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This is an exclusive Java Quiz site. If you are a fan of  being tried with some weirdest of questions, this site is for you.  I have compiled a series of quizzes which mainly contains some of the Weirdest of questions I could think of during my preparation for the Sun Certified Java Programmer's Test. If you are taking the Sun Certified Java Programmer's test in the near future and are a little nervous, I recommend you to skip viewing this page and go to some other sane link.

Presently, I am the sole contributor of all the questions in this site. However, I do not wish to flaunt my crookedness in this site. If you think you have thought of even more crooked questions and are willing to share it with a larger community, please send me a mail. I promise, I will not steal any credit  from you. Your question will be posted and your name will appear after it in the boldest of fonts and brightest of colors!

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