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Jeff Drake's Photo Album and Travel Page

Hello my friends. Welcome to my on-line photo gallery. Here are some pictures from my travels which you may enjoy seeing. I'm now in Galveston, Texas working as a helicopter pilot in the Gulf of Mexico. On June 1st, 2007, Corinne gave birth to our first baby Aislyn!!

Aislyn Drake, Born June 1st, 2007!



Gotta love this city!

Taiwan, Teaching English

"Teasher Jefu"

Taiwan, Maolin Park

Riding my motorcycle in the countryside was a favorite pastime.

Milford Sound, New Zealand

In the South Island, Site of the famous Milford Track.

House Bus

Our little home- on the South Island of New Zealand- with my girlfriend Corinne.

Cattle Station, New Zealand

Corinne and a I on her cousins cattle station in the South Island.

Sydney, Australia

The Opera House on Sydney Harbour.

Catherine Gorge

The Catherine Gorge near Darwin in the Northern Territory, Australia.

Perth, Australia

Corinne makes a new friend.

The Pinnacles

The fantastic Pinnacles Nat'l Park in Western Australia.


Sacred cows have the run of the place in India.

Taj Mahal

A dream in Marble.


A camel safari near the Pakistani border.

Hampi, India

The ancient city of Hampi, seat of the Hindu Empire until 500 A.D., now in ruins. Hundreds of sacred Hindu temples and Gods in a dreamscape of rocks and ruins. One of my favorite places in India!

Koh Pi Pi, Thailand

Paradise found!


Flight over the coast of North Carolina.


Flight over Treasure Cay, Bahamas.

Earlier travels 1990-2000

The Colosseum

Living on bread and wine in Rome.


The Old City!

The Pyramids

My favorite picture, I think. Even the camel is smiling. Egypt is a magical land full of wonders and mystery. Beautiful!!


The Salt Flats, Utah

From the Spring or 2000 until the Fall of 2001, I worked as a tour leader for Trek America, which offers adventure camping tours for 18-38 year olds, the majority of which are European or Australian. This is one of my groups at the Bonneville Speedway in Utah.

The Long Road, Arizona/Utah Border

Remind you of anything? This is the spot where Forest Gump decided to stop running. Monument Valley can be seen in the distance.

Grand Tetons

Beautiful!! In more ways than one. Corinne and Rahel from Switzerland enjoy the great outdoors on a ten mile hike south of Yellowstone.

The General Lee at Cooter's Garage

All my childhood dreams come true! Skyline Hwy.,W.Virginia

Glacier, Montana

Glacier Nat'l Park is an awesome place. We came across several black bears and mountain goats here. Fantastic views in every direction.

Canyonlands, Utah

The fabulous playground of Arches Nat'l Park!

Wedding in Grand Lake, CO

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