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Code for getting huge materia:
when you are in space with cid enter this code: O| | X X

Easy gp:[after 1st disk]
If you keep entering and exiting gold saucer after a few times a little white thing will appear at the back of where the save point is this is a man and will swap 100 gil for 1gp which is pretty good
another way to get gp easily is if you have a joystic with auto fire and a rubber band or some masking tape which is what i used you can set it so he automatically goes into the arm wrestling game and wins and then does it again and again until your money is all gone if you leave it.Make it so that your joystic is facing left so you don't go to the lady instead.It takes a while but i think it;s worth it and you can do it on the first disk.

Much more coming soon