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Welcome to Chapter 1056's Air Force Sergeants Association (AFSA) home page. I'm Richard Miller, chapter president, serving the Dyess area.  I am very pleased to be able to serve as your president and to help in AFSA challenges.   AFSA is a very important organization for all of us, so I hope you are a member.   If not, please look at the information on these pages and see what we are doing for you and how your membership can make a difference.  If you are a member, please don't forget to talk about AFSA to your friends, family, and co-workers and convince them to join too.

I hope these web pages will be informative. Feel free to use our point of contact list to contact any of the executive council to answer your questions.

Please send us pictures, links to other sites of interest, or any other comments or questions you have about the Air Force Sergeant's Association or this site. E-mail me at or  or contact me by phone at

Local = (915) 696-1793 or DSN = 461-1793

Richard Miller
Chapter 1056 President


Chapter members meet regularly to discuss the latest topics of interest that effect all of us. 

Stop out and see our friendly bunch and get involved. 

All of us in chapter 1056 wish you and yours a  fun and safe holiday season!

Check out other cool AFSA web sites

Get involved with the issues that effect you and your family Stop by at the next meeting and show your support.

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