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Elissa's Home Page

My favorite things . . .

My Favorite Web Sites

My Chinchillas :)
Chessie the chin and family
Lily and Sandy have left for the Rainbow Bridge
Gone but not forgotten~Sandy's dogstar page
My Doggies are the Best!
Little Squealers ~ the piggies
A Hedgehog & 2 Rats! OH MY!
Awwwww - bunnies!
YES! I do have children! Here's a little about them
Chin Net ~ The chinniest site on earth!
Is your name Elissa? Click here!
Endless Treasurers ~ My favorite Beanies & Gifts Site
La Leche League International ~ The world's foremost authority on Breastfeeding
~Looking for a special beanie for sale? Visit my sale beans page~
Angelfire - Free Home Pages