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From: Louise Kay Horton

Date: Monday, May 03, 1999

Here goes... Here are my Webb G's

1.GGGrand Addison R. Webb b: 1797 Ky(?) d:Nov 1873 Aberdeen Monroe co Miss

2. GGrand Christopher Columbus Webb b: 1840 Huntsville Alab. d:9-1501878 Hunt Co Tx

3, Grand Virginia Alabama Webb b: Jan 22,1876 Wolfe City,Hunt Co. Tx- d:March,1956

4, Louise Kay Horton b: October 5, 1943

Addison Webb

Christopher Columbus Webb

Virginia Alabama Webb Kay

Ervan James Kay b: April 23, 1903 d: Aug 8, 1982

Louise Kay Horton


Tree Maker's Genealogy Site:Louise Kay Horton


From: Jay Stephen Webb

Date: Monday, May 03, 1999

GGGGGG - Joseph McMurtry + Susannah Patton

GGGGGrands - Jesse Webb + Anna McMurtry

GGGGrands - Joseph Webb + Barsheba Thomas

GGGrands - James Webb + Anna Webb

GGrands - Deborah Webb

Grand - Henry Stephen Webb + Hattie Mariah Whitted

Parents - Grover Cleveland Webb + Pearl A. Parton

ME- Jay Stephen Webb

GGGGrands - Christopher Carver + Elizabeth Wisenhunt

GGGrands - Alexander Carver + Sarah Coggins

GGrands - Thomas William Whitehead + Nancy Elizabeth Carver

Grand - Henry Stephen Webb + Hattie Mariah Whitted

Parents - Grover Cleveland Webb + Pearl A. Parton

ME - Jay Stephen Webb

GGGGrands - Benjamin Parton + Hannah L.

GGGrands - Elisha Wilburn Parton + Martha Adeline Whaley

GGrands - Isaac Parton + Martha R. Ogle

Grand - Mary R. Parton

Parents - Grover Cleveland Webb + Pearl A. Parton

ME !- Jay Stephen Webb

My Webb family tree;

Web site

From Penny

Date: Monday, May 03, 1999

Pleasant Webb, b. c. 1765, wife unk.

Abner Webb, b. 13 Mar 1817; m. Margaret (Mary) Dalton; d. 29 Mar 1903 OH

Rebecca Webb, b. 18 Oct 1841; m. Jacob J. Bowman; d. 18 July 1933 OH

Jacob C. Bowman, b. Nov 1870; m. Senia Markel (Markle); d. 1951

Virgie Lillian Bowman, b. 8 Aug 1893; m. Louis Griffith; d. 24 Mar 1955

Wayne Eugene Griffith, b. 15 Feb 1926; m. Virginia Hunter; d. 9 July 1983

Penny Eugena Griffith McConnell (me) b. 28 June 1953; m. Wayne McConnell

From Marilyn

Date: Monday, May 03, 1999

gg grandparents -

SAMUEL H. WEBB b. ? GA? d. ? (probably 1851/1857 Hall or Lumpkin Co,GA??) married Eliza Blackwell b.1834 Hall Co., GA d. ? TX

g grandparents -

TERRESSA CAROLINE WEBB b. 1851 GA d. 1930 Van Zandt Co., TX married James Morgan Wood b.1849 GA d. 1906 Van Zandt Co.,TX

grandparents -

William Ross Wood b. 1887 Van Zandt Co.,TX d. 1942 Van Zandt Co,TX married Euna Pinkerton b.1891 Van Zandt Co.,TX d.1967 SmithCo.,TX

parents -

Ruth Marguerite Wood b. 1911 Van Zandt Co., TX d. 1994 Washington Co., AR married Paul Hammon b. 1908 CA d. 1978 Oklahoma Co., OK

me -

Marilyn Sue Hammon b. Oklahoma Co.,OK married Larry Cain b. Washington Co., AR

Marilyn Hammon Cain

Springdale, AR

From -Ramona Nadine Webb

Date: Monday, May 03, 1999

gggg-grandfather Martin Webb b. 1725 m. Judith of Wilkes County, NC

ggg-grandfather Merry H. Webb b. 1789 m. Fanny Couch

gg grandfather David C. Webb b. 1846 m. Malinda Mary Chambers

g-grandfather John Marion Webb b. 1868 m. Hattie Jane Everett

grandfather James R. Webb b. 1897 m. Elsie Boring

father Lloyd H. Webb b.1919 m. Juanita B. Webb

ME---Ramona Nadine Webb m. Paul V. Allen for 22 wonderful, extraordinary years

From: Patsy

Date: Tuesday, May 04, 1999

gggggg: Jacob Webb 1722, Frankline Co Va. m. Mary Molly Austin b. Nov 4, 1723

ggggg: Henry Hal Webb 1750 Franklin Co. Va. m. Susanna Cock b. 1763

gggg: Andrew Webb 1787 Carroll Co Va. m. Catherine Kate Cock b. 1793 Va.

ggg: Peter Webb Aug 29, 1818 Va. m. Susanna Dickerson bOct 23, 1820 Floyd, Co Va.

gg: Joseph Webb March 1850 Smyth Co Va. m.Mary Elizabeth Freeman b Feb 1850 Smyth Co. Va.

g: William Andrew Webb Jan 9, 1881 Chatham Hill Va. m Susie Amanda Fulcher b July 16. 1883 Chatham Hill Va.Father Steward Ellis Webb Sept 8, 1816 Chatham Hill Va. m. Mary Margaret Reed b. Sept 10. 1921 Gaithersburg Maryland.

Me Patsy L Bloss My brothers: Bud, Roger, John, David and Carl My sisters: Vivian and Mary Ellen

From: Webb, Johnny (Tandem) S. Drowatzky

Date: Tuesday, May 04, 1999

Gggg-grandfather: Moses Webb, b. abt 1755, m. Anny Phelps;

ggg-grandmother: Hannah Webb, b. abt 1790, m. 1st: Archibald C. Sevier; m. 2nd: Elmond Brazee;

gg-grandfather: George Washington Sevier, m. Catherine Jane Tolle;

g-grandfather: Moses Nimrod Sevier, m. Harriett Powell Meador (1839-1912);

grandmother: Frances Josephine Sevier, m. Edward Edwin Nall.

Other children of Moses Webb were John b. abt 1801, Benjamin b. abt 1806,

Moses Webb, Jr., b. abt 1806, Mary Webb, b abt 1808, and Washington Webb, b. abt 1813.

Second wife of Moses was ??? Vincent.

S. Drowatzky

Wichita KS

From: Theresa Frankum Theresa

Date: Tuesday, May 04, 1999

gggggggg-g=Robert WEBB b. @1615 ENG

ggggggg-g=John WEBB Sr.b @1645-1655 ENG

gggggg-g=John WEBB Jr. b. @1695 ENG

ggggg-g=George WEBB b. 1723 PA

gggg-g=Jonathon WEBB b. 1755 PA

ggg-g=Abel WEBB b.1781 TN

gg-g=Able WEBB b. 1852 IN

g-g=Oscar Lee WEBB b. 1879 MO

granddad=James Hadley WEBB b.1909 MO

dad=James Forest WEBB

me=Theresa WEBB Frankum

A branch from the WEBB/BOONE tree.

From Ginny

Date: Tuesday, May 04, 1999

ggparents: Thomas Richard Webb, b. 1868--Alabama?-- & Mary Minerva Coleman, b. 1872 in Alabama

gparents: Charles Hayden Webb, b. 1913 in Jack County TX & Doris Elinor Reynolds

parents: Francis Hayden Webb, b. 1943 in Childress TX, & Martha Anne Guice

me: Virginia L. Webb (married to Joseph M. Stencel)

Ginny Stencel

From Jill DeGraeve-Cruse

Gen.1 Sir Henry Webb b 15 May 1350, Warwickshire, England.

Gen. 2 Geofrey Webb b 12 Apr 1372, Warwickshire, England.

Gen. 3 John Webb b 1405, Warwickshire, England.

Gen. 4 William Webb b 16 Mar 1425, London England.

Gen. 5 John Webb b 9 July 1450, Old Stock, Wiltshire, England and d Stratford, Warwickshire, England.

Gen. 6 John Alexander Webb b 11 Jan 1484, Stratford, Warwickshire, England.

Gen. 7 Henry Alexander Webb b 11 May 1510, Stratford, Warwickshire, England. He married Grace Arden 1533.

Gen. 8 Alexander Webb b 24 December 1534, Stratford, Warwickshire England. He married Mary Arden 1555, Stratford, Warwickshire, England.

Alexander Webb, Jr. b 20 Aug 1559, Stratford, Warwickshire, England and d 1629, Boston, Suffold county Massachusetts. Married ca. 1579,

Straford, Warwickshire, England.

Gen. 10 William Micajah Webb b 9 Jan 1552, Stratford, Warwickshire, England and d in Norfolk, Virginia.

Gen. 11 Richard Webb b 1603, Glouchstershire, England and d Richmond, Richmond county Virginia.

Gen. 12 Giles Webb b 1620 in Glouchstershire, England and d 1692,

Richmond, Richmond county Virginia. He married Judith Bland Randolph.

Gen. 13 John William Webb b 1649, Richmond, Richmond county Virginia and

d 1694. He married Mary Samford 1649 in Richmond.

Gen. 14 John Webb Jr. b 1674, Richmond Va. and d 1721 Northampton VA.

Gen 15 Jonas Webb was b 1700 in Northampton Va and d after 19 July 1748, Sussex county, Delaware. He married Ann Mills.

Gen. 16 Jonas Webb Jr. b 1725 Sussex county Delaware and d 1881/2 Harrison county Va. He married 1. Elizabeth Moore 2. Elizabeth Nutter.

Gen 17 Thomas Webb b 1755 Cedar Creek Hundred, Sussex county Delaware and d November 1820, Harrison county VA. He married Sara Jane----- abt.

1799, Monogalia county Va.

Gen.18 David Webb b 9 Feb 1792, Harrison county Va. and d 14 May 1887, Esmen Twp., Livingston county Illinois. He married 1. Charity Patton, 21

Dec 1813, Harrison county Va. 2. Catherine Louden, 28 Dec 1857, Harrison county Va.

Gen 19. Aaron Webb b 18 Feb 1825, Harrison county Va and d 1 Aug 1910,

Cornell, Livingston county Illinois. He married Ellen Hawkins, Harrison county Va.

Gen 20 William Bruce Webb b 1 Sept 1862, Harrison county WVa., and d 12 Sept 1912 in Springfield, Sagamon county Illinois. He married, Etta Lou

Oakes, 1 Mar 1883, Cornell, Livingston county Illinois.

Gen 21 Seth Calvin Webb b 11 Dec 1896, Eddyville, Dawson county Nebraska and d 16 Feb 1962, Silvis, Rock Island county Illinois. He married 1.

Rebecca Adra Holcomb, 7 June 1917, Streator, LaSalle county Illinois. 2 Sadie Jones.

Gen. 22 Cleta Buryle Webb b 12 Dec 1920, Ferris, Hancock county Illinois. She married 1. Jack McLane, 31 Dec 1938, Burlington, Des

Moines Iowa. 2. Kenneth Lucas, 6 Feb 1949, East Moline, Rock Island county Illinois.

23. Judith Ann McLane b 17 Sept 1940, Burlington, Des Moines Iowa. She married Richard DeGraeve, 3 Dec 1960, East Moline, Rock Island county Illinois.

24. (Me) Jill DeGraeve b 19 Aug 1964, Moline, Rock Island county Illinois. Married 1. Virgil Jones, 23 Feb 1985, Hampton, Rock Island

county Illinois. 2. James F. Cruse, 18 July 1988, Davenport, Scott county Iowa.

From Thomas H. Chilton, Jr.

Date: Tuesday, May 04, 1999

gr-grandfather: Richard Webb b. Nov. 1839 in KY ??, m. Lydia Erwin in 1862 in IL, d 1894 in IL

grandfather: Len Webb b 1878 in IL, m Pearl Wetzel in 1898, d 1950 in IN

mother: Ruth Webb b 1910 in IL, m Tom Chilton in 1931, d 1985 in IN

me Tom Chilton

El Dorado Hills, CA

From Betty

Date: Tuesday, May 04, 1999

William Douglas Webb + Louisa H. Boyd

Jacob Douglas Webb + Nancy Lue Hughey

Benjamin Grover Webb + Mary Alice Carnes

Jacob Gaston Webb + Jean Eloise Fields

Betty Webb (me)

From Gloria

Date: Sunday, August 01, 1999 11:16 AM

ggggg- Cuthburt Webb & Mary Burton **purported/unproven

gggg - James Webb, Sr & Elizabeth Billups

ggg - James Webb, Jr & Lois Bagley

gg - James F Webb & Belzora Sutherds/Southards

g - Squire Levi Webb & Maude Lee Haskins

p - Garnet Webb & James Sargent

me - Gloria (Sargent) Lambert

From Frances

Date: Monday, May 03, 1999

ggg - William WEBB b. abt. 1830 - birth place unknown.

gg - George WEBB b. 1863 Pulaski Co.KY.

g - Effie WEBB b. 1885 in Lincoln Co.KY

p - Mary Agnes DUNN b. 1906 Lincoln Co.KY

me - Frances ( WALLS ) Trinkle

Fran - First generation Hoosier

From Sharon Irish

Date: Tuesday, May 04, 1999

gggg-grandfather -Abraham Webb born ca 1760 m. to Nancy - lived in Buckingham County,VA - died prior to 1814.

ggg-grandfather -William Webb born ca 1780 m. to Polly in 1799 - lived in Buckingham County, VA. died prior to 1814.

gg-grandfather -Joel Webb (born 1809) m. to Elizabeth Morton (born 1809) married in Charlotte County VA in 1828.

g-grandfather -Wyatt J. Webb born 1841 in Charlotte County VA - m. to Margaret Anne Wells in 1866 in Prince Edward County, VA.

grandfather - Joseph Stonewall Webb born 1871 in Prince Edward County, VA - m. to Katherine Dallas Hicks. Joseph died in Mecklenburg

County, VA in 1921.

father - Herbert Stonewall Webb born 1917 in Mecklenburg County, VA - married to Mary Rebecca Beasley (born 1921) in Hopewell, VA (1939).

Me - Sharon Webb Irish

From Joanne

Date: Tuesday, May 04, 1999

GGG - Rev John Webb b. 1740 in Rutherfird NC md. Sarah Byars b. 1742 in Granville, NC

GG- Chesley Webb b. 1772 md. Martha

G - Martha Ann Webb b. 1834 md. Zephaniah Robertrs

Would appreciate any more info.


From William "Bill" Webb

Date: Tuesday, May 04, 1999

GG-GF William Webb b.1816 (IN) m. Penelope ? b.1817 (IN)

G-GF Benjamin Franklin Webb b.1858 (IN) m. Louisa Catherine Middleton b.1864 (KS)

GF James Martin Webb b.1882 (MO) m. Lizzie May Hayden b.1891 (KS) F William Lee Webb b.1907 (KS) m. Frances Inez Tidwell b.1910 (OK)

Me William Martin Webb b.1952 (TX) m. Cindy Winkler b. 1957 (TX)

Looking for ties to Indiana Webbs. Benjamin had 5 siblings all born in IN.


From Patricia

Date: Tuesday, May 04, 1999

GGrandfather - Alex WEBB, b. 1856, GA or TX, m. Sallie, b. Abt 1859 GA or TX

Grandfather - David Abner WEBB, b. 1878 TX, d. 1910 TX, m. (1) Nora, b. 1880, d. 1889, m. (2) Rosalie Davis

Father - David Leither WEBB, b. 1910 TX, d. 1965 TX

Me - Patricia Anne Webb, b. 1937 CA


Date: Tuesday, May 04, 1999

My g-grandmother: MARTHA WEBB, b.abt.1856 KY, her maiden name was

WEBB and her first marriage was also to a WEBB.

Her second marriage was to PETER THACKER.

MARTHA WEBBs children: LEANDER WEBB, b. abt. 1872 KY

MARY WEBB, b. abt. 1875 KY

ROBERT WEBB, b. abt. 1878 KY


MARTHA WEBBs, children with second marriage to PETER THACKER.





My grandmother - LILLIAN FRANCIS THACKER, born 1890

KY, died 1929 0r 1930 MO. LILLIAN FRANCIS married THOMAS JAMES WILSON.



From Jim Webb

Date: Tuesday, May 04, 1999

g-grandfather John Henry Webb b abt 1857 in VA m Belzoura Josephine Stevens (or Stevenson) b abt 1872 in Indiana

grandmother Mary Elizabeth b abt 1896 in VA

father Denver Posey Webb b 12/23/1914 in Raleigh Co. WV m

Alma Louise Dickens b 7/1/1925 in Raleigh Co. WV.

me James E. Webb b 12/19/1943 in Raleigh Co. WV m Roberta Jean Seitzinger b 9/25/1946 in Monroe Co. NY

This is all I have for my family. Would like to receive additional

information about my family.

Jim Webb

From Sandra Gard

Date: Wednesday, May 05, 1999

My line so far (ever hopeful of further progress

1.Edward Webb b.1851(Epping,Essex,UK) m. Eliza b.1856?

2.James Haken Webb b. 1879? (Waltham Abbey,Essex,UK) m. Caroline Campbell

3.Ivy Beatrice Annie Webb b.1913 d.1987(N.Z) m. Edwin Thomas Rouse(N.Z)

4.Carole Rouse b. 1941 m. Edward H Gard (N.Z) - Sandra Gard b. 1961(N.Z)

From Bert Webb

Date: Wednesday, May 05, 1999

Web site

Web site

My line:

g grandfather Samuel Webb b 1833 Warwick, n.y. m Olive Decker b 8-11-1834 d 4-15-1917

grandfather-Charles Webb jr. b 5-11-1863 d 12-08-1931 m Lenora Decker 6-11-1864 d 6-29-1925

father-Nile Webb b 6-30-1892 d 2-1-1958 m Anna Blanche Staniforth b 4-30-1901 d 2-20-1982

me-Wilbert Forrest Webb

From Kemper V. Gay

Date: Tuesday, May 04, 1999

1.Giles Webb of Chuckatuck, Burgess of Nansemond Co. Va. 1658-60

2.John Webb m. Mary Sanford

3.James Webb Sr., b. 8/9/1673 Essex Co. Va., m. Sarah, d. 1716

4.James Webb Jr., b.1705 Essex Co. Va. m. Mary Edmondson, d. 1771

5.James Webb III, b. Essex Co. Va. 7/2/1734, M. Mary Smith, d. 1773

6.Francis Webb, b. Essex Co. Va. 1759, m. Frances Walker, d. 1811

7.John Webb, b. Essex Co. Va. 3/20/1794, M. Ann Thomason March, d. 1870

8.Julia Ann Webb, b. Wilkes co. 2/5/1820, m. Elbert Hillard Gay, d.1900

9.John Webb Sherrod Gay, b. Newton Co. Ga. 3/19/1839, m Epsie Elaphair, d.


10.John Elbert Gay, b. 9/10/1877, m. Alice Flora Pitts, d. 1950

11.Olin Robert Gay, b. 3/28/08, m. Lillian McLean,

12.Olin Robert Gay, Jr., b. 11/20/40, m. Jan Jernigan

13.Me: John Fontaine Gay, b. 9/9/63, m. Ann Kemper Vest

From Shirley Vanhuss

Date: Wednesday, May 05, 1999

My line is lost. Has anybody found it?

1. Joseph Webb b. abt 1800 in TN. m. Sarah ??

2. Hardy Webb b. abt 1836 in TN. m. 1. Malinda ?? 2. Susan M.?? ( could be same??)

3. William Thomas Webb b. 02 Feb 1860 in Alabama d. 10 Apr 1937 Franklin, Robertson, TX. m. Sarah Evelyn Nanny 25 Nov 1880

4. Mary Elizabeth Webb b 22 Fan 1884 Franklin, Tx m. Henry Frank Howell

5. Allie Merle Howell b. 21 Apr 1907 m. Frank Sherrell

6. Me--Shirley Sherrell VanHuss

From doris robinson

Date: Sunday, August 01, 1999

gg-gf Mordecai Webb (only info is he died in Shelby Co, KY 1833-1844)

g-gf Richard D. Webb b: Mar 7,1833 Shelby Co,KY m:Sarah H.Hazelrigg d:July 23,1920 Hancock Co,KY

gf John M. Webb b: Dec. 22, 1865, Hancock Co, KY (Daviess Co?) m:Cora E. Rice d: June 15, 1944, Hancock Co, KY

p John Herbert Webb b: Dec 8, 1903, Hancock Co, KY m:Eurith Henderson d: July 08, 1953, Macomb Co, MI

me Doris J. Webb b: Apr 30, 1935 Hancock Co, KY m: Dorman J. Robinson (currently live: Charlevoix, MI)

From Patricia Hannon

Date: Wednesday, May 05, 1999

3rd G-Grandparents - Martin WEBB b. ca 1795-1800, d. ca 1828 in Orange Co., IN, married Martha "?" ca 1817.

2nd G-Grandparents - Andrew WEBB, b. ca 1820 in Orange Co., IN, d. prob. WA state after 1889 (in 1889 WA Territorial Census - Lincoln Co.), married 1) Priscilla MASON 1842 in Lawrence Co., IN (Priscilla d. 1863), married 2) to Rhoda "?".

G-Grandparents - William N. WEBB b. 1846 in Lawrence Co., IN, d. 1919 in

Benton Co., WA, married Louisa Jane COFFMAN 1870 in Crawford Co., KS,

went to La Plata, Co., CO in 1875, and to Lincoln Co., WA in 1879.

Grandparents - Arthur WILLARD married 1915 in Stevens Co., WA to Effie

Agnes WEBB b. 1893 in Lincoln Co., WA, d. 1950 in Klamath Falls, OR.

Parents - Frank J. WHEELER b. 1909 in Pawnee Co., NE, married 1945 to

Lucille M. WILLARD b. 1924 in Spokane Co., WA.

Me - Patricia A. WHEELER b. 1957 married Gregory S. HANNON.

Other children of Martin and Martha WEBB: John b. ca 1818, William b.

1822, Caty, and Nancy.

Other children of Andrew and Priscilla WEBB (all born Lawrence Co., IN):

John M. b. ca 1843,

Samuel Polk b. ca 1845,

Nancy A. b. ca 1848,

Joseph S. b. Feb. 1850,

George b. ca 1852,

Abraham J. b. ca 1855,

Sarah E. 1857,

Martha W. b. ca 1860,

Mary A. b. ca 1862.

Child of Andrew and

Rhoda WEBB:

Walter Edgar b. May 1869 in KS.

Need to know what happened to Rhoda.

She is not with the family in 1880 census for La Plata Co., CO., nor in the later 1887 and 1889 WA Territorial Census.

Her son's obit (1898 - Lincoln co., WA for Walter E. WEBB) states that his mother was coming from

Arizona to see him when she heard of his illness.

From Ronald Webb

Date: Tuesday, February 22, 2000

ggggGrandfather-John Webb b abt 1755 Virginia

gggGrandfather-Joseph Webb b 1786 N. Carolina, now Tennessee

ggGrandfather-Joseph Webb Jr. b 1818 Tennessee

gGrandfather-Abraham B. Webb b. 1837 Tennessee

Grandfather-Franklin 'Frank' Webb b 1877 Kansas

Father-William 'Glenn' Webb b 1902 Oklahoma

Me-Ronald Frank Webb b 1942 Washington St.

From Donna

Date: Tuesday, February 22, 2000

ggg-J. Thomas WEBB b. 11-23-1821 Marden, Kent ,Eng. d.5-10-1897 N.Y.

gg-George Thomas WEBB b. 12-17-1850 Westfield, N. Y. d. 12-16-1936 TX

g-Thomas Maynord WEBB b. 4-25-1888 Anges,TX d. 5-17-1972 Plainview TX

Grandfather-Franklin 'Frank' Webb b 1877 Kansas

P-Bobbie Mae WEBB STICE ALLISON b. Tulia, TX

Me-Donna STICE PARR b.

From Marcie Davis

Date: Tuesday, February 22, 2000

ggggggg Thomas WEBB b. 1685 VA. m. ?

gggggg Thomas WEBB b. 1712 d. 1783 m. Elizabeth TAYLOR

ggggg Lazarus WEBB b. @1743 d. @ 1830 m. Leanna ?

gggg Eli WEBB b. 1782 d. 1862 IL. m. Margaret SANDUSKY

ggg Lazarus C. WEBB b. 1814 IL. d. 1872 m. Sarah Sally PHILLIPS

gg William Hogan WEBB b. 1854 IL. d. 1937 m. Amanda E. BROWN b.IL.

g Earl Howard WEBB b. 1879 d. 1948 m. Mattie Maria CUMMINS b. IL.