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This is an unofficial page of BERND SCHUSTER. Comments to webmaster: Sinabild

This net site is dedicated to one of the most important soccer players in the 80's and 90's. Now the Real Madrid coach.





The german Bernd Schuster was during 18 years an extra quality footballer in Europe.

He never looked for the crazy love of the fans, he just wanted respect as a soccer star.

Probably due to his introvert character the fans and journalists have never understood his behaviour and way of life.

He also renounced to his national team when he was only 23, so the fans of the planet could never see him winning World Cups
nor Golden Baloons,... but he was trying to be happy playing soccer
and you were a lucky fan if you have ever seen him live.

He was called Blond Angel into the stadiums, but also was some times a little devil out of them.

This is the story of the very special player who now is starting from the scratch to become a great one again , now as a trainer.
Today he is again the man on top: He is the Real Madrid manager.


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