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Last Updated on: Wednesday, October 13, 1999

Doug Choe's Basic Web Page

Welcome to my webpage. It is in heavy contruction. Hopefully, in the near future, I will have enough free time to make my webpage the interesting and fun webpage I have envisioned when I started. Until that time, this is what is my webpage. There is a huge load of ads on this page because I use this page to go shopping on the internet at great prices. If there is a site that looks interesting, I highly recommend you to go to it. I will get a small commission if you buy. I promise when I get my webpage all fixed and neat, there won't be this gaunlet of ads. There will be ads, but not in the format it is now.

Places I like to Shop, Cyberspace style:

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Doug Choe
UCSD Student
Trying to get more money from UCSD.

Welcome to my webpage. My name is Doug Choe. As you can see I'm rather new at this and I really don't know what the hell I'm doing. I'm learning and hopefully it will be a lot better in the near future. Let me tell you a little more about me. First off, I'm a huge Star Wars fan (not a fanatic, I don't dress up as any characters or anything, just a big fan) and I enjoy watching movies, any movie. I have a video collection well over 100 movies. I'm a 1st Generation Korean-American (if that means I was born in Korea and moved here when I was a little boy), 5'8" tall with typical Korean physical traits. I like to hange out with friends and to have fun. Please continue visiting my web page. In the near future it will get better. I promise it will. Email me if you like.

Hey, this is Doug. I'm sorry to say but this site is HEAVILY under Construction and many of the links, though they do go to the right pages, are very under developed. I promise everything will be in order by the end of the year. It'd be sooner but I've been so damn busy with my employment and school, I haven't had the time to make my website the website I want. So please be patient and come when it's fully constructed. If you want me to email you when it's done, please send me an email with your email address and I'll inform you of the grand opening. Thanks.

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