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knights of the round - remote island only accesable by Gold chocobo
Master summon - from huge red materia
Typoon - Frog Forest
Bahamut3 - huge blue materia
Neo Buhuumat -whirlwind maze
Leviathan - from godo at Wutai
Hades - sunken Gelnika Plane
Alexander - beating snow at great glacier
Bahumat - dragon at temple of the ancients
Kjata - sleeping forest[floating around]
Ifrit - beating jenova on boat to Costa del sol
Odin - safe at nibleheim
shiva - from junon [pricilla]
Rumah - after jail waiting for race
Titan - at Gongaga dump
Chocobo+mog - from dancing chocobo

steal - sewer
Deathblow - Gongaga after fighting turks
Morph -Temple of Ancients
Enemy skill - shinra head quarters
Slash all - Frog forest
2*cut - sunken gelnika plane
HP/MP -cave some where
Mime - cave near Wutai
Manipulate - cait sith
Throw - Yuffie
Hp plus - Cosmo Canyon
w - summon -Battle arena
Mp plus - Cosmo Canyon
fire - Cloud
ice - Cloud
Restore - 1st reactor near where you fight your first boss
poison - shinra headquarters level 67
Heal - kalm
seal - Junon
contain - Tickle the white chocobo at mideel under the chin
ultima - North corel
comet - temple of the ancients
time - Gongaga
Full cure - cosmo canyon shop [ not available at first]
Shield - just before fighting sephiroph
Revive - Junon
Earth - Kalm
Barrier - Rocket town
Destruct - Sephiroph at shinra Mansion
Master Magic - Huge green materia
Exit - Rocket town shop
Gravity - cave of the Gi [ boss]
mystify - Gongaga
lightning - Avalanche hideout