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the stroke of a brush

this section of emergence is dedicated to survivor artwork and the therapeutic influence of artistic creation, as well as the artwork of the pre-raphaelite brotherhood, which is presented on this site.

when i first saw the artwork of dante gabriel rossetti, one of the founding members of the pre-raphaelite brotherhood, i was probably about ten years old. i found a book of his paintings and immediately was enthralled. my mom bought the book for me, and i still cherish it, keeping it next to my bed. the women in the paintings were amazing to me, so sorrowful and real, noble-looking in their own tragedies. the way i have always wanted to be.

then about three years ago i started doing research about the pre-raphaelite brotherhood, and when i decided to create this site, it was no question what kind of artwork i would use.

i consider artwork to be one of the most successful ways to release emotion and come to terms with traumatic events in a person's life. i strongly recommend that anyone struggling with healing from sexual violation explore art as a medium of therapy. it is a great honor to present some survivor artwork here on the site.

click here to visit the gallery.

or read the interview with survivor artist raven kaliana.