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  • a rapist's story
    this is a link to an intense page where a rapist describes the crime he has commited, tells us how he feels about it, and so on. i would not recommend that anyone reads this if you are feeling unstable.

  • angel's place
    this is a very intense, very beautiful page, exploring things from a mother's point of view. this woman's two sons were molested by a babysitter, and the mother is now courageously dealing with the aftermath. this page explores a lot of how she feels and what she thinks, as well as the facts about what has and what is going on in their lives. highly recommended, for anyone.

  • athena survivor's anthology
    this is truly a wonderful site. it's very up-to-date and informative, and also a very popular site among survivors of all kinds of abuse. even as crowded as it is, it's still a touching and very emotionally powerful site. contains resources, extensive survivor writings, information on abuse, and also information about some great webrings.

  • bekah's tears in the dark
    a dark, mournful page with a rewarding and beautiful glimmer of light and hope. very valuable survivor voice. contains bekah's personal survivor story, a message board, survivor chatroom, a survivor wall, survivor stories and poetry, an opportunity to get a special email account as a survivor, a therapist's column, inspirations, links, books, and a section called fun and giggles for those times when you just need a moment.

  • breaking the silence
    a lovely section of blue roses's realm, contains survivor stories, support, a chat room, a newsletter, and additional resources.

  • butterflies magazine
    a great service for survivors of incest, sexual abuse, and ritual abuse. a wonderful, comforting atmosphere, beautiful graphics. the name, understandably, was quite appealing to me. contains survivor stories, poetry, question and answer section (which is great), and lots of other stuff as well.

  • butterfly's web
    a beautiful website i was very excited to discover. very aesthetic and comforting, but not afraid to be truthful. this site is still growing, and currently contains quite a few good survivor resources.

  • dissonant dreams
    a raw, courageous, triumphant and bold site created by a truly gutsy feminist. this great site contains a personal story of rape, survivor stories, a survivor wall, message boards, rants, information about telling loved ones, survivor art and poetry, and links.

  • emotional scar gallery
    mercutia's beautiful and inspirational abuse site. contains survivor writing, mercutia's journal, a section on reclaiming the child, and links.

  • escaping hades
    a glorious support site, created by a survivor, inspired by a greek myth. contains news, survivor stories, message board, resources, poetry, statistics, a survivor's memorial wall, and more.

  • flower petals
    a wonderful site created for secondary survivors by my dear friend oceania. contains support resources, information, her story, and more.

  • from the inside out
    a gorgeous, courageous page created by an incredible woman, so full of strength and passion it amazes me. this is truly a page and a creator to admire. contains personal accounts of an acquaintance rape, and a fabulous guestbook.

  • girl, interrupted
    this survivor of rape is determined not to be silenced, and her website tells us this, loud and clear. contains a personal story, statistics, resources, survivor stories, and links.

  • healing from incest
    the official website for the book "shedding the past," written by an incest survivor and her partner. contains a book overview, excerpts, contacts, ordering information, and links.

  • helping hands for survivors
    this is a helpful, supportive and fun resource. it's pretty amazing to find a place that can be so wonderfully friendly while talking about such a difficult subject. contains mailing lists, survivor chat, book recommendations, and a cool section devoted to recognizing survivors' "happy days"...birthdays, anniversaries, and so on.

  • i have survived
    inanna's very cool site with excellent comic book art. contains her story of surviving abuse, advice for coping with panic attacks and flashbacks, her thoughts on suicide and self injury, and much more.

  • i sang holy holy
    this is amanda's exquisite survivor site. this is a beautiful, incredible woman who has been a major inspiration to my own healing and a great friend. contains a huge archive of information for survivors, including poetry, writing, stories, and so much more.

  • i'm gonna tell
    an excellent personal site, tentative but strong, lori is uniquely powerful. contains lots of well-written personal words from a very brave survivor.

  • laura's survivor site
    laura is intelligent, kind, and inspiring. this is her site about an incredible triumph after a rape/kidnapping event that took place while she was under the influence of the date rape drug. one of the finest sites i have seen relating to rohypnol and related rape recovery.

  • leaving the shadows
    a serene tori-inspired site created by monica. contains her story of rape, writing, tori information, survivor stories, and the sky, a salute to survivors everywhere.

  • new hope healing institute
    this organization offers support for adult survivors of sexual violation. contains an extensive forum, multiple newsletters on various topics, information about volunteering, and more.

  • no means no
    an influential poem written by a secondary survivor, the lover of a victim of acquaintance rape. contains the anonymous poem, a lot of information, and links.

  • on the path
    a helpful site created for survivors of all kinds of abuse. very warm, pretty page, with a nice feel. contains chat, message board, writings.

  • over the bridge
    this is a gloriously beautiful tori-inspired website, a quiet place where people can come to share their stories, or read the words of others, or cry, or remember. it definitely has a very solemn aura, and that's one of the best things about it. contains a very full guestbook, filled with some great comments; survivor writings; some great tori quotes.

  • pandora's aquarium
    a delicate tori-inspired personal triumph site that i find very comforting. contains poetry, a survivor story, and links.

  • r.a.i.n.n. (the rape, abuse and incest national network)
    his organization was one of the first to offer victims a toll-free 24-hour crisis line, from wherever they were. some shelters offer this kind of support, but it's only regional. this page is a great place to visit just so that everyone can get an idea of how much tori amos actually does care about this issue. i know some celebrities adopt an issue just so they can be charitable and look good, but when tori says that she wants to help people, she means it. contains statistics; facts; tips on how to get help, etc.

  • recovery
    this page is absolutely wonderful. i love it. it's simple, honest, and lovely, all at the same time. this page, like all the others, was created by an amazing individual whom i admire greatly. i recommend that everyone visit this page, and sign the ledger. contains the wonderful ledger (which will make you feel better just reading from it); survivor writings, and more.

  • recovery poetry spa
    a site dedicated to the power of creative writing, created by a survivor of childhood abuse. contains poetry and links.

  • red.mary.station
    a dark, introspective site created by a determined single mom survivor who is extremely raw and unafraid. contains personal poetry, artwork, fictional stories, and links.

  • self-injury community (at healthyplace)
    this informative and unique site features many forums for those who self-injure, as well as journals from true, realistic people. a fine resource which includes descriptions of various disorders and also the useful “ask a professional” forum.

  • survivor art source
    the official site of survivor artist raven. she is an amazing woman whom i admire immensely, and this is the place she displays her incredible artwork inspired by her struggle on the path toward healing. incredible. contains an archive of raven's beautiful creations, and some helpful links.

  • survivor poetry
    a beautiful site devoted to one woman's exquisite survivor poems. contains an extensive index of personal writings.

  • swan lake
    here is a wonderful site created by a fellow survivor whom i respect and admire greatly. she's done some great things here. the atmosphere is very peaceful, quiet, safe. contains survivor writings, some great links.

  • telling
    the official website of patricia weaver francisco's influential book, telling: a memoir of rape and recovery. contains excerpts, reviews, interviews and information about the author.

  • the wounded healer journal
    this place is amazing! i love this site so much, i can't even begin to express how glad it makes me to realize that this is out there. this page has so much peaceful energy, good karma, miraculous blessings, however you say it, it's there. it's very welcoming to new visitors, and has a warm feeling about it. contains chat, an extensive book section, forums, archives.

  • this healing journey
    a comforting, gentle website, very supportive. contains healing chat, emergence forums (love the title), personal writings, and the wall, a unique place which allows survivors to put the first name of their violator on a brick wall for all to see.

  • welcome to barbados
    an amazing, comforting, helpful page created by an absolutely incredible survivor. i owe so much of my rediscovered strength to this woman and this page, i can't ever begin to thank her enough. welcome to barbados is the first place i ever felt comfortable enough to share my story. contains survivor writings, an awesome message board for survivors of sexual violence, resources, and so on. visit this page!

  • with strength
    a spirited, encouraging website created from one woman's rape experience. contains her story, her journal, and many other uniquely beautiful and touching pages.

    if you have a link to share, please email me!
    if you are looking for sites for male survivors or s.r.a. survivors, please check the quiet type and veiled demons.