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Arangast's Dragoncode

This is my Dragoncode, you may see it attached 
to an E-mail from me or in a Newsgroup Posting I send.

DC2.D  Gm  A++  L238f240w  T100t  Pl4w  Bfl  Cau,bru  Sks  Fo+  I#  J+  U+++
M+++  O(r2+v+)  V+++  Tc++  H++  $+  Fr+++^"Kiwano"  R+++!  S+  Ac+



What is the Dragon Code?

The Dragon Code is a short form way for those in the Dragon community to describe exactly what they are. It is used primarilly in Usenet post or e-mail signatures to reduce the amount of text one would need for a proper description.

The code itself consists of a number of 'tags' that represent various characteristics. These tags start with a symbol that indicates what the tag represents, and are followed by other symbols that indicate the strength of (or otherwise modify) that characteristic. The most common modifiers are the + and - symbols, the number of which determines how strong (or weak) that characteristic is.

You can easily identify the Dragon Code from all the other codes that are present because it always starts with the letters DC. Because the Original Dragon Code started with DC and this revised code is somewhat different (and not compatible with the old code), all Revised Dragon Codes start with DC2.

Excerpt taken from Wyrms Revised Dragon Code Page.

Dragon Code DC Tags Details Specific to Arangast
DC2.D Species  (DC2.*) Dragon
Gm Gender (G*) Male
A++ Age  (A*) Old enough to know better!
L238f240w Length/wingspan (L*) 238 feet long, nose to tail, 240-foot wingspan.
T100t Weight or Tonnage (T*) I weigh about 100 tons  (1 ton =  2240 pounds.
Pl4w Appendages  (P*) I have four legs and two wings.
Bfl Breath Weapon (B*) Flame or Fire.
Cau,bru Coloration  (C*) Gold (aurim), belly is rust colored.
Sks Skin Type  (Sk*) Scales
Fo+ Diet & how much you eat.  (F*) Omnivorous, but I prefer meat.  Especially large game.  I require about twenty-thousand pounds of food a day. 
I# Irritability  (I*) I will defend my honor, but I will only attack with reason.  But when I do get angry, I hope you like Barbeque!
J+ Humor-index or Joviality  (J*) I appreciate humor of all kinds, but I do know when to take things seriously.
U+++ Ubiquity  (U*) Not only do I remember most of my dozens (or hundreds) of past lives, but I remember a few things about you too!
M+++ Mating Status  (S*) Am I mated?  Ask my hatchlings.
O(r2+v+) Offspring  (O*) Have two in RL, still in the nest, and one on the net, still in the nest.
V+++ Magical Ability  (V*) I'm reasonably adept in my field.
Tc++ Technology I can program computers using high-level langauges
H++ Hoard Size  (H*) I'm comfortable, but I wouldn't mind some more!
$+ Monetary-Philosophy  ($*) Investments in human businesses.  I do repossessions "CHOMP" personally.
Fr+++^ "Kiwano" Fruitness  (Fr*) I remember Dalvenjah posting regularly.  I have joined, left, returned, etc.  I am a Kiwano fruit (african horned melon).
R+++! Reality Index  (R*) I AM as I describe myself on-line, and no one is going to persuade me otherwise.  What you see is what your mind wants you to see!  
S+ Social Life  (S*) Most of my friends know.  I'd tell my parents if I thought they'd take it well.  I've used my on-line name in public on occasion.
Ac+ Activity Index  (Ac*) I'm on-line for at least two hours everyday.

For a more detailed explanation of the Dragon Code, and all the instructions you need to compile your own (whether you are a dragon, other fantastic creature, or even an ordinary everyday human), visit Wyrm's Revised Dragon Code Page.

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