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India (1998-1999)

Maui 1998 DTS India team

Maui 1998 DTS team in Gorakhpur

Christian drama in a village near Gorakhpur (North India)

With children near Vishakhapatnam

Catch of the day near Vishakhapatnam

Angela and Ciara, with Buddhist prayer flags (at a nearby monestary) in the background, during our week teaching at YWAM Gangtok

At a Buddhist monestary near Gangtok

Gangtok DTS where we taught for a week

The Swastika Tea Company in Siliguri

Various idols for sale

the emblem of the Theosophical Society: The symbols of all religions (except the cross of Christianity) combined into one, all wrapped inside of a serpent, which represents "wisdom."

The Theosophical Society believes that all religions lead to God

Restaurant in which a picture of Jesus is displayed - along with the Hindu gods.

Interesting Tombstone of a British soldier

Sai Baba devotee

In front of our apartment in Madras during the monsoon

St. Thomas Mount, where tradition holds the Apostle Thomas was martyred

YWAM outreach team from Chile, In Calcutta

Christmas 1998 in Madras


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