Kelly's Ballerina Outfit


Gauge: 9 dc= "1 inch"

Ch 27
Row 1: Sc in second ch from hook and across, ch1 turn.(26)
Row 2-3: Sc in each st across, ch1 turn(26).
Row 4: Sc in first 5 sts, ch 8, skip 3, sc in next 10 sts, ch 8, skip 3, sc in last 5 sts, ch1, turn.(36)
Row 5: Sc in all sts and chains across, end off.(36)
Rejoin thread on a corner on the bottom of your bodice, ch3, *3dc in next st, sc in next* Rep from* across, end off.

I like to fold my tulle so that I have four layers. I then hand gather it up. The length of tulle you use depends on how tightly gathered a tu-tu you want.
When your tu-tu is gathered hand sew it onto the little edging you crocheted onto the bottom of your bodice.

Tuck in all strings and sew two snaps onto your bodice.
*Kate's Place, 2000*

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