It's the punk band you've been waiting for, well, not really. They are called backwash, straight from the non-existence punk-scene of Central Oregon. Thier music has been described as a mix between the Dead Kennedys, Operation Ivy, and circle jerks, by a Ian Hernandez of the punk band SICKO. They've been around for about a year or so and have played with bands such as: All Out, The Speds, 57split, NO EXCUSE, Go for broke, Gray is Grey, the Thought Police, Civil disgust, cafe405, the nicknacks, Tales from the birdbath, Antarctic Beachparty, The Offs, Ninja Death Clan, Preschool Propaghanda, Sweatshop Ninjas, Hindz57, Nemecheck, Slick Shoes, Cooter, Jersey, and other good bands. They aren't big yet, but they are traveling on a long road. Thanks for visiting and check stuff out. this page is old and it sucks so check out our new one. we have played with twice that many bands by now.

Backwash has made a cd! It has 6 songs on it, and is just great! If you want a copy email us. actually that was about a year ago, we made a new 10 song cd recently that is on our new website.

Go To this Great backwash page, it is way better, and more updated..

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If you have any questions, comments, or complaints, email us, or email us for BOOKING info, we need shows, and we have a van and will go anywhere in oregon, so email us.