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What they say on Bernd Schuster

Opinions on the Blond Angel from people related football




1979 Hennes Weisweiler, German legendary trainer: "Bernd is a very good player, he has got quality and intelligence. He's the best player I've never coached. I'm sure he could be the successor of Franz Beckenbauer"
Hennes Weisweiler
Hennes Weisweiler
1980 Karl Stotz, National trainer Austria: "This young is a natural phenomena"

Franz Beckenbauer, German Legend: "He will be the big leader in the World Cup 1982. His new time in Spain will be very good for his personal improvement. In midfield he is great and in the Libero position he could be a good successor of mine"
Guenther Netzer, German Legend: "He is a real talented player. My club was interested buy him, but he is too much expensive. Now we have received a good offer form Juventus to sell Hrubesch, so the next summer we will have money enough to buy Schuster. Unfortunately it seems it will be too late, he has signed today with FC Barcelona"
 Rinus Michels, Dutch coaching in Germany: "I have arrived to FC Koeln too late. It is a big hit to me to find a team without Bernd Schuster. The president told to me it was a necessary lost. I know he will be a big star. He can be a great midfielder or a great libero. It will be impossible to me to find a good replacement for him here in FC Koeln"
Rainer Bonhof, German player: "It is a pity what has happened to Bernd. The situation ws in the very edge betweenhim and the trainer Heddergott. He will be a great footballer, he is strong like a Neeskens with the quality of Cruyff. FC Barcelona can build a super team around him, but he is very young and the club has a lot of problems, specially now, so I hope Simonsen will help Bernd. He is not polemic, I disagree the journalists, he is a good team-mate and an excellent footballer"

Uli Stielike, German player "He has not an equalized personal life, FC Koeln let him go for important reasons. He was not ready for the big success in the EURO"

 Helenio Herrera, Argentinian legendary trainer: "Believe me, I am not an homosexual, but I am really in love with this footballer, I love him!"

Alfredo Relaño, Spanish journalist: "When he conducts the ball forward, the Earth kneels down at his feet and nobody can stop him!"

1981 Antoni Pages, FC Barcelona representative : "The problem of Bernd Schuster is called Gaby Schuster"
 Don Balon spanish magazine. "When he is committed to show  his best, he is Superschuster, and Superschuster is a public treasure"
 Jupp Derwall, German National trainer. "Bernd Schuster  will not play with West Germany anymore"
 Don Balon spanish magazine after his serious injury. "Temperamental character, sharp game. Omnipresent all over the field. Also arrogant. Bernd Schuster falls out. He falls out into the field, where his poweful figure seemed to be over the rest"

 Vujadin Boskov, Serbian coach of Real Madrid. "Schuster is a genius, he tries to play all over the field and he can do it"

 Juan Jose Castillo, Spanish journalist. "He is a real talent, with privileged view. He is also a polemic man, maybe due to his introvert character, maybe because he is too much young for such responsibility and he is still looking for himself. But I see his elegant straide and I can see he will be an exceptional star"
1982 Nicolau Casaus, FC Barcelona assistant chairman "When I saw him in 1980 I thought he was the nicest, most powerful and beautiful player on the field. I felt in love with the blond midfielder. I called my president and told him the best about Bernd and he answered me: Nicolau, You cannot say the truth, it's impossible such a good player. Then, we got Bernd for the next season"
Rinus Michels, Dutch trainer (after Bernd's injury in Bilbao) "Bernd was not injured, he was executed"
 Jupp Derwall, German National trainer. "Bernd Schuster do not want to play with the National team, he is a silly"
Karl Schneider, German Medical Doctor "He left my Hospital without permission. But anyway I was thinking about to fire him. It is impossible to help to him if he does not want to collaborate. He has a total lack of manners. He wanted to  impose the rythm of the recovery excercises. He is a rebel without a cause"
Gonzalez Adrio, Medical manager FC Barcelona "He has not working properly after the first operation. I think the as not right enough. Bernd has developed a fibrosis and the Medical specialists of the club were convinced we could not fix it. We have signed a report which says Bernd cannot play football anymore. However, he has been recovering the knee slowly and now we can see he can play"
Hermann Neuberger, President German DFB federation after the National team failed in World Cup 1982 "Of course Bernd has a place in this team, moreover, we must build the team all around him"
1983 Josep Borrell, former FC Barcelona doctor: "Bernd Schuster and Mauro Silva are very special players, they are close to the ideal 'biotyp'. Not injured frequently, very quick restoration... They are perfect. I am very proud to manage difficult operations with such kind of players".

Guenter Netzer, German legend : "Magath has retired so only Schuster or Stielike can manage the German National team. I hope Schuster can find the calmness soon. I do not know why Bernd is always in the center of all troubbles"

 Don Balon spanish magazine. "When he is comitted to show  his best, he is Superschuster, and Superschuster is a public treasure"
 Cesar Luis Menotti, Argentinian coach of FC Barcelona. "I will make Bernd to become the best world player"

Paul Breitner, German player: "When Bernd is on his own, he's just a nice little boy. But as soon as his wife Gaby is present, he turns into a wild sow"

1984 Diego A. Maradona, Argentinian legend: "The 'Blond' is the only player who could help me in my difficult time in Barcelona, either in and out the field. We have quality enough to understand each other into the field. He is a master. I was trying to shot like him, to imitate to him...We were some times together shooting after the training was over. Out of the stadium he is charming, valiant and sincere, he will be forever my friend as he said always what he things and he never tried to hide his character in the harder moments. I am grateful for his support and his words"

1986 Gonzalez Adrio, former FC Barcelona doctor, opered Bernd Schuster in 1982: "When I saw his injury and the previous bad cirurgy I thought it will be no future for him in the football world again. He was only 21, with brilliant future. He lost the chance to go to the next World Cup... However, I was surprised when he began to play again (with much pain) some months later. He said to me he will play again and he did. For 15 more successful seasons. I considered it a little miracle".

Jose Luis Nunez, FC Barcelona president after loosing the Champions League 1986: "Bernd will not dress the FC Barcelona outfit any more"

Diego Armando Maradona, Argentinian Legend: "I am very happy here in Italy. Here the stars are protected, not prosecuted. Bernd Schuster should come to play in Italy. I would pay money to bring him here, to play with Bernd here in the same team altogether again"
Angel Pedraza, Spanish team mate FC Barcelona "I do not know if Bernd will stay in FC Barcelona or it will be a loan. But I prefer him to stay, he is a leader and a extraordinary part of the team. It was a peasure to me to share the team with him for some months" 

1987 Toni Schumacher, German legendary goalkeeper in his book 'Anpfiff': "He is not only my friend, he is also the most impressive player I have ever seen, since Beckenbauer. He is fresh, powerful, privileged...simply the best!"
Boris Becker, German legendary tennis player "I am a FC Bayer Munchen fan and a Bernd Schuster fan. He is the best player I have ever seen in my life. I wanted to be footballer but I bet for tennis. I am very proud he is also a fan of me, as he said in the press and I hope I can play the next 'Godo Cup' in Barcelona so I can meet him in person. I will tell him to reconsider to come back to the National team, we need him, he is the best, we have no other like him. I also hope he will come back to Germany one day, and to play in FC Bayern, it is my dream".

Andres Astruells, Spanish journalist: "The best Bernd Schuster can do into a football ground is to play as well as Bernd Schuster does it. It is all grant"

1988 Roberto Fernandez, (former FC Barcelona player) "Yes, I was his team mate for 2 seasons, but actually, I don't know him. This is the truth, he daily came, trained and then went back home. I don't know who is Bernd Schuster"

Victor Muñoz, (FC Barcelona player), 1988. "He is very individual, he's always going alone in his own way, he never minds what the other mates do or think. He would be a very good tennis player"

October 1980 with trainer Herrera
Helenio Herrera 

Bernd with his old friend Toni Schumacher
Toni Schumacher

1983: what a midfield!!

Luis Aragones

 Bernd and Nunez in the hard time of 1987
Jose Luis Nunez

1988 Leo Beenhakker, Dutch trainer of Real Madrid "I want Schuster to be the leader of the team. I want the defense to let him the ball as soon as possible so he can decide what is the best for the team, I want a rapid transition to the forwards. Bernd is a perfect brain for us"
Jose Luis Nuñez, FC Barcelona president, in a meeting for the reelection one year before to sign the troublemaker Hristo Stoichkov: "The experience has teach to me that players like Bernd Schuster are not good for the team. We will never buy such polemical  players like Bernd Schuster anymore"
Don Balon magazine "Nobody understands Schuster. He is an excellent player. However, his  mental profile is a neighbor of Daniel the troublemaker, a boy into a man's body, a prodigious football boy, by the way"

Leo Beenhakker, Dutch trainer of Real Madrid There is not 'Schuster Affaire', simply Real Madrid plays different than the last year because Schuster is here. And Schuster must play different than in his games in FC Barcelona because here he is not the one and only star. We will get a total adaptation and it will be a successful story. He is an inteligent player and he can play in several ways in midfield or libero if I consider it necessary"
Aranguren , Spanish  trainer "Bernd is a great player and it is a valuable piece for any team. Bernd is the player every trainer wants to have in his team. Maybe he needs some weeks for the adaptation, but I am sure he will be a basic player some months later"
Dunai, Spanish trainer "It is too much early to appreciate his performance in Real. But Bernd is a very good player and his performance will be out of any doubt. Schuster has replaced Jankovic and he will be very positive. His quality will make him successful. I would like to have a Schuster in my team too"
Luis Costa, Spanish trainer "He will have no problems, he is one of the best players in the world. I guess he is the perfect axe for the Real games. His quality is a grant for success"
Javier Azkargorta, Spanish trainer "No team in the world can doubt about Schuster's performances. He one of the best players in Europe right now and it is impossible he has any problem to adapt to a new tactic in Real Madrid"
Eusebio Rios, Spanish trainer "Bernd is a phenomena, and any phenomena is positive for football. Real Madrid got right when signed him. He will have excellent performances after some weeks of necessary adaptation"
 Uli Stielike , German player "Real Madrid made a mistake signing Bernd Schuster"
1989 Jose M. Garcia, Spanish Radio Antena 3 journalist: "What the Real Madrid fans are showing every week in the stadium is a privilege. To have such a play maker is an absolute luxe. He is the Von Karajan of the orchestra, the Mozart inventing the opus...a wonderful taste for football lovers"
Marcos Alonso, Spanish player, old FC Barcelona team-mate: "If Real Madrid buys Schuster and Maradona at age 22, they can win 5 European Championships in a row. FC Barcelona got nothing"
1990  Don Balon Magazine: "Schuster  is a trouble maker. Not the tipical one arriving late to the trainings and being the king of the night parties. On the contrary, his profesional behaviour is kind a Spartan life. He has a problem with his neuronas, he has an extremely difficult and complicated character"
John Benjamin Toshak, Welch trainer off  Real Madrid: "I have decided to replace Schusetr only for tactical reasons. The close frienship of Ruggeri with the captains has no influence  in my decision. We will buy Gica Hagi"
Ramon Mendoza, Real Madrid president: "Bernd is like a little boy. He is fanciful and has bad advicings form his family"
decision. We will buy Gica Hagi"
Uli Stielike, German National Player: "I am not surprised Real to fire Bernd, I was surprised Real to hire him two seasons ago"
1990  Jesus Gil, Atletico Madrid president: "After the UEFA defeat, I could sign in the Devil. But Bernd Schuster is much more appropiate. He is expensive but he is the man we need, only Bernardo can fix this team, I am asking for miracles!!"
Julio Prieto, Atletico Madrid player"I just want him to show in Atletico what he has shown in FC Barcelona and Real Madrid. The team has much more selfconfidence to have such a star in midfield"
Gerhard Rodax, Austrian Atletico Madrid player: "We know he is a star, he knows he is a star and all we are very proud to have him"
Tomas Reñones, Atletico Madrid player: "We were looking for a midfielder to manage the team and we have found a specialist, the best one"
Tendillo, Real Madrid former team-mate: "Atletico has join a extra quality player. His last season here in Real was outstanding! We will miss him."
Paco Buyo, Real Madrid former team-mate: "He has a high performance in every team he was and now he will support Atletico with his quality and his nice character"
Fernando Hierro, Real Madrid former team-mate: "Atletico Madrid has got a perfect conductor for the team. If Bernd is motivated they will reach a great level. I hope the best for Schuster...except when he plays against us"
Aldana, Real Madrid former team-mate: "Bernd is an extra-ordinary player, a strong one in midfield, he can push Atletico to the victory. Atletico Madrid has got a perfect conductor for the team. If Bernd is motivated all his rivals will have problems"
Rafa Gordillo, Real Madrid former team-mate: "He is a master, we have seen to him here for two outstanding  seasons. Atletico has lots of problems in midfield and he can definitely help. But he cannot fix it all alone, all his team mates must support him"
Aldana, Real Madrid former team-mate: "Bernd is an extra-ordinary player, a strong one in midfield, he can push Atletico to the
Aldana, Real Madrid former team-mate: "Bernd is an extra-ordinary player, a strong one in midfield, he can push Atletico to the
1991 Radio journalist in SER radio channel: "Bernd Schuster is the only one player who can build a good team with ten dogs around!".
1992 Friedel Rausch, German trainer coaching Anderlecht . "We're not interested to sign on Schuster. We don't need a slow bum"
1993 Jesus Gil, Atletico Madrid president: "Bernd is an irresponsible person. I just need him to get medicated, his injury is influencing the team and he is not interested to accelerate the recovery and to obey the doctor. He will not play in Atletico Madrid anymore!"
1993 Frankfurter Morgenpost, German newspaper: "Football fans of Germany:  please do not miss the chance to see a great master live!. Go to the stadium to watch out Bayer Leverkusen and you will see a player like no other, the king of long passes, the perfect brain in midfield. Football lessons of higher level!"
Bild, German newspaper: "Schuster is a genius, he ruled Matthaeus and the rest. We need the Blond Angel to be World Champions"
Kicker, German magazine: "Schuster is a winner, he showed us he still is a genius managing football, he is the big master of the football school"
Dragoslav Stepanovic, Serbian trainer of Bayer Leverkusen: "Schuster is the father of all victories. Too much silly  people was talking too much. Now Bernd has started the championship and you can see live who is Bernd Schuster. If the best players msut be in the National team, Bernd Schster is the very best of all them"
Berti Vogs, German National coach: "I was not interested to introduce new payers int he Natinonal Team becasue we are planning the World Cup 1994 the next summer... But if Bernd Schuster can mantain this level,  vit is a must to call to him. It is pleasant to watch Bernd playing, conducting, managing...He was not 13 in the dessert, he was playign in Spain. Since Beckenbauer, German football has not seen a player like this, only Schuster"

Wolfgang Overath, German legendary player: "About Bernd Schuster we must know that he's not 20 years old but he's still in a high level in his career. Even he's not the same young powerful midfielder and scorer ...but he worths for half the team himself. He's a giant to do it".

Lothar Matthaeus, German legend: "Bernd Schuster is a master, it was impressive to play this game today against him. Bayer Leverkusen has won FC Bayern today just because they have a player called Bernd Schuster. He is the difference. He is the best of the world, he has invented top games today"

Leo Beenhakker, Dutch former coach of Bernd: "I am not surprised of Bernd's performance. He plays every match in the top level. He is a genius. Such kind of players who can think and chose the right game in less than  one second are very special". 

Stefan Effenberg, German national player: "If Bernd can mantain the level, I will loose my job in the German National Team, every thing he does is top, his passes to Kirsten and Thom are extremely dangerous"

Max Merkel, German player: "If Bernd is playing is such top level, he will be the right Libero for the National team"

1994 Dragoslav Stepanovic, Serbian trainer coaching Bayer Leverkusen: "He is more than the right Captain for the team, he's almost a General".

German TV journalist T. Klement, (SAT 1 TV): "Please, please, please, Mr. Vogts, call Schuster for the national team again!"

Rudy Völler, German player and trainer: "Bernd is showing since some weeks ago a prominent performance and without any doubt he would be an aid for the national team. But his come back must be a real one, not only for 2 or 3 matches. There aren't many players like him. He has the best quality ball touch of the team and he's a star who plays for the rest of us".

German TV journalist Joerg Woentorra, (SAT 1 TV): "Bernd Schuster is every time right. The perfect playmaker will miss the National team if he's not into the group of Vogts' favorites."

German TV journalist Herbert Fassbender, (ARD TV): "I've always said that the German football took a big wrong decision last years when Schuster has been not called for the national team . I could never know him, it was impossible, but now we can know how he is: Modest, sympathetic, reasonable"

1995 Lothar Matthäus, German legend : "He's a genius. One of the best players of the Bundesliga, or maybe the best. Bayer Leverkusen has lost a piece of heart without him"

Bodo Illgner, German national keeper: "He played for FC Barcelona, Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid, an incredible career..."

Rainer Calmund, Bayer Leverkusen General Manager: "I cannot understand why he is sent off several times during the season. A man of his quality cannot loose the nerves like this. He must stay cool with every incitements of the rivals. We need him on the field, it cannot happen again, we will talk with him"

1996   Rudi Voeller, German National player and Bayer team-mate: " Bernd Schuster is not invited to my farewell match"
Rudi Voeller


1997 Claudio Reyna, USA national player, Bayer Leverkusen team mate: "I have never seen anyone take a more professional and more disciplined attitude than Bernd Schuster. I respected him a lot".
1997 Kicker, German magazine about the surprising tactics of Bernd in tiny club SC Fortuna: "The blond Angel is over, the Offensive Angel has come!" 
1998 Jose Luis Nunez, FC Barcelona president: "Bernd Schuster is the best player I have ever seen during my time as a president. I bought him and I thought he was expensive for a 20 teenager...but he was really cheap. The cheaper in the history of the club. His performance is out of any doubt and I cannot assume the time of the 1980's in the club if we were decided not to buy him".

1999 Luis Aragonés, Spanish legendary player and trainer:  "He's one of the best players I've ever coached. He is a step over th rest. Due to his winner character and his quality level. In the trainings he worked as the best and on the field he was very intelligent. I was always a big fan of him and he knows it. I have nothing to explain him related football. He knows all about it, he knows what I want every time during the game, in a kind of mental link!.He always choses the best option in the game. It is a privilege to have such a player managing midfield and managing the team. I felt really confidence to have such a Master to trust in".
2001 Antonio Calle, Xerez player: "Bernd hired me for Xerez and I am very grateful of his confidence, so later I could improve in my career. He gave me the big chance, we were together for one year and a half, but he was a very rare person. I mean we talked very few times during these times. He is reserved maybe. But we respected him a lot and we didn't want him to leave in Xerez. We wanted to work in peace but the president and the major and the general environment were against Schuster".
 Getafe boss is Angel Torres

Angel Torres

2003 Rinat Akhmetov, Shakhter Donetsk president: "I entrust Bernd Schuster because I consider he will improve our team. I want to say that, in spite of all failures, we have a strong team. We have a good game, good footballers, a young arrogant trainer, who will show himself and to force all to speak about himself differently. I have not doubt."

Zvonimir Vukic, Shakhter Donetsk player: "Bernd Schuster was in the past an excellent player, and today a good trainer. Althought he is German, he has played a lot of time in Spain and he has a Southern style. I have discovered very different tactics than in my former team Partizan"

Pedrag Pazhin, Shakhter Donetsk player: " Bernd Schuster is a seroius player, I have just  payed a fine yesterday to arrive late to have breakfast. Disciplinary is important to have a united team. We will try to get success in Champions League... maybe we can win if we get 3 Pazhins and 1 Bernd Schuster to play. Actually, Schuster was a very good footballer, I always loved his game."
2004 Alexei Mihailitchenko, coaching Dinalmo Kiev, former URSS player: "It is a pleasure to meet him now, after a lot of years have passed. I deserve him a big respect, he was impressive".

Manolo Preciado, Levante coach leaving to be replaced for Bernd: "I am surprised I will not train here the next season. The president decided to hire Bernd Schuster, who is a legend as a player. What can I do? Simply they can consider that Bernd Schuster is better, or simply 'Bernardo' is more beautiful than me"

Samuel Banos, Sporting Gijon player close to sign with Levante: "I know the rumours which say I can play in Levante. To be a part of the team of Bernd Schuster is such a wonderful thing, I hope it can be true. It is a double illusion, to play in Primera, and to play under Bernd Schuster rules: a privilege for a creative midfielder. It should be an honour. He is a myth and I think I could learn a lot with him"

Felix Ettien, Ivory Coast National player, Levante player "I'm ambitious, I think I will success. The coach Bernd Schuster gives me a lot of confidence. He told me to forget about the press and the people's opinions, and to be worry only about football. His support is very important to me, because he knows every thing on football subject".

Angel Cuellar, National player Spain and Levante: "It is impressing to be coached by Schuster, face to face. He has a plus, he was a big one in Europe and in the World, so the respect he deservers is still bigger. It is a privilege to be learning from a person who was on the top and knows on football. He speaks not much, but enough. He is clear and practical, and he has a strong faith in the team and himself so we feel it too"

Michel Platini, French legend: "There is only one player whom I can say he impressed me much. He is the German Bernd Schuster. He was really a top one. I had the chance to play face to face with him, I remember we have played a friendship game in Barcelona in 1982 (UNICEF game) and his movements, his football scoop, his skills... he was a master"

Lucas Alcaraz, Spanish coach: "I will always remember the day he came to congratulate me after we won a game and we promoted to Primera. He was the trainer of a surprising Xerez and it was a  bitter time for him, the most important defeat. It was an historical time for Xerez and they lost the big chance. But he came to our celebration just after the game was over to hold to me and to congratulate us. I am very happy such a big player is driving his career into the coaching subject. He is doing very well and I hope the best for him"

2005 Juan Manuel Gozalo, Spanish journalist RNE radio: "This is a messagge for the young football fans. You were unlucky if you were born late and you could not see Bernd Schuster playing live: he is a master in a way no other, there are no more players like him and I appologise I cannot compare him to any other current player: no Redondo, Zidane or Beckham. It should be not fair. This kind of footballer seems to be dissapeared...unfortunaltely!"

Fabio Celestini, National player Switzerland, former Levante and Getafe midfielder: "It is a proud to me to play under Bernd Schuster. I play in his position, so I try to learn from him in every training. He is a icon to me. I am proud that he bought to me to come to Getafe after we were together in Levante for one season. When he speaks to the players, all we are listening to him, he is always right. For the midfielders, it is an advantage to have such a trainer, and I consider myself a lucky player to have such a chance in my football career".


Thomas Guasch, Spanish journalist TVE1: "Zidane's a big one in the History? Please! Have you ever seen Bernd Schuster live? If they could play together, Bernd should be the master and Zidane could only help him with the baggages in the hotels!"

Javier Aguirre , Mexican coach in Spain : "Bernd Schuster was a top player, he was in a higher step. Now as a trainer I really respect him because he is a very good strategist and I am always in a difficult question when our teams meet. He is very a interesting trainer".

Eric Banyeres, spanish journalist: "What an appearance! what a player he was! Now as a trainer I think behind every good team there is a good trainer. And behind Getafe there is a spite of the referees!"

Daniel Guiza, Getafe forward: "Due to my age, my idol is Kiko. But I can remember Bernd Schuster, he was a top star. Bernd Schuster is probably the trainer who has teached to me more things. He knows everything about football. He knows what the players are thinking and we respect him a lot. When he talks, all we are listen to him, no exceptions"

Julio Salinas, National player Spain: "He is the most complet midfielder I have ever seen, phisical, technical and tactically perfect. The conductor with a powerful character and also he was a dangerous scorer. I was face to face with him in some matches and I discovered that the full team followed him with higher faith, he especially appeared to solve critical moments. And psicologically a big winner, he was always in advantage, also now as a coach".

Fabio Capello, Real Madrid coach before loosing vs Getafe: "Schuster? who is Schuster? I do not know him. All you journalists are always talking about the same name"

Angel Torres, Getafe president. "Bernd Schuster is our real 'galactic', our club star. I am very proud to have been here working with. I hope the best for him in the future wherever he goes and I am grateful to have enjoyed him for 2 seasons in Getafe. It was a coach deluxe, a hit in the History of this club. It will be very difficult to get another coach to reach his level".
Vicente del Bosque, former successful Real Madrid player and coach: "I know him as a player, excellent! what can I say, all you know. I know him in person and the best I can do is looking at his team playing very good without stars. I think he is ready to coach Real Madrid, he knows the white club very well".

Juan Antonio Camacho former team mate Schuster, now coach: "Bernd Schuster was an absolute extra class, I have never seen or played with a midfielder like him. Absolutely the one and only. Now Bernd has become a top coach and I am very happy he is successful. I am sure, if he has the chance, he will make a great job in Real Madrid. Real needs a person like Bernd, a winner, to lead a new time".

2007 David Belenguer, Getafe's captain: "Our last coach, Quique Sanchez Flores is now training Valencia. Now Schuster has improving Quique's performance in Getafe, both the last season and the current season, so all we know he will leave soon to go to a big one. He deserves it. We all are proud of him too. His success is our success. Getafe is a perfect club to jump into a higher step as well for players and trainers. We are thinking about not to pay, but receive money from the next coach who wants to come here!"

Abel Resino, former Atletico Madrid team mate, current coach: "As a player, what can I say, a world top class, unforgetable. As a person, I consider myself his friend. As a coach now he has got a very difficult and nice thing in football: to give his own personality to his teams. He will be very soon working in a bigger club: Real Madrid or FC Barcelona"

Gica Craioveanu, former Getafe player: "He seems too much serious for the journalists maybe... but he is not rigid. I mean, he is serious like a German, but he is very nice, he even meet the team for supper some times. He leaves the player to develop his own style, we have freedom to play our way... He is of course ready to go to Real Madrid o to any other big club. He was a great player and we can feel it. The rumours about his improvement to a bigger club is not affecting the players... all they are very proud of it, our performance is contributing to make the coach the centre of all glances".

Ottmar Hitzfeld, German trainer: "Schuster was one of the best midfielders in the world. Now as a trainer I think he is one of the best too, He is doing it very well and he is a very interesting trainer, he should be an interesting profile for a fresh start in FC Bayern".

Klaus Allofs, former FC Koeln and Germany team mate: "Bernd is ready to train any big club in the world. I am not surprised he has a lot of offers now... what is he doing with Getafe is not easy"

Franz Beckenbauer, German legend "As a player he was an absolute master, I have to say. Not many players have such quality and performance. As a coach he is very well considered, as he has got excellent results with little clubs. It is a big name to be considered for the future in the important clubs. I am sure. Maybe one day for FC Bayern too.  Unfortunately I think he is not ready right now to coach FC Bayern"

Luis Nieto, Spanish journalist: "Once upon a time he was a genial, transgressor footballer, also unsociable and ill-tempered. Now we discover a new Bernd Schuster as a trainer: good conversor, reflexive, regretful and innovator. He was travelling to watch other trainers live, he played with 3 strikers in the 2 Liga in Germany, he was in Champions League places with tiny clubs Levante and Getafe...He really deserves a chance in a bigger club. If he can see football from the bench as well as he could do it from the midfield....enough! "

Manolo Lama, Sport Journalist SER :"Today there are no Schusters. The best Schuster ever was playing in the EURO 1980 ... there are no money nowadays to buy him. Even to buy the old Schuster, who lead Atletico Madrid in 1993 should be more expensive than Beckham and 4 more Real Madrid players altoghether".

Cuco Ziganda, Osasuna coach: "Bernd is a very good trainer. And very sympathetic. He always smiles to me when we meet before the games. Maybe becasue he always wins Osasuna. I can see he is pleased to meet me to say hello"

Frank Rijkaard, FC Barcelona coach: "Bernd Schuster is doing very well. As a player he was a master and as a coach he can see the game very well. He really deserves a bigger club to work in. But it depends on him and on the confidence of the big clubs in Bernd Schuster"

Quique Guasch, Spanish Journalist Radio SER :"Every time I see Getafe I can see the big merits of Bernd Schusetr with this team: These players have no quality to control the ball and they are playing offensive trying to rule the game and win the matches with every rival including FC Barcelona or Real Madrid!"



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