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May 5, l998


The Department of Defense (or the TRICARE provider) and the Department of Veterans Affairs have reached agreements where members eligible for TRICARE can use a number of VA facilities even if not normally eligible for medical care in a VA facility. TRICARE eligible members desiring to use these VA facilities should contact their local TRICARE Service Center for specifics.

Veterans who believe they may be eligible to use VA facilities, regardless of whether the VA facility has a TRICARE agreement or not, should direct questions to the VA at 1-800- 827-1000. Normally, use of VA facilities is restricted to veterans who have a service- connected disability; former prisoners of war; veterans who were exposed to Agent Orange in Vietnam; ionizing radiation, or environmental hazards in the Persian Gulf; and veterans whose annual income and net worth are below the "means test" threshold (currently $21,6l0 maximum income and total net worth of $50,000 for single members and $25,935 maximum income and total net worth of $50,000 for married members).


Ashville, TN -- Inpatient/Outpatient Medical/Surgery/Pharmacy

Biloxi, MS -- Inpatient/Outpatient Medical/Surgery/Mental Health

Charleston, SC -- Mental Health

Dallas, TX -- Inpatient/Outpatient Medical/Surgery/Pharmacy

Fargo, ND -- Inpatient/Outpatient Medical/Surgery

Florida -- Inpatient/Outpatient Medical/Surgery/IP Mental Health
*All MCs and OPCs

Ft. Meade, AR -- Inpatient/Outpatient Medical/Surgery

Hot Springs, AR -- Inpatient/Outpatient Medical/Surgery

Jackson, MS -- Mental Health

Indianapolis, IN -- Inpatient/Outpatient Medical/Surgery/Pharmacy

Lincoln, NE -- Inpatient/Outpatient Medical/Surgery

Minneapolis, MN -- Inpatient/Outpatient Medical/Surgery

Omaha, NE -- Inpatient/Outpatient Medical/Surgery

Palo Alto, CA -- Inpatient/Outpatient Medical/Surgery

San Antonio, TX -- Inpatient/Outpatient Medical/Surgery

St Cloud, MN -- Inpatient/Outpatient Medical/Surgery

Sioux Falls, SD -- Inpatient/Outpatient Medical/Surgery

Syracuse, NY -- Inpatient/Outpatient Medical/Surgery/Pharmacy
*Rome OPC

Tennessee -- Inpatient/Outpatient Medical/Surgery
*All MCs and OPCs

The following additional sites are pending approval for Inpatient/Outpatient Medical/Surgery:

Des Moines, IA; Fresno, CA; Iowa City, IA; Knoxville, TN; Leavenworth, KS; Loma Linda, CA; Northern California; Palo Alto, CA: Reno, NV; San Francisco, CA; Topeka, KS; and Wichita, KS.

The following additional sites are pending approval for mental health care:

Des Moines, IA; Florida (Outpatient Mental Health); Iowa City, IA; Kansas City, KS; Knoxville,TN; Leavenworth, KS; Lincoln, NE; Omaha, NE; Reno, NV; and Wichita, KS.

*MC = Medical Center OPC = Outpatient Clinic

Current as of: April 8, 1997
Source: Department of Veterans Affairs



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