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Welcome to the Creatures COB Collection ©

Looking for COBS for your Creatures to play, eat, and interact with?
Well, you've come to the right place.
The Creatures COB Collection contains all the COBS I could find, from food to toys and more.

The COBS are ordered into groups.

  • FOOD - Contains all food and food dispensers.
  • TOYS - Contains toys for your Creatures to play with.
  • MEDICINE - Contains medicine and things which make your Creatures feel better.
  • ANIMALS - Contains other creatures that live in Albia.
  • OTHER - Contains COBS that just don't quite fit anywhere else.

    The Links page contains links to sites related to Creatures, and COBS.

    Want to make your own COB's? The How To page has everything you need.

    Finally, if you have a COB that you've created or found, that isn't here, go to the Add a COB page and follow the instructions.

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