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Poetry Pipeline

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Poetry Pipeline WebRing

      I started this WebRing so Artist and Writers like myself can join together to create a beautiful community. A community where we can open our souls for the World to see!

      Poetry Pipeline WebRing is for anyone who has Art work on the World Wide Web. This can be any type of Art from Visual to Lyrical. If you are not sure your site qualifies for the Poetry Pipeline WebRing send me the URL and I will view your site and get back to you. Please understand that with the amount of e-mail I receive this could take some time so please be patient. So if you are an Artist of any type Come, Hop on The Pipeline!

      If you would like to create a logo for The Poetry Pipeline WebRing and or Poetry Pipeline. I would be greatful, and would give you credit and a link to your site in Poetry Pipeline Logos page where members can get their gif or jpg file to put on their site. Thank you for any and all input! Send your suggestions to me with Graphic in the subject line.

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