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You Don't Look Japanese... Three Girls

August 4, 2004: This site is hopelessly out of date. Please access info and links with caution. I will be updating this site in the next few months. I apologize for any confusion or frustration! --Linda

My goal was to be as inclusive as possible with regards to biracial/interracial issues, including not so pleasant URLs. If you come across one that you think should be included (or if you have a page you'd like me to add), e-mail me at

Info on Interracial Dating/Marriage/Relationships

For the past few months I've been receiving more and more requests for info interracial relationships! The interest is gratifying, but unfortunately due to the fact that I need to eat and sleep and work, I am unable to respond to everyone's requests. I apologize to those I have not responded to and hope to be able to get back to you as soon as possible. I hope to create a "Researching Interracial Topics" page in the near future.

For now, your best bet as to obtaining info on the topic is to talk to your local librarian! He/she can help you, trust me. And I promise they won't even shush you....

New New New New

Want the whole world to know you're proud to be hapa? Go buy a t-shirt from CelebrAsian! (P.S.--They make this stuff to give back to the Asian-American community--give them a hand!)

A brand-spankin' new magazine just for us! Visit Métisse Magazine Online.

The Articulate Journal of the Mixed-Race Experience. Intrigued? Visit MAVIN now!

Are you a Sansei with a mixed European/Caucasian background? There's a study looking for you...

Amerasian and can't get enough of being a research subject? Lori Ono may be looking for you....

To those who have been e-mailing me with suggested sites: thanks! This page is growing fast. Keep 'em coming.....
Bet You Didn't Know!

Blurred Racial Lines of Famous Families
Think you can't get any whiter than Heather Locklear? Think again! Check out PBS' Frontline website devoted to the blurry racial backgrounds of several famous American and European families.

Amy Hill's Delicious Home Page
Amy Hill, America's most talented (and funny) Amerasian actor now has a home page! Very entertaining and thought-provoking--read her thoughts about Asian/Pacific/ Islander men! (I've been there, Amy.....)

Racemixing - Worse Than Murder
Those fun-loving folks at National Alliance think that we're the result of efforts to exterminate the "white race". Guess we're responsible for El Niña as well....

Who Rules America?
Bet you didn't know it, but according to National Alliance we're just one of the many reasons America is going down the tubes. According to them, we're "darlings of the media". If they only knew....

The World of Lily Wong
So just what is life like for an interracial couple in Hong Kong at the end of the millenium? Funny! Check it out....

Looking for articles about the Asian multi-racial experience? Visit Asian-American Village's Family & Lifestyles site. How can you pass up an article called In Defense (and Celebration) of Mutts?

Don't You Dare List Them as 'Other' (U.S. News & World Report) Look ma--we made it on national news!


Kip Fullbeck/Seaweed Productions
Kip is a film maker who explores the intricacies and emotions of growing up hapa in America. Nice web site too...

OF MANY COLORS: Portraits of Multiracial Families
A traveling photo-text exhibit illustrating just how diverse multi-racial families can be. The book will be available November 1997.

Frontline:Secret Daughter
A *must* see for anyone interested in interracial issues, race issues, and just plain human issues. The story of a African-American/white woman raised by a black family because she looked "too black" to be raised by her white mother. This show said it all.

Mardi Gras Indians
Think that interracialism is a 20th-Century thing? Guess again. This photdocumentary illustrates a 100-year old African-American/Native American ritual performed during Mardi Gras. Too beautiful for words....

Mixed-Race Marriage -- Hollywood's Version
Nifty little overview on how interracial relations have been portrayed by Hollywood.

Asymmetrical Representation of Interracial Relationships
Focusing on media's views of Asian/white relationships, what's of particular interest is the discussion of media's inability to portray Asian males as anything more than sexless caricatures.
Personal Pages

Want to read a very touching account of how one man found love in Japan? Go visit Al Albertson's A Japanese/American Marriage Lasting 47 Years. It wasn't easy for American servicemen who dared to marry one of "the natives".

Feelin' a little politically feisty? Then visit the Multiracial Activist! Good site for you political animals...

Allen Steadham's excellent resource for other links about interracial/multiracial issues. Check out the guestbook!

Debbie Brown's heartfelt look at the interracial experience. Lovely to look at.


Want to contribute to science? Or just make a quick $10 with the possibility of winning a $100 savings bond? Karen and Pata Suyemoto are looking for Amerasians to participate in their study. Visit their site for more details.

Lori Ono is looking for individuals who have a Japanese-American parent AND a European-American parent for a dissertation study. E-mail Lori at for more details.

Discussion Groups

Interracial Discussion List ("II")
Want to read the thoughts of actual multiracial beings? Join the discussion in II!

Looking for that special magazine for the multicultural woman? Look no longer! Visit Métisse Magazine Online.

This site has gotten a lot of press recently. Want to see what the fuss is all about? Then go to MAVIN directly--do not pass go!

Interracial Voice
Probably the most well-known mag on the web about interracial issues. Pretty comprehensive and a good place to start.

Association for MultiEthnic Americans
Did anyone think about organizing before the 1990s? Yes! AMEA has been around since 1988 and promotes formation of multiethnic/interracial groups at the local level. Interested? Give them a look-see!

Interracial Family & Social Alliance
North Texas' only support and social services group serving interracial families and couples. Join now!

Hapa Issues Forum Home Page
At last! A group devoted to hapa/Amerasian/Eurasian issues! News, events--even recipes!

National Interracial Support/Advocacy Groups
Self-Explanatory. Some groups even have e-mail addresses. Check it out.

Nikkei Nexus
A great, all-inclusive resource for those of Japanese ancestry living in the Americas. Check out the page "Dos and Don'ts of Japanese Culture in America"!
Social/Political Stuff

NAACP's Views on Multiracial Category

The NAACP treads cautiously on this ground, but what it boils down to (in their opinion) is that in the political arena, it's literally black or white.

Bill of Rights for Racially Mixed People
At last! After years of putting up with people demanding that I explain my ethnic background, it's nice to know there's others who decided not to put up with it.

Project RACE
Join the advocates for multiracial children and adults in their drive to have society accept our multiracial heritage. Of special importance is their dedication in alerting us to the importance of the national bone marrow donor program for those of multiethnic backgrounds.

Raging Controversies

"Wall of Shame" Provokes Look at Interracial Dating"
Read about the difficulties some students at Brown University had when dating outside their race. It's not just a knee-jerk-white-racist-thang, 'ya know....

Bibliographies (Or: Books to Read)

Interracial Interactions Thread
Originally a list gathered by instructors for a class, it's a great list of books and plays that deals with not only biracial people, but how people react to others of another race.

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