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Least Wanted Code

Lon Lon Ranch Nude Code

 From this

Just imagine Talon, sitting down spread legged, asking if you want to play a game where you have to find his super cuccos within 30 seconds. thanks!

7/30/99: It's fake! The "Lon Lon Ranch Nude Code" was fake. I made it all up. I'm sorry if you thought it was real and didn't get the joke. Dan never sent that letter to me. Dan never said there was a code. Nothing in the letter was real. There is no recall of unsold games. There is absolutely no code like that in Zelda 64. Nintendo tests their games extensively and would surely find something like this. Well, I don't know, maybe. I mean, they missed all this other stuff. But this is too big to miss, and they wouldn't let it happen. You cannot do this code. Please do not e-mail Dan about this anymore. He had no role to play in it. All material about it has been removed. I issue a public apology to Nintendo and Dan Owsen. I'm sorry!

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