use it for games, Iím not in any Yahoo chat channels)
Website: None yet
Sex: Female
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Blue
Lefty or Righty? Lefty to write and eat/ Righty to use scissors and sew
Favorite color? Yellow
Location: New Jersey
Favorite PR Series: Zeo, Space, Galaxy, Time Force, Wild Force
Other Interests: Hobby-wise: Reading (I carry a book or fanfic almost everywhere I go), puzzles (word and jigsaw), playing on the computer (especially puzzle games), and (if I ever stop being lazy) writing and cross stitching. Occupation-wise: working with children with disabilities.
Favorite Bands: Beatles, Billy Joel, U2, Monkees, etc.. There are more current songs that I like as well, but they come from a variety of singers/bands. I hate rap/heavy metal. I also love songs from musicals.
Posting Began: 1996
Other Newsgroups: Well, AFPR is the only group I post regularly to, but other groups Iíve posted to,, and rec.arts.comic-strips. I hope to start posting in also.