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My Portal Room

     You have traveled down numerous corridors, passed through ancient and measureless caverns, stumbled around pillars and down the stairways of an underground city of some hapless race now long extinct.
     At last, so deep below ground that the knowledge of the mountain’s weight is an immense pressure, you walk through an open doorway into a hall.
     You find yourself in a huge chamber large enough for eight large dragons, with room to spare. The ceiling soars vast and high above your head. The soft illumination in this great hall is caused by permanent magical light spells. Carved masonry archways set into the walls lead out of the immense hall.
     Winds blow out of the archways. Your nostrils catch a hundred mingled scents – all strange, all unknown. Each elaborately carved stone arch opens into a different place. The light of strange suns stripe the halls floor. Yellow, white, amber, red… A mosaic of sunlights – rich with the heat of summer, pale with the chill of winter, and yet none native to Arangast’s valley.
     You walk forward until you stand on one elaborately carved threshold. The stone is cut in strange geometries. A strong aura of draconic magic emanates from the rocks. Behind you lies the portal room. In front of you, the paving stones of some strange summer-hot city weeps tar into the gutters.
     Other thresholds open onto rich fields, forests, seas, other dragon’s lairs, and cities of every kind, from monumental white stone pyramids, to vast glass and steel towers. You smell the mingled scents of a hundred worlds. A hundred Otherworlds…
     The familiar rumbling baritone voice of Arangast speaks from behind you. “Welcome to my Portal Room. Here you will find numerous portals or links to many of my friends and families' Lairs and some of my favorite hang-outs. Choose a portal that interests you, step through, and have a good time. Sometimes a portal’s enchantment will die out without my realizing it. If you discover a dead portal just tell me which one it is and I will take care of it. If you have a lair you would like me to establish a portal to, just ask me and I will be glad to create one."


Aured Rancuel's Lair - A Gold Dragon and a poet

Batty- A Fruitbat with a wonderful story telling talent
Baxil's Lair - A Green Dragon, Fire Mage, Bard, and Student of Life
Black Fang's Lair - The War Serpent
BoingDragon's Lair - A blue dragon
Breimh Na Aibhion and Purrzah's Lair - An ivory colored celestial dragon, my Brother, kind, generous, and an excellent chef.

Cerulean’s Tower - A bright blue dragon, and a very talented artist
(Lord) Cobalt's Lair - A Black Dragon

Daerkannon Shimmerscale's Lair - A Black Dragon
Dragonpearl’s Lair - A Blue Dragoness

Fireyes Tailchaser's Lair - An Amethyst Mountain Dragon
Flame Stryke’s Lair - A Black Dragon

Greffindel's Lair - The Green Plaid Dragon

Hespa's Lair - Wyrmberg - A Pearly Silvery Green Dragoness
Hoki-aamrel's Lair - A Cherry Red Dragon

Ignightus Obsidian Serpent's Lair - A Greater Flame Linnormr

Kaijima Appleseed's Lair - My Brother, a Draconid, and an extremely talented artist
Karenji’s Lair - A Silver dragoness, with a great love for all things choklit
Khirsah's Lair - A Red Dragon

Lliandrana's Lair - A Crystal Dragoness

Malathar's Lair - A Green Dragon who does great art and animation
Marayong's Lair - A Silver dragon from down under

(Lady) Odetta's Lair - An Indigo Dragoness

Polenth's Lair - A Purple Dragoness
Pyros Sparkweaver’s Lair - A Dark Gold Dragon

Quelonzia Stormdancer's Lair - A Prismatic Dragoness, and a wonderful poetress

rae's Lair - the sparklie dragoness
Rankor’s Lair - A Grey-Green Dragon
Robinton's Lair - A Silver and Bronze dragon

Scholari Brighttooth's Lair - A Mercury Dragon, and My Brother
Selepia HealingFire & Gorbash's Lair - My Brother, The Nature Dragon and His Mate
Serena Firesong's Lair - A Bright Red Dragoness
Silvermist's Lair - A Silver Dragoness, and My Sister
Smitemeister's Lair - A Gold-Half Dragon

Tephra Adularia's Lair - A Rock Dragoness

Viriatha’s Coffee Shoppe at the End of Alfandria - A coffee loving dragoness

WalksFar's Lair - A Draco Choukansii, Wise, Kind, My Brother and Friend
Weyrlady M’del - The Realms of Mistyc
Wyrm's Lair - A Fire Drake

Alt.Fan. Dragons Newsgroup - Welcome to the Dominance, home of Dragons and their friends.

Alt.Fan.Dragons Homepage - The Alt.Fan.Dragons Web Site, a wonderous place dedicated to all the dragons residing in the Newsgroup (The Dominance), the Muck (Alfandria), and the IRC (#AFD) and their familes and friends. I have been proud to call this magical place home since June of 1996. Come visit the Dominance, home of Dragons and their friends!

Dancing Dragon - A place that deals solely in dragon merchandise... a tremendous amount of dragon merchandise, you can shop on-line or send for a catalog.

The Dragon’s Enchantment Gifts and more - The Dragon's Collectors GIFT Shop. If you have a dragon collector and don't know what to buy for birthdays, holidays, and special occasions. Then we have what you are looking for, everything under the sun with dragons, unicorns and fairies. We have dragons protecting their pot of gold and jewels, Merlins invoke the powers of the world beyond as he casts a mystical spell, Farieies resting on a open hibiscus blossom, and Unicorns underglazed and highlighted in glistening gold.

Dragon Realms Studios - A place to buy a dragon of your very own. You can even get them custom made. You have to see them to believe them.

The Dragon’s Toybox - Run by Holly and Liren

Here Be Dragons! - Jennifer Walker's wonderful Dragon page. Everything you might ever want or need to know about dragons can be found here. Dragon Lore, Stories, Dragon Physiology, Art, Images, Dragon games, many Links, and information on Dragons in History, and much, much more. One of my favorite sites to spend time browsing and reading and poking my snout into all the shadows and corners. *grin*

Statue of the Unknown Dragon - In memory of all those who have enriched this land with their presence but who are now absent.

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