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Genealogy Basics

The things you need to get started in genealogy are simple.
I began with the following SHAREWARE and FREEWARE:

1. You will need a ZIP program to unzip some files that you download. if you do not have one, try this fully functioning shareware, WINZIP.
2. You will need a genealogy program to enter your data into. Start with this shareware, Brothers Keeper for windows.
3. Here is a useful genealogy utility. Small, dos-based, but packed with loads of info! GENKIT.
4. You will soon be ready to go onto the web. When you are able to make a gedcom (compact file of ancestors) file from the data that you have entered into your genealogy program...convert it to html web pages with this freeware, Ged2Web.

If you want me to do it for you, click here.

Carroll Family Roots