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Secular Homeschool Timeline Resources

Butch's Homepage - links to my other theme pages, art, math, free worksheets and planners, timeline resources

Included here are instructions, printable pages, historical clipart, and sample timelines. They are secular in nature (unless otherwise specified) and represent an old earth world view. If you'd like to see my new website About Image

Instructions and Printable Pages/Clipart/Sample Timelines


History Timelines - Homemade
Good instructions, ignore the biblical content. Great ideas for making historical figures.
How to Make a Timeline
Making a Timeline
Build a scale timeline that dates from the beginning of time (big bang)
Making a Timeline on a Mac
Instructions for format
Timeline book instructions
Timeline Generator
Enter information, print out pages


All ClipArt |People | Historical
Timeline figures
ClassroomClipart - Frog Clipart and Pictures
Historical clipart to use for timeline figures
Historical people/places clipart
Source for timeline figures
Portrait Gallery
Excellent source of historical figures
Selection of Historical Clip Art
The Famous Kings & Queens of England
Good source for historical figures

Sample Timelines

Fairly simple timeline of evolution and geological processes
Timelines - AlternaTime
Comprehensive list of various timelines in history
UCMP Web Time Machine
Geologic Timeline
World History : HyperHistory
Timeline similar to the World History Chart

Timeline Materials for Purchase

Historical Timeline Figures
To purchase program, timeline patterns and historical figures
Learning Through History - History Timelines
This is a "to purchase" system for making timelines.