I updated the 18 inch doll pages, added new sewing, and knitting links as well as a new layout.

Hey Guys! How do you like the new layout?

Hey Everyone, I updated yesterday so if you want to read it go to the Updates page. I am trying to start an advent calendar for dolls click here to find out more. Also check out my new pattern Crocheted Snowflake.

Hi everyone =D Sorry I know I have not been updating a lot I have just been very busy with school starting up this fall and stuff. Don't be suprised later when you get on if I have changed a lot of graphics I am in a very patriotic mood this month. !!!!Vote for Bush!!!!

I think I have gotten back to everyone, if you have not recieved an answer just drop me a note and I'll make sure to write you back. I was writing down notes during class today and guess what, I found the skirt pattern to Kelly's Beach outfit yipee! I am going to try to post the hat tommorrow but don't know if I will have enough time. I wanted to put a picture up but my scanner broke =( I also added a link page with quite a few different links to places on the web with free Kelly stuff. I hope you all have a great week!