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blue cocoon

let the rain kiss you.
let the rain beat upon your head with silver liquid.
let the rain sing you a lullaby.
-langston hughes

survivors not only deal with the trauma of violation, but also with the many ways it impacts and changes our lives; our sense of self, of others, and of the world around us. while we may want to move on and forget what has happened to us, ignoring our emotions and denying ourselves the right to feel can delay the healing process dramatically and make many things more difficult in the future. while dealing with the emotional stress caused by sexual violation is not an easy thing, it is vitally important. it is also of utmost importance that survivors take care of themselves. here are some nurturing activities survivors may want to do to help themselves feel more stable on difficult days.

buy some bubble bath in your favorite fragrance, collect some candles, and take a long luxurious candle lit bubble bath.

experiment with aromatherapy: get some all-natural essential oil, put a few drops in a pan of boiling water, and breathe deeply. check out an aromatherapy chart here.

pamper yourself with one of your favorite foods.

read a good book, or some of your favorite poetry.


bake cookies.

take a nap while listening to soothing music.

sing a song, perform a monologue, write a story, draw a picture, compose a sonnet...

clean the house, or just your bedroom.


go for a walk.


call a friend and ask them to spend some time with you.

make a list of 10 things about yourself you find beautiful.

rent a comfort movie and curl up with a bowl of popcorn.

write the story of what happened to you.

laugh out loud.

daydream about something beautiful.

create a simple collage about your abuse. burn it.

talk to someone about how you feel.

concentrate on a happy memory.

work in a garden.

read one of your favorite poems aloud to yourself.

cook something delicious.

call in sick and spend the day lounging in bed with a great book and a plate of fresh fruit.

write in a journal.

drink some soothing tea (i recommend chamomile or peppermint).

make your own map of the stars.

spend some quiet time alone, thinking.

redecorate your room.

go jogging.

dance to your favorite music.

make a mantra to repeat: "i love myself, i love myself, i love myself..."

be who you are, and refuse to be ashamed.

stand in the middle of the street and scream your own name.