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Sheepish Delights!


Well, well, well. Iíve done sort of an overhaul on this website because it was aesthetically annoying me. So now Iíve jumped on the frames bandwagon, to try it out for a while. So far, it pleases me more, but who knows, Iím pretty fickle. Oh and one bad thing is that when I switched stuff around my counter got reset! Lame! Oh well, itís definitely not the end of the world.

So itís summer and I love it! It has been pretty f*cking hot in Eugene lately, which is pretty weird. But I LOVE summer!

What Iíve been up to:

What's new:

That's all folks! Be checking back frequently, because i'm an updating machine this summer! No, seriously this time!

*nothing's here we clear the walk
and we all think we've done our parts
no one talks our actions speak
but all i hear is silence*
--Kaia Wilson

last modified June 28, 2000!