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chorus of voices

throughout the course of my healing journey, i have discovered that one of the greatest things about the online survivor support system are mailing lists. i am a member of several, and anytime i have something i need to talk about, i can just email the list and get personal responses quickly. i have gotten advice, support, answers, all anonymously.

i have devoted this section of emergence to collecting and reviewing online mailing lists. right now i only have a few, but i hope to collect more soon.

light in the dark is an awesome mailing list created by dear, dear mercutia. this small, cozy mailing list has a very welcoming atmosphere. everyone takes care of each other. the list also has quite a few secondary survivor members. my favorite. recently, i was made the owner of this list. mercutia is still a member and a moderator, but this is now my baby. thank you!

ripple back to me is a mailing list run by the creators of welcome to barbados, an amazing site devoted to healing after sexual violation. this list is incredibly crowded, which can be both good and bad. good because you can almost always get a personal response, bad because there are so many posts daily.

molestation survivors, a list i have recently joined. there are relatively few members at this point, but it seems like an excellent idea with a lot of potential.

a brief list of groups i am not involved in but have included for reference:

incest survivors

lesbian rape recovery

rape and sex abuse - a general discussion group

male rape recovery

another male survivor resource

if you know of a good online support mailing list, please email me information.