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The Dangerous Truth By: Curiositee
Finished--Present--Located on Curiositee's Cache

*******Summary Coming Soon*******

Blood Red Scream By: Tragedy 88
Finished--Present--Located on Tragedy88's Xena Fanfiction

Taylor, a computer hacker, meets someone online that will take her away from the messed up world that she is living in.

Lost Soul Walking By: DJWP
Finished--Present--Located on The Bard's Corner

A psychologist interviews a woman who is on death row. What she will uncover is a story that has gone unsolved for years.

Resurrection By: Nene Adams
Finished--Present--Located on Xenaverse Faery Tales

Driving down a deserted road one night, Xena Bonchance comes across a mysterious girl in a white dress, standing on the side of the road. Xena picks the hitchiker up, but soon the girl has to get out of the the graveyard.

Cape of Fear By: JAM
Finished--Present--Located on The Athenaeum

A mysterious blond shows up in the town of Cape Cod, MA, one day, and is soon put into a hospital for the insane when she acts...well...insane. When a certain criminal psychologist with black hair and piercing blue eyes, tries to help this scared girl, the puzzle pieces start to come together.

Several Devils By: RocFanCat
Finished--Present--Located on Tragedy88's New Bards Page

***Summary Coming Soon***